Praetorian Guard

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Praetorian Guard
Unit Information

Emperor of Scholae Palatinae


Scholae Palatinae Military


Special Operations







Battle honors:

Reclamation of Judecca


General Eetherbiail Zarih'Taen

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The Praetorian Guard is a special operations unit reporting at the highest level within the Scholae Palatinae Military with the role to protect the Emperor of Scholae Palatinae and follow his orders. They are garrisoned within the Imperial Palace on the planet of Judecca, the seat of the Scholae Palatinae Empire, in the Cocytus System. Though the unit has its own commander with limited jurisdiction operationally from the Imperial Scholae Guard, due to the loyalty of the clone troopers the Pratorian Guard reports directly to the Emperor.


The Praetorian Regiment was formed by the Scholae Palatinae Clan Summit under the orders of Consul Braecen Kaeth, shortly before the beginning of the Yuuzhan Vong Incursion. Commanded initially by Xan Phraz-Etar Kaeth, the Praetorians were a specialized regiment of four thousand elite troops devoted to out of the ordinary assignments. The Praetorians were heavily trained, and filled the gap in skill between Dark Jedi and common soldier. Their large numbers made the individuals relatively expendable, and for this reason they were called upon in all manner of difficult tasks.

The Praetorians were called upon heavily during the Yuuzhan Vong Incursion and the following Reclamation. The immense power of an armored Yuuzhan Vong warrior demanded such an exceptional level of skill and precision to take down, leaving the standard troopers of the Scholae Palatinae regiments powerless. The Praetorians were the only ones beside the Dark Jedi that could fight with any effectiveness. After intensive training following the Brotherhood’s loss in the first battle against the Yuuzhan Vong, the Praetorian Regiment returned even stronger in the Reclamation, and were instrumental in securing many key locations taken by the invaders.

After the Reclamation of Judecca, Xan resigned his command of the Regiment, and Lieutenant General Impetus M'Nar was chosen for the job. During her tenure, the Regiment was reorganized, as she felt that four legions of 1000 troops didn't fit the job of a black ops unit. The unit took up Special Operations as a whole, organized into divisions based on specialty, from espionage to assassinations, making it easier to find the right man for the job. The success of this new organization was difficult to gauge, given that shortly after Impetus inherited command, Clan Scholae Palatinae entered a rare era of peace before her departure from the clan to study in Plagueis. Fearing for the safety of her divisional commanders from persecution from the Clan Summit, Impetus disbanded her divisions before she left, spreading their leaders across the Galaxy.

After Impetus’ absence, Korvyn Elvendar was given control of the unit, and the divisions founded by Impetus were abandoned in favor of the same setup the other Regiments used: four legions comprised of 1000 troops. The Praetorian Regiment returned to what it once was, a regiment with the standard Clan Scholae Palatinae organization, only comprised of purely the most talented soldiers the Scholae Palatinae Military.

As Thran Occasus, the Consul at the time and Emperor, became more and more paranoid, he commissioned Field Marshal Dante to replace the Praetorian Regiment with a clone troopers force that was programmed to be fanatically loyal to the Emperor.

Shortly after the downsize of Clan Scholae Palatinae into a House, it became apparent that there simply weren't enough resources to support such a large military force, and cuts were made house-wide. As such, a smaller Praetorian Guard would be formed formed of clone troopers who loyal only to the Emperor. The unit was given the necessary armor and vehicles to fulfill their new role specifically protecting the Emperor of Scholae Palatinae and were aligned structurally to better help the unit fill this task. Eetherbiail Zarih'Taen, the former apprentice of Emperor Xen'Mordin Vismorsus at the time was given command of the Praetorian Guard for his own loyalty.

Deployment & Garrison

The Praetorian Guard is always based wherever the Emperor of Scholae Palatinae is. However, their home garrison is within the Imperial Palace on Judecca. This placement allows for them to be ready to assist the Emperor and protect the capital city of Ohmen. This also allows them easy access to the other planets in the Cocytus System, as well as the rest of the galaxy if the need arises.



The Praetorian Guard consists of four companies of clone troopers, specially grown for their loyalty and martial prowess. Each company is named after a famous former Consul of Scholae Palatinae: Dakari, Phoenix, Timbal, Saitou.

Praetorian Guard
Designation Size Commander Complement
Dakari Company Major Morgan 16 squads of Clone Troopers
Phoenix Company Major Sparrow 16 squads of Clone Troopers
Timbal Company Major Picard 16 squads of Clone Troopers
Saitou Company Major Janeway 16 squads of Clone Troopers

Armor & Aerial

The Praetorian Guard has numerous vehicles assigned to it to support its objective to protect the Emperor.

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