Kul'tak Drol

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Kul'tak Drol
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

16 ABY

Date of Death:


Physical Description









Vestigial horns


Orange and red



Personal Information

Clan Plagueis

Fighting Style(s):

Shadow Fist

Chronology & Political Information
Known masters:

Taranae Rhode



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Summary of character.

Character History

Born in the year 16 ABY on the Zabrak homeplanet of Iridonia, Kul’tak Drol was the first of three brothers born to Krev’as, his father, and Cleo’mane Drol, his mother. His brothers were Tru’dak born in 18 ABY and Rag’nar born in 21 ABY. They tended to follow Kul’tak around wherever he went, thus he became a role model whether he wanted to be one or not.

Life was good for the family, if simple. The Drol’s had once been a prominent family within their community, but when it became public knowledge that Krev’as was sensitive in the use of the Force, they were blatantly left to their own devices and their influence fell rapidly. With traders and markets unwilling to do business with him, Krev’as was forced to supply the family’s needs from nature in order to survive. He would take his sons with him and teach them the ways of surviving in the wilds of Iridonia, a difficult task at times what with the high number of predatory creatures on the planet. Over time they were able to assist with keeping the family well fed and supplied with basic necessities, Kul’tak even taking up blade work to help his father bring down prey. Their daily routine remained the same: survival, but the family was a happy one and remained close even through the hard times. During his expeditions with his father, Kul’tak was taught the basics to being a good person, the Drol family having prided itself on being honorable. One of the many snippets of advice his father gave him during these talks would stick with him for the rest of his life: “The survival of the fittest isn’t about who the strongest is, but who can survive where they are, with what they have. Power is a nice thing to have, but it doesn’t bring you peace. Remember that, little Kul.”

Life continued on for the Drol family, and in the year 34 ABY Kul’tak succeeded in achieving his status as a true hunter among the Zabrak by completing his rite of passage ceremony. The challenge: to hunt the Iridonian Reek and force it into submission as a battlemount. By completing this, he was able to enter the local martial school to further train his abilities as a Zabrak warrior. After a successful tutelage (his training with his father having paid off), Kul’tak returned home with his warrior’s Zhaboka, the quarterstaff, in order to begin his search for a mate during the Tai Shan ritual. His status as a true warrior allowed him to search among the other tribes again, as his status was separate from his father’s now. In 36 ABY, Kul’tak had found the female who he planned to claim for himself, as was Iridonian way. Her name was Pae’la from the Irituk tribe. Having passed through the first two stages of the Tai Shan, the two were preparing for their final stage when everything changed for Kul’tak.

37 ABY, a Jedi arrives on Iridonia. A few days later, a Sith lord from the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Having sensed Kul’tak’s father’s power in the Force, the Jedi had come to enlist him into their teachings. The Sith lord had also felt the presence and potential of Krev’as and had come to take him to his master. A confrontation ensued as Jedi met Sith and dueled on the Drol homestead. The Sith lord emerged victorious and when he reached the house, he found the Drol’s had fled. However, he could follow Krev’as’ Force imprint and quickly caught up to them when they arrived at Kul’tak’s new residence. Kul’tak arrived to find his family and potential mate to be held by the Sith and was about to inquire the meaning of it when the Jedi, who the Sith had thought was dead, emerged and in a weakened state of morals cut down Krev’as to save him from the Sith’s intentions. In a burst of rage, Kul’tak grabbed his Zhaboka from his back and impaled the Jedi to the wall, not realizing he had unleashed the Force within himself. He turned around to find his family and mate lying bloody on the ground behind him, the Sith lord retracting his saber with a sly smile. Kul’tak attempted to kill the Sith as well, but was no match for a trained killer with the Force and was forced into submission. After weeks of being broken down, the once often smiling Kul’tak was turned into a grim faced servant of the Brotherhood and eventually renounced his heritage to spare himself the pain and become stronger. He never forgot the lessons of his father.

The Sith who had taken everything from him was unable to take another apprentice, and so Kul’tak found himself placed under the care of the Clan Plagueis, where an uprising Dark Jedi Knight Taranae Rhode decided to continue his tutelage. The Brotherhood is now his family, and the Clan Plagueis his home. The clan’s motto, “Adapt. Ascend. Avail.” is now the mantra of his life. He would Adapt to survive. He would Ascend to gain power. He would Avail with the training he received to one day walk over the corpse of the Sith who changed the course of his life in an instant.


Kul'tak Drol prefers remaining concealed beneath whatever cloak he is wearing, but should he deign a sentient to be trustworthy, he is willing to show his face. His red skin is lacerated with jagged black tattoos to represent the loss he suffered on his home world after he completed his coming of age trials. He has horns that encircle the outer part of his head, creating a star-like pattern. His dark orange and red eyes often seem to be gazing into one's very soul, though he has no interest in what they may have there. Lithe and athletic from his time on Iridonia, Kul'tak enjoys a good run in order to stay physically ahead of his enemies, often incorporating this into his strategies to outlast then destroy his opponents. His ability to withstand more pain than most sentients is a major help in this. Standing at almost two meters Kul'tak is far from physically overbearing, but his Zabrakian grimace can be intimidating enough to make up for it.

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Kul'tak Drol N/A 39 ABY - Present