Melewati Bushfighters

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Melewati Bushfighters
Unit Information

34 ABY - present


House Odan-Urr

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  • Marksmen
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"Fight for freedom. Fight for solidarity."

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Jedi Commander A'lora Kituri

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The Melewati Bushfighters are a branch of the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force in House Odan-Urr.



The Melewati Bushfighters originated on New Tython as colonists, taking up residence in the nearby deserts and lush forests dotting the vast landscape in the continent of Owyhyee. Eventually, these settlers created two large settlements situated around the Eastern Mountain. One such settlement is located in the deserts to the far south of Owyhyee. The second of these settlements is located in the large, dense jungle terrain just North of their desert-dwelling kinsmen. Each of these groups have divided themselves up into two distinct families, The Forest Trekkers and The Sand Dwellers. Both groups have learned from nearby Harakoan Tribes how to use the land to their own advantage. The Melewati, as they are called have largely been dependent only to themselves, and their fellow Bushfighters, rarely seeking aid from outsiders. Because of their seclusion, they have become a strong, but small community that depend on their family members to hunt, gather supplies and barter with local Harakoan Tribes. Both locations employ a variety of Guerrilla Tactics that come from their knowledge of the land, and their strong ability to hunt. The main aspect distinguishing them from the Tribes is their use of modern technology, such as their use of sniper rifles.


Shortly after the Melewati had settled into New Tython, two leaders were established, one for each respectful family. However, without a Chieftain to unite the families, both leaders had come to form rivalries between the families. Thus began the Melewati Rivalry. During this time, both families had hunted each other down to near extinction. As a result, a new leader was born, able to unite the clans against a newly established enemy, the Acolytes of Urr. However, it was during this bitter rivalry that the Melewati forces had learned many tactics used in guerrilla warfare, pitting their knowledge of the land against each other.

A Forest Trekker.

Forest Trekkers

The Forest Trekkers dwell in large longhouses in and around the Eastern Mountain range. The longhouses are built using large timbers and hides to withstand violent gusts of wind that are prevalent around the Eastern Mountains. Because of this, the Forest Trekkers often stay located in the same area, rarely relocating the settlement. Many of the Melewati Bushfighters in this family are also experienced hunters with good relations to the local Harakoan tribesmen. Often, these hunters will brave the wilds during their hunts, not returning for days at a time and only bringing with them their trusted sniper rifles and enough preserved fruits and meat to last a week. Also, due to their location atop the Eastern Mountains, they have a great defensive advantage should war break out among the inhabitants of New Tython.

Sand Dwellers

A Sand Dweller.

The Sand Dwellers are more secluded than their forest dwelling kinsmen, and are less inclined to trade with the natives of New Tython. However, it is often necessary for them to trade with their kinsmen to the north, as well as travelers passing through the sand dunes of the Honunom desert for essentials uncommon within the Honunom desert. These essentials include such articles as clothing, food and water. Due to the constant shifting of sand, the Sand Dwellers construct lightweight tents as they travel throughout the desert. These tents are often made from thick poles of bamboo and light cloth to protect family members and supplies during sandstorms. Although there is little to hunt, the Sand Dwellers often migrate close to the outer borders of the Honunom desert to hunt indigenous beasts. Over the years of braving the vast desert through blazing temperatures during the day and freezing temperatures during nights, the people had built up a sort of 'immunity' to extremes in climate. They are also masters of camouflage in the Honunom, able to hide among the sand dunes undetected as they scout the edges of the camps throughout the day.

Arrival of Odan-Urr

After the arrival of the first Acolytes of Odan-Urr, the Melewati grew suspicious as the House planted it's roots in New Tython. Due to their secluded nature, the Melewati shunned the Jedi, preferring to keep to themselves and respect their traditions. This created an uneasy tension between both the Melewati and Jedi of Odan-Urr. The 'Outsiders' as the Melewati called them had offered to form treaties and agreements with the Melewati, however these attempts had failed as the Melewati employed a variety of guerrilla tactics in an attempt to drive the 'Outsiders' away from New Tython, thus earning the name, Melewati Bushfighters. The Bushfighters' tactics including that of disrupting trade between the Jedi and surrounding Colonists by blocking trade routes of great importance. The Melewati Bushfighters had also resorted to using camouflage to their advantage, hiding in dunes of sand or stalking their prey using the lush and dense forests to great advantage. They had also created a policy of making quick, powerful strikes when raiding places of importance, often dealing damage to infrastructure or raiding supply and food stores. Eventually after months of conflict, the leaders of each family of Bushfighters had been called to an assembly, in which an agreement had finally been signed.

Melewati Accords

The Melewati Accords is the title of the document of the peace treaty ultimately signed by both families of Melewati Bushfighters after the crisis that was the Tenth Great Jedi War. During this war, the Melewati made the decision to remain uninvolved with the happenings during the chaos that erupted throughout the planet. Adopting this policy of non-involvement was however, unsuccessful as Brotherhood forces conducted mass slaughters upon the Melewati people. This had weakened their number greatly, thus limiting their strength should their homes be besieged. The paranoia that followed forced unto them one final solution: agree to House Odan-Urr's terms and become a part of the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force. In exchange for this, the Melewati demanded protection during times of crisis and massive trade agreements between Melewati and Menat Ombo, of which had been honoured by the Jedi. As a result, the Jedi Knight Morotheri Mithfaron was appointed the position of both first Militia Captain of the Melewati and advisor between the Melewati High Chieftain and the Council of Urr.

Under the Thuron Monarchy's Radar

A Melewati guerrilla fighter during the occupation

With a complete evacuation having been called on New Tython, the Melewati were too far from Menat Ombo to retreat to the staging world Haven. Instead, the majority of this group of marksmen had resisted Cy Thuron's attempts to bring them under heel. Resorting to guerilla tactics, drawing small portions of the mercenary force into the deadly jungles and unforgiving terrain, they had dispatched all who would seek to crush the Melewati quietly. Utilizing both planted communications scrambling devices set up within the jungle and their superior knowledge of the landscape, Thuron's Monarchy was unable to pinpoint their exact location, having been that the Melewati's longhouses and huts are quick to disassemble and relocate.

With the return of the Knights of Odan-Urr to New Tython, A'lora Kituri took control over the militia's tactics. Passing on her teachings as a hunter of beasts, the Melewati received additional training and advanced tactics that would aid them in keeping clear the Eastern Mountain Range and the northern Honunom desert of mercenary hostiles.


The Melewati Bushfighters are an isolated people. Years of self-reliance within their community had collectivized the two respectful families. Because of their relationship with the nearby Harakoan Tribes, they had become the most involved Colonists with the natives. Before the early Melewati Colonized New Tython, they had brought with them a great store of old, but reliable sniper rifles, which the Melewati Bushfighters are known to use in their hunts as trained Marksmen. The two families often trade with one another materials that they had either gathered themselves or traded with local Harakoans. They are often superstitious about outsiders, believing that too much involvement will lead to their decline.



  • C.O.: Jedi Commander A'lora Kituri
  • X.O.: Melewati High Chieftain Reikan Farris

Personnel / Equipment


The Melewati, as a result of becoming greatly involved with neighbouring Harakoan tribes have adopted a similar chain of leadership to that of the Harakoan people. Although, the current chain of leadership differs from that of most tribes in that many of the leadership roles follow that of common military roles. Like the Harakoan tribes, the Melewati Chieftains share many of the same roles as Chieftains of Harakoan tribes. The Melewati High Chieftain is also a role carried down from harakoan tribes. The High Chieftain governs over the entirety of the Melewati domain, put in place to prevent family feuds from taking place.

Melewati High Chieftain

The Melewati High Chieftain governs over the entire domain of the Melewati people. The role was put in place during the Melewati Family Feud in order to create kinship between the two families. Since then, the Melewati High Chieftain has been replaced only once, and remains to prevent a second Family Feud from taking place. Aided by his advisors, the Melewati High Chieftain makes the decisions that shape the present and future of the Melewati people.

Melewati in times of war.

Advisors to the Melewati High Chieftain

The Advisors to the Melewati High Chieftain exist to aid the High Chieftain in making decisions to further the aims of the Melewati people. Made up of no less that six individuals, each advisor specializes in different aspects that shape the decisions of the High Chieftain. Two of these individuals, one Harakoan, exist as advisors to Harakoan relations, who influence decisions relating to the relations between the Melewati and Harakoans. A third advisor specializes in Menat-Melewati relations that influences decisions that influence trade between the Melewati and colonists of New Tython. An agriculture advisor also is put in place to advise decisions that relate to the needs of farmers in the Melewati. Appointed by the Acolytes of Urr, a Jedi Knight has been appointed a position that acts as both an Melewati advisor regarding relations to the Acolytes of Odan-Urr and the Militia Captain for the Melewati Bushfighters. Lastly, the advisor of war is a special position. The advisor of war is rarely seen, save for during a crisis that involves the Melewati directly. This advisor advises the Melewati High Chieftain of ways to deal with a given crisis.


The two Chieftains exist to govern each respective family. Each Chieftain has one advisor to help them make decisions that only affect each family. During a crisis, each Chieftain is also granted the highest positions available to the Melewati Militia. Directly, they are capable of commanding their troops to the fields of battle, as well as create war strategies. During times of peace, they often make decisions that affect the well-being of the Melewati. They are also tasked with trading with the Harakoans or colonists.


Reikan Farris

High Chief Reikan Farris
  • Species: Human, male
  • Role: High Melewati Chieftain
  • Equipment: DL-44 heavy blaster pistol x2
  • Motto: "You might like to call it a "Strategic Retreat." I call it "Baiting the Trap.""
  • Biography:

Reikan Farris is no stranger to war. Having fought in countless conflicts dating back to years before the battle of Yavin IV, Reikan is a veteran soldier and an even better leader. He is one of the few men who could claim to have fought on both sides of the Galactic Civil War. As a stormtrooper, Reikan climbed through the ranks after accomplishing the impossible on several occasions. Eventually granted his own squadron of stormtroopers, he inspired fierce loyalty in his compatriots. Years of faithful service to the Empire had granted him high praise in the upper echelons of Imperial society, as well as special assignments from those who were aware o his unit's success.

Eventually, one of these missions had cost him the lives of half of his unit. A result of misinformation supplied from Imperial intelligence, Reikan Farris had a swift fall from the graces given to him by the ranking officers who had once looked upon him with admiration. This not only resulted in a major loss to his unit, but also resulted in the most dangerous assignments given to his squadron on the front lines of conflict. Realizing the likelihood of perishing to enemy blasterfire, Reikan Farris deserted from the service, bringing with him two of his most steadfast comrades to join the Rebel Alliance. As the years passed, Reikan had become a Colonel, known by many for his fierce loyalty and his ability to adapt to the worst situations.

  • Personality:

Ruthless, inspiring and calculating, Reikan Farris has honed his ability to adapt to any given situation. Often seen as reckless for his tendency to use improvised plans and unorthodox methods, one cannot argue with his results. Extremely loyal to his commanding officers, Reikan will follow most commands given to him by the letter, but will never throw his men into needless danger. Should such a situation arise, he will voice his own opinion and offer alternate suggestions.

Lara Farstalker

Chief Lara Farstalker

Lara Farstalker lived most of her life on Hutta, the glorious jewel of the Hutts. For generations, Lara's family had been slaves to a Hutt cartel of murderers, spice dealers and treacherous plots. With almost no knowledge of her family, Lara during this time had only her first name. Trusted by the Hutts as an obedient servant, Lara had been trained as a deceptive killer, operating on her master's every whim. Bound by her enslavement, she was required to carry out any and all commands of the cartel with such things as assassinations, spice trafficking, or gaining the trust of influential competitors in an attempt to steal their secrets, blackmailing them. The Hutts had often asserted their power over her by forcing the Zeltron to reluctantly entertain their guests, as well as cook meals that her masters had become fond of. It was not uncommon for the young Zeltron to seduce her targets during assassinations, as she carried out the cartel's instruction. During her final years of enslavement, however, the Zeltron had exploited the faith that she had built up with the Hutt cartel over the years, and acquired a wealth of knowledge in relation to her family. With this information, Lara had discovered a horrid truth: she, like the rest of her family before, were to be executed in order to prevent the leaking of information from within the cartel. Taking matters into her own hands, Lara had created a poison to use against her overseers, and devised a plan that would see her to safety on another world, far from Hutta.

  • Personality:

Perhaps the most calculating of the Melewati, Lara Farstalker is able to devise plans which account for every scenario. Her vast knowledge of deceitful tactics has confused even the Hutts with their multi-layered lies and tricks. Being a Zeltron, she is also fond of celebration, and will indulge in festivities whenever they might arise. This also helps to boost the morale of troops under her command.

Anduin Longstrider

Chief Anduin Longstrider
  • Species: Zabrak, male
  • Role: Chieftain of the Sand Dwellers
  • Equipment: T-21 light repeating blaster
  • Motto: "Those who lead from the sidelines are not worthy of confidence."
  • Biography:

Anduin Longstrider is one of the few Melewati who had survived the harsh flames of battle in the Melewati rivalry. He had adopted his last name from a title bestowed upon him by the Sand Dweller family for leading massive marches into battle over great distances. Unlike many, Anduin served in the Galactic Alliance as an officer, coordinating strike teams and leading his troops into the frontlines of a battlefield. Decorated as a war hero, Anduin quit the service some time later, and planned to start a new life with the new colony forming on New Tython. Anduin was instrumental in the Melewati rivalry, coordinating guerrilla strike teams and standing alongside his troops on the field of battle. Currently, Anduin leads the Sand Dwellers and strives to maintain relations with the Forest Trekkers and the Acolytes of Urr. Anduin also fought more recently during the Tenth Great Jedi War, in which he had replaced his identity with that of a common colonist in the militia. His greatest victory in this war was one in which he stood alongside mandolorian of Clan Ordo. For his bravery, Clan Ordo issued a full set of Clan Ordo armour for Anduin, which he accepted. During battle, Anduin Longstrider is distinguished as a soldier in mandolorian armour, often striking fear into his enemies who mistake him for a mandolorian of Clan Ordo.

  • Personality:

Anduin is considered by most to be a mountain of a man. His unmoving presence from the frontlines of battle inspires morale for his charges. A former war hero, he is both calculating and ruthless. In addition, he is also aggressive, and will always press the attack personally, with or without a squadron of troops at his back.

Loryn Marr

Lt. Loryn Marr
  • Species: Human, female
  • Role: Lieutenant of the Sand Dwellers
  • Equipment: WESTAR-34 blaster pistol x2
  • Motto: "Tactical precision is key to any major victory."
  • Biography:

Loryn Marr lived the majority of her life serving in the Coruscant security force. During her time on Coruscant, she had filled many roles in the security force, including intel gathering, as well as law enforcement. Everyday, she would see widespead corruption in the form of gangs, spice dealers and smugglers. On one of her assignments, she was tasked with cracking down on a spice trafficking ring. However, along the way she had met assassins; professional killers who had been hired by one elusive figure. Along the way, she had placed herself in many tough circumstances as she tracked down and eliminated the smuggling ring, however, the leader had been one who she had not expected. Her employer. She had made many enemies upon returing to the coruscant security force headquarters, and was ready to expose the truth. Upon exposing the head of the security force, she had earned too many enemies and had ended up on far too many hitlists, thus felt the need to start anew. She had found a small, starting settlement on New Tython, and it was then when she had crossed paths with the Melewati Bushfighters.

  • Personality:

Loryn Marr is considered to be a tactical genius, able to find hidden meanings wherever they are hidden. Her skills as an investigator have honed her skills until they have become instincts. Thus, she is able to almost instantly ascertain the intentions of her enemies by identifying their flaws, weaknesses and actions.