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23 ABY

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1.85 meters


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Xaezhul, nicknamed ‘Cable’ by his fellows, is a Geonosian Jedi of house Odan-Urr. Hatched into the Geonosian Upper Caste. He was part of the Remnant of a Geonosian hive that had fled during the Subjugation of Geonosis in 1BBY. Although being hatched without witnessing the events of the Geonosian slavery he had suffered a worse fate, spending his growing years drifting from planet to planet trying to find somewhere to live. It was not long after he had come of age that he first displayed his force sensitivity, by following his senses and heeding a call to New Tython, Convincing the Hive to follow him in the process. He is believed to be leading the small Remnant Hive.

The Remnant

During the subjugation of Geonosis there was a small hive; naturally it consisted of mostly worker drones. The hive itself grew in prestige hastily becoming noticed just before the subjugation of Geonosis. Thus, when the Geonosians had aligned themselves with the rebel alliance this small hive was a perfect place for the Empire to show their power and attempt to dislodge the Geonosians morale and make the battles on the planet won with ease. It came down to pure luck that the enemy ships coming to the hive were spotted. Giving some of the Aristocracy time to collect eggs and escape in their own ships.

Only a small group escaped the planet, many of the ships being shot down in flight, Including the ship that housed the hive queen. Although free from Imperial slavery the hive remnant did not have the strength in number or in arms to return and fight the Imperial forces. It was decided that they would try to find another planet to settle and begin a new hive.


The Small cluster of Geonosians were panicked, trying to find a planet to reside one was extremely difficult, after all they were mostly concerned with establishing a new hive and simply did not have enough time to engage in diplomacy. If they did, they would surely die off before even landing on another planet. So they started to land on any planet akin to their homeworld possible and tried to establish a new hive. It did not take long in any case for the hive to be driven off the planet for one reason or another. Often it boiled down to Xenophobia, Isolation and Border Disputes. The Remnant hive itself fell into a state of panic. It was then a younger member of the Upper class stepped up, Ajaxx, He guided his people to Malastare where the hive secretly bore down into the deserts hiding themselves, the hive had finally managed to find somewhere appropriate to settle.

Two steps forward, three steps back

Their first queen was their longest lived queen since the flight from Geonosis; however her lifespan was only a few years. The hive leaders themselves would not give up their grip on the new home so easily trying to have another queen who would outlive the previous, many queens did not last more than a few days at a time, laying their eggs at a much slower rate with many of the eggs never hatching. The hive itself became more of a Graveyard. Once again, the Hive felt they had to relocate. Taking the final twenty eggs with them, they made way for another planet. Having lost hope the hive had started to mourn what they believe would be their passing, after all the past was a dark story and the future seemed bleaker. Many of the hive questioned whether they should return home to Geonosis, others disagreed. There had been no contact from Geonosis due to the remaining Geonosians taking on an Isolationist policy and with the Remnant hive being assumed dead there seemed to be no point in trying any contact.

With only enough Geonosians left to fly two transports the schism was not a good omen. After another argument as to whether the hive should attempt to return Geonosis or find another planet, Ajaxx had made his final case, he did not wish to return his people to a place full of dark memories or take them back to the empty and destroyed caverns that they once called home. This is when the Schism happened, those who did not support Ajaxx’ belief took half of the eggs and left to return to Geonosis, they did not try to establish contact again. The hives numbers had dwindled yet again, Ajaxx’ support from the remaining Geonosians started to drop rapidly. Then they landed on Tatooine. Yet again managing to create a small hive and have more eggs laid, plenty hatched this time around.

The Hatchling

Xaezhul as a Larva

" This larva may appear to be a warrior and that is all, however, I see him as I was seen. There is definitely something about this one. He will be a great asset to the hive and will come through and lead us all onto the path and secure true safety for our hive "

Xaezhul was hatched into a hive that would be fighting battles that neither team could win it was essentially a fight that was being fought simply because they coveted death; he was the thirteenth and final Geonosian to be hatched from his batch.

A problem still remained with the queen, only one of every three eggs was hatching. The hives numbers were once again rising, but not quick enough to see any production beyond a tunnel system for living in. Every skirmish against the tuskens saw more Geonosians dead, it was clear that if there were no fighting, and the hive would be prospering.

As he hatched he spread his small wings and was immediately chosen as Ajaxx’ future student, Ajaxx would take care of him and teach him all he had to teach. Xaezhul was named personally by Ajaxx and taken under his wing to undergo his growth education, he was shown how to control his hive, protect his queen and many other subjects such as hiding his colony and diplomacy. (Diplomacy being the fallback if the hive is discovered) Ajaxx clearly had a plan in motion, he was going to show the hive that their current actions were not the correct movement and instead he should be given control once more so that he could lead his people to safety. His lessons to Xaezhul were to ensure that if anything were to happen to him he would have a progeny who could take his place and lead his people to a much safer environment than the one they were currently in.

He was then brought up on Ajaxx’ philosophies after a few years of rapid Geonosian growth Xaezhul had already noticed that the hive was not being maintained well by those who removed his mentor from power. Xaezhul could do nothing but watch as his own hive, that which is part of him and he is a part of, was being torn apart by those within and those attacking it from outside. Xaezhul committed himself to learning all he could from Ajaxx, he already knew of his plan and he also knew that he would aid him in any way he could. He would liberate his people and take them far from the hatred and aggression of this planet.

Aging and Sensitivity

As he became more able, Xaezhul constructed small droids to help around the tunnels using sensor arrays and holding various other tools, mostly for communication. These gifts started to gain renown for both Ajaxx and Xaezhul. The hive started to ask for other gifts from Xaezhul, such as battle droids to fight off the Tusken skirmishers and any other bandits that may come their way. It made Xaezhul very unhappy when he had to deny his own people, but he simple did not have enough resources or equipment to fit out such a model.

He was very quickly establishing his superiority within the hive it was very soon that they started to look to him for guidance alongside his mentor, Ajaxx. Before they would only ask for additional gifts from him. And then, faith returned Ajaxx and he were allowed back into the main body of the hive. Once again they would able to have a chance to lead, the hive looked to Xaezhul and Xaezhul looked to Ajaxx when it came down it, Ajaxx was once again in charge.

Ajaxx had grown old and weary from the struggles of the past; it was very soon that he would pass on, leaving the hive in the hands on Xaezhul himself. On the first night of Ajaxx’ death Xaezhul started having the worst dreams.

He would often see his hive destroyed, unable to leave their tunnels due to the perils of tatooine that they had not adapted to. He did not want to believe his dreams, but somehow he knew they had to move the hive, in the same way that Ajaxx had taught him to do so in an emergency. He began to plan and plot every possible course he could find, searching for possible planets to find, he would not leave the future to his dreams, he would forge the path that they would take leaving any outcome to be defined by Xaezhul himself and no other variable.


" One cannot see the future, especially those that are clearly blind to the present, you are nothing but a waste of time "
―A member of the Upper Caste to Xaezhul
The Symbol for the Remnant Hive and Xaezhuls Warbanner

He gathered his people and stood before them, explaining the situation. The Upper caste claimed Xaezhul a fool for believing his dreams. Xaezhul revealed that he was not going to fail the hive by moving them without knowledge of their destination, he explained that ever since he had started to actively search to save the hive his dreams had started to change, he saw a planet and he saw the hive with tunnels and a foundry above. He knew where they could go and that it would be safe. Somehow he just knew.

Xaezhul left many things unmentioned, for example he did not tell them that in his dreams he saw others, those who were not of the same species. The hive would act irrationally if they knew this and would be prepared to act aggressively against them whether they were enemy or not. The entirety of the upper caste was astounded at the speed that Xaezhul could plan and have the transport set to leave. Even with a planned destination he was fast. Questions as to whether or not the Tusken Skirmishers would attack them as they tried to leave arose. Xaezhul assured them that this was not the case and in fact he had set up the only tunnel droids to march in a direction opposite of the transport. The tuskens would follow the droids assuming they would lead them to the hive.

Sadly the hives queen had lived up her time, she had expended all eggs she could and had already started to die, and she remained in the tunnels to stay until her last day. She was the only queen since Geonosis to live out a full term without dying prematurely.

New Tython


Landing on the surface was not a problem for the Geonosians and naturally they guided themselves to land on the desert. The landing went off without a hitch, Xaezhul was sure he was at the right place. A place they could call home, soon enough. They started to prepare themselves for hive construction but they were stopped by Xaezhul, he felt something was wrong. After sorting out his people he commanded them to stay as he followed a disturbance, to him it felt like a pull.


When asked, Xaezhul will claim he does not remember the journey he took; he only remembers feeling the pull of the force and ending up at the entrance to Ooroo abbey. Xaezhul was greeted there, he was expected. The Jedi invited him in wishing to have a discussion with him. It was revealed to him that he was force sensitive and that he had been brought here so that he could find solace for both him and his people, he was also told that he could be taught to control his power and follow the path to becoming a Jedi.

Most of the ordeal was met with confusion from Xaezhul; often it took minutes for him to process information given to him. At first he even rejected the concept of being a force user. He had to be nudged by the Jedi and shown that he was what they said and that he was not being played or being used by them. The whole series of events seemed surreal to him. Finally he agreed to stay and train to become Jedi asking only that his people be kept safe whilst he was not there to look after them himself. This matter was taken to the High Councillor at the time, Ji, who accepted asking to speak to Xaezhul himself.

Foundry and Legion of Steel

" we would have you create a group of droids for battle. We will provide you space for your hive and a foundry if you accept this. Create our Legion of Steel."
Legion of Steel Droid Foundry Plan

Xaezhul and the Remnant were given land by the Council of Odan-urr. The small hive was created fast enough. The foundry creation was overseen by other Jedi whilst Xaezhul was training. The task of creating the Legion of Steel and maintaining them was given to Xaezhul by Ji himself. He did not take this lightly and would guide the hive in the construction of each droid personally.


Xaezhul rose quickly amongst his fellow Jedi, but there was always one lesson that he could not overcome, Fear. Everyday his mind was plagued with thoughts about his hive and whether or not he could truly protect them and follow the path of the Jedi as well. He understood the ways of the Jedi and he was more than willing to follow them himself, but if he was limited so were his people whilst he was leading them, but he daren’t hand leadership to those who were combatants on Tatooine incase they would restart any battles.

It took many weeks for Xaezhul to get anywhere close to a breakthrough when it came to overcoming this fear. He had plans for his hive and would set them in motion giving the hive another leader who would just work as his face, acting on Xaezhuls orders without the limitations of him as a Jedi. As the problem was going to be sorted out by Xaezhul and he left to find the Geonosian that could be his operation face; fate took a turn for the worse. The bombing at Ooroo Abbey. Xaezhul fell into a spiral of fear and paranoia, not for himself but for his people, he was scared that he being a Jedi could lead to attack on his people and they had not been given enough time to settle the hive or even finish building up. Not only that, he could not denounce his people after such an attack, it would only show them that he was not willing to protect his people anymore it would be a great betrayal to the hive and their faith in him would be shattered. He would not take them to a new land only to abandon them there.

Xaezhul finally broke down under the pressure, he felt that he could not follow his current path and keep his people safe so he chose to look after his people. He disappeared into the hive looking after them whilst not being seen around Ooroo abbey at all, the Jedi were sure that Xaezhul had left the order but he was not questioned, in fact he was met with understanding by most other Jedi.

Death of the High Councillor

However this decision was short lived. The High councillor of Odan-Urr had been wounded in the bombing, he already knew this, but he expected him to make a full recovery and had even stopped by personally to explain his situation to High Councillor Ji, Xaezhul found himself on common ground with the Gand leader and it had struck Xaezhuls very exoskeleton.

When Ji died Xaezhul felt honour bound to fulfil his commitment he had made. He would become a Jedi. He had promised that he would keep his people safe by taking them to this new land, he had fulfilled that and he had promised to create the legion of steel and follow the path of the Jedi, he would fulfil it.

Xaezhuls first Lightsaber


"You are the link between your hive and the Jedi of this temple, Xaezhul; you are the cable between us"
― Unknown

Xaezhul was uncomfortable leaving the planet for the first time, but he had been offered the chance to craft his lightsaber, this was his chance the take the step from Padawan to Jedi knight. Most knights plan their path and what crystals and components they would find. Instead Xaezhul let the force guide him, after all this was what he had been taught, patience would find him everything he needed to create his saber. This path took a lot longer than most Jedi; however Xaezhul felt he would only fulfil his path if it was done the right way. Xaezhul would not disclose the archive exactly how the journey went, It is only known that he found a number of adegan crystals but there was only one that he felt a link to and started to meditate over.

He returned to New Tython to create his saber, but first he visited his hive once more, his leadership respected. The hive reported that they had been treated extremely well, especially considering the recent events. Elated to hear the news Xaezhul left for the abbey ready to create his Lightsaber and take the steps up to knighthood.