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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

18/11/14 ABY

Date of Death:


Physical Description

Human (Hapan)




6'3"/ 1.90m


94 kg


Dirty Blond


Ice Blue

Personal Information
Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Ex Soldier/Pilot


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Known masters:

Kazmir Natas



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Carissus is a Dark Jedi Knight in House Taldryan. He was born on Hapes in 14 ABY and served in the Hapan Fleet. Carissus is 6'3" tall and weighs 94 kilograms. Above average height and powerfully built Carissus is a strong and like most Hapans a good looking person with short dirty blond hair and ice-blue eyes. He has extensive scarring on his abdomen resulting from torture while on Coruscant.

Character History

Early life

Hapes Carissus' homeworld

Carissus Ardross-Bathina was born in 14 ABY to a commanding officer of a Nova-class battle cruiser Kyle Ardross and his wife Artora Bathina a minor political figure. They lived outside of the city, his father preferring some peace away from serving on a vessel with nearly two thousand crew members.

Growing up Carissus' father was his idol, Kyle taught the basics of Hapan martial arts to his son. Although showed talent in school and was sharper than the average student all Carissus ever wanted to do was enroll into the Hapan Royal Navy and emulate his dad.

When he was eleven news came that thousands of servicemen including his father had perished at the Battle of Fondor, this hardened the boy and only encouraged him more to follow in his fathers footsteps.

When Carissus turned fifteen he had shown astonishing advancement for a boy of that age and was accepted (with the help of a lot of money) into a college where he continued to study the martial arts, history and pilotng where he was shown to have some talent and quick reflexes.

Service in the Navy

When Carissus finished college he joined the Navy and was assigned to a Nova-class battle cruiser commanded by an old friend of his fathers Aren Rourke. Rourke helped and mentored Carissus in the following months where there were encounters with lone squads of Coralskippers and the odd group of pirates.

Carissus' Miy'til Interceptor

It was in one of these battles where the frigate took some damage and shrapnel was sprayed out, it killed several of the crew including a Miy'til fighter pilot. A piece of the debris hit Carissus in the left side of his left knee and tore all the way up the thigh. It damaged the cartilage in his knee and he still has a slight limp, though does not hinder his running.

Carissus filled the vacant Miy'til pilot seat and impressed earning merit and recognition and being promoted to a squad leader. He thrived on the risk and tension and with the end of the war came an end to that he quickly became bored and left the Navy, although only serving for less than a year and achieving a lot he realized there was more to life than just the Fleet, so he left.

Travels 31 ABY - 34 ABY

With no real goal he traveled from planet to planet seeing the destruction the Yuu'zhan Vong had brought upon them and how they were starting to rebuild. Some things never change though and there were still the small gangs and syndicates trying to make money. It is through them that Carissus started earning credits in underground fights where he was usually the most skilled hand-to-hand combatant thanks to his martial arts training back on Hapes.

Carissus 33 ABY

In late 33 ABY in the Undercity of Coruscant he was asked to throw a fight which he naturally refused and won. Afterwards he was ushered outside by five thugs he knew where it was heading, he quickly broke the closest ones neck and hit the next closest with a straight right that snapped his head back and sent a few teeth flying through the air, he was out of the fight. Carissus then jerked left and scythed his right elbow into the third guy, right across the bridge of his nose, blood erupted into the air, he then immediately reversed his momentum and caught the one he sensed behind him on the side of his head, which sent him staggerng. Then jerking forward again kicking the fifth full on in the groin, a crunch that folded him in two. That left just one standing and he wasn't even there still clutching the side of his head. His eyes were closed and Carissus lined up and smacked him with a left hook to his chin, he crumpled.

Then blinding pain someone hit him in the kidney area with what must have been some kind of metal pipe, there were more. One behind and two more exiting the shadows to the side, filled with rage at this cowardly act he exploded and the two were thrown back against the wall and landed in a heap. Then he was struck on the head and all faded to black.

Coruscant, Where Carissus first used The Force.

Carissus woke up groggy a few hours later in some room chained upright against a wall with a hooded man named Shirek Orker the leader of the gang in front of him. Telling him he should've done what he asked he introduced his chief enforcer Mokus Zarik who tortures people for fun. It was drawn out and lasted for hours with various incisions being cut deep into Carissus' stomach placed precisely to inflict pain but not kill too quickly he phased in and out but Zarik patiently waited for him to come round so he wouldn't miss anything.

He was left chained up and left to die. After a day the Hapan was weak, increasingly dehydrated and close to death.


"Nothing worth having is easily obtained."
―Kazmir to Carissus
The emblem of the Wardens of Unity.

Carissus joined the brotherhood in 35 ABY and after passing the Test of Lore and attaining the rank of Apprentice he was transferred from the Onderon Campus of the Shadow Academy to House Taldryan. He chose to follow the path of the Sith Order because of the association it has with fleets and with the ambition of becoming a Marauder. He soon became comfortable in Taldryan and quickly rose to the rank of Protector.

After steadily making progress and gaining the rank of Guardian, Carissus became the apprentice to Kazmir Natas who left the journeyman to his own devices occasionally returning from his own pursuits of getting stronger to adjust his student's training routine.

In 36 ABY the Wardens of Unity was formed under the leadership of Mirus Cavataio. Carissus was among four other members of Taldryan who originally joined and became a Sith Flight Member in the battleteam.

Personal Information

Physical Appearance

Carissus is 6'3" tall (1.90m) with a 46-inch chest, and weighing between 200 and 210 pounds (90–105kg). He has ice-blue eyes and dirty blond hair. He has very little body fat, and his muscular physique is completely natural.

He has various scars, most notably extensive scarring on his abdomen from his time on Coruscant. He also has a shrapnel scar approximately six inches starting from outside of his left knee running up his thigh.

Demeanor and Personality

Carissus' demeanor is stoic, and he does not talk much. He is uncomplicated, with an average person's faults, flaws and edges. He frequently does not answer when people make statements or ask questions, nodding or shrugging, preferring to wait for people's habit of being uncomfortable with silence by filling it. He is cool-headed and only rarely becomes visibly angry, in a psychological study of reactions to fear in children showed him as having abnormally fast reflexes and aggression levels at the age of six.

He generally likes to be alone, and has mild agoraphobia. This condition is not, as commonly assumed, a fear of open spaces, but of crowds. He could easily go the rest of his life without saying another word.

He has unwavering loyalty to Taldryan and the Wardens.

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Positions Held

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Earned a Dark Cross, Gold Nova and 7 seals of Decimation during Great Jedi War X