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The Jedi Vocational Corp
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The Council Of Mirrors

  • In Absentia: The Council Of Urr

Arca Praxeum

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Formed from:

Mandate under The Edict Of Va'lence


36 ABY

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House Odan-Urr


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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The Jedi Vocational Corp, founded in 36 ABY by Masters Drodik Va'lence and Morotheri Mithfaron is the practical embodiment of the Jedi Disciplines once practiced by members of The Order of Urrian Knights. It is presently under revision.

The Edict Of Va'lence

Amid the turmoil of New Tython following the secession of the The Peoples New Dawn, and attacks from an unidentified mercenary army support for the Jedi Order from the general ppulace of Menat Ombo waned. No longer were the Jedi regarded as keepers of peace but rather a weak and inefficient sentinel against the plague of troubles befallen the river city. Regarded as a liability following the outbreak of the Horizons virus, the Jedi Order faced stiff opposition from the Menat Presidium who at once demanded a reevaluation and reorganization of K.U.D.F. whom the Jedi had been safe charged with leading.

All Odanites in the fall of 36 ABY fell under a self-imposed quarantine within the Jedi Districts by High Councilor Drodik Va'lence The Jedi segregated themselves from the outside world for a period of time at which a Conclave was formed to address the shortcomings and future of the Jedi Order.

Unable to and without the necessary resources to provide for the safety of the inhabitants of New Tython, Master Drodik instituted the Edict Of Va'lence, a document which addressed the Orders faults, purpose and future, most namely the genesis of the Jedi Vocational Corp.

The Jedi Vocational Corp

The Jedi Vocational Corp is a system created with the intention to provide an advance immersive element into the fabric of the fledgling Jedi Order Of Urr by way of establishing an in-unit rank system which will drive activity through objectives in the form of specialized tasks of varying difficulty. The purpose of this is to segregate the range of activities per skill level and in many respects allow a natural narrative element to manifest for the member enrolled in the Corp.

The Jedi Professions themselves will serve as fictional roles of specialization that the Odanites will claim as they work their way up into the rungs of activity. Those with Jedi professions and fictional specializations will also earn perks. After reaching completion of an advanced number of Tiers in a particular field will the participant be awarded a title of Jedi Profession.


Depending on the level of Tier/genre, the difficulty and nature of prompts will be subject to certain limitations. Tier 1 prompts will consist of single objective activities, while Tier 2 prompts will have two separate objectives which in most cases the latter objective will build off the former. A member at the beginning stages of the questlines will start with only Tier 1 prompts. After completing all eight Tier 1 prompts in a single category (Fiction/Wiki/GFX/Game/etc.) they will progress to Tier 2 of that respective category and once again complete them all to advance to Tier 3 of that respective category.

A member interested in enrolling into the Corp will on the outset have a non-rank of Initiate. To join the Jedi Vocational Corp an interested Odanite need only submit a simple application to the Council Of Mirrors if they meet the criteria:

  • Must be members of House Odan-Urr
  • Rank of Protector and above
  • Have passed The Odan-Urr History exam at the Shadow Academy


While the system is still under exact details, for completion of each rung of profession, the Vocational must pass a set of 8 assignments of varying difficulty. While it is encouraged that members actually attain these titles, they are inherently earned and not intended to be given freely.


Jedi Professions
The Jedi having fully completed the three tiers of this profession will be accorded the style:
Artisan- Visual Arts Focus Scribe- Language and Literature Focus Archivist- Wiki Article Focus Knight-Errant- Gaming Focus
Apprentice Hopeful Assistant Trooper
Attendant Neophyte Chronicler Knight-Honorant
Intuit Adept Curate Knight-At-Arms
Artisan Scribe Archivist Knight-Errant
Upon completing each successive Tier a new rank will be conferred upon the Vocational in the style of their focus. Final ranks of each Discipline are as stated above.

Duty of The Corp

Having undertaken and completed the pathway of their chosen Profession, the Acolyte of Ur will undoubtedly possess skills of such refinement that are to be found seldomly elsewhere within the Dark Brotherhood. Having been conferred the final title of their Vocation, the member is henceforth obligated to serve the Order for the betterment of all in their function of study.

The duty befallen all graduated Vocationals is only a single implied pledge:

  • The Jedi of Urr, upon receipt of their final Vocational Rank shall henceforth conduct themselves in the fashion of initiative.

With this single duty, no graduated vocational is obliged nor demanded to give back to the Order unless of their own accord. This arises out of the nature of the wider organization which is inherently demanding of time and attention from its members. A member of Odan-Urr who reaches the zenith of their Vocation must find their own personal initiative to give back to their fellow Jedi in whatever way they see necessary.

Parable of the Yele-Yele

To illustrate this, a parable from Master Drodik:

Years ago, a tree sprouted in the barren wastes on Nythaspir. It had only branches, and a single leaf. The tree was lonesome for a thousand years; drinking water of the soil in its loneliness. As time crawled on the tree became engorged with water, for the loneliness would not dissipate no matter how much the tree drew from the ground.

Sad at the trees temperament and its own loneliness, the single leaf beckoned the tree to use its water and create more leaves for he too was lonesome. The leaf promised that with more leaves on its barren branches it would never feel loneliness again. The tree reluctantly agreed. He then focused all his energies into creating more leaves, and lo in one passing season the branches of the tree were populated with millions of leaves, all singing in the breeze.

The tree rejoiced and lived in splendor with his new friends until winter had shaken them all dead from his branches. Lonesome once again, the tree slept and slept and slept. When he finally awoke years later the barren waste was barren no longer. In his sleep he had dreamed of his dead leaf friend, meanwhile sprouting countless generations of leaves while he dreamed the years away.

In the years that passed in his dormancy a forest had spread with himself at the center of it. The other trees rejoiced and thanked their ancestor naming him Lord of The Yele-Yele, for that is revered as the tree of creation.

- Master Drodik Va’lence, 36 ABY


The meaning of this is that without contributing to the cycle, a Jedi in the Order is working against the current of progress and is not an advantageous force for the betterment of others. The meaning of the Jedi Vocational Corp is to create a system of specialties in-house that form symbiotic relationships that have practical applications.

For example:

A Jedi Artisan may create a logo stamp for a Jedi Scribes wiki-use, and they in turn are perhaps chronicled by the Scribe in a featured fiction.

The exploits and adventures of a Jedi Knight-Errant may be fictionalized by a Jedi Scribe and in turn transformed into a wiki page by a Jedi Archivist.

A Jedi Sage could possibly write a course for the Order for which they would team up with an Archivist to publish an article on the matter.


Council Of Mirrors

The Council of Mirrors will be established to provide oversight and administration to keep the activities system in favorable operation. Members on the panel will serve as judges who will determine whether a member enrolled in a pathway has satisfactorily accomplished what is necessary to progress into their chosen field of Profession, develop methods and activities that positively promote the qualities of the Order.

The requirements for serving on the Council Of Mirrors are as follow:

  • Applicant may only serve as a Councilor for a single Profession at any given time.
  • Applicant to a Council seat must have been confirmed within that respective vocation.
  • Applicant must possess more than one title of Profession

In the event there are no qualified or interested Councilors available, the upper body ‘The Council Of Urr’ will oversee operation In Absentia until the Council of Mirrors becomes an autonomous, reliable and self-supporting entity. Following appointment to either the Council Of Mirrors or the Council Of Urr, the former applicant/present summit member will be conferred the rank of ‘Master Jedi’, a title to which they may carry indefinitely. The use of ‘Master Jedi’ will for the time being remain second only in reverence and respect to the primary unit style; which at this time remains officially un-declared given the non-Clan status of Independent House Odan-Urr within the structure of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Duties Of The Council

The duties of the Council are thus:

  • Per each seat, Masters are wholly responsible for the creation of new quest-prompts in their Professional path as well as their implementation into the database.
  • Honorably provide sufficiently challenging prompts to the Vocational as requested.
  • Remain in contact and report with the Council Of Urr on a regular basis (At least once/month)
  • Submit application of approval to the Council Of Urr for members finishing their last tier assignments in order to officially be recognized in their profession.
  • Under no circumstance is a Councilor to assign a Vocational the same prompt twice.


Originally conceived by Drodik Va'lence al'Tor as a spiritual successor to the abandoned archaic post of Lord Hegemon. The Jedi Vocational Corp (or, JVC) morphed over a series of weeks into a system that applies real-time participation with practical purposes. The idea for the system was originally geared toward driving a renaissance of the office of Lord Hegemon in that the post would act as the fictional beacon much like the office of the Voice, but would specifically cater to the generation of competitions and other smaller unit/individual based activities on such a scale as that of the Shadow Academy with staff. Given such complexity and demanding upkeep, the Jedi Vocational Corp is in-effect a concept for which not only demands upkeep from the Council of Mirrors but that of the general house member to remain an active entity.

Alongside the assistance of Morotheri Mithfaron in creating the database and points tracking system as well as prompt creation, the JVC completed its final stage of production.

Roll Of Vocationals

Vocational Jedi
Herein is recorded the name and current rank for all registered Jedi:
Name Artisan- Visual Arts Focus Scribe- Language and Literature Focus Archivist- Wiki Article Focus Knight-Errant- Gaming Focus
Raiju T.1 Hopeful T.1 Assistant T.1 Trooper
Rangel T.1 Hopeful
Solari T.1 Assistant
Revak Kur T.1 Hopeful
VanWyck T.1 Hopeful
Xaezhul T.1 Apprentice T.1 Hopeful T.1 Trooper
Upon completing each successive Tier a new rank will be conferred upon the Vocational in the style of their focus. Final ranks of each Discipline are as stated above.
Units Clan: Odan-UrrHouse: House SunriderBattleteam: Tython Squadron

Clan Summit: High Councilor: Aura Ta'varCouncilor of War: Revak KurCouncilor of the Roll: Gui Sol

House Sunrider Summit: Quaestor: Alethia ArchenksovaAedile: Ira Ojiman

Battleteam Leaders: Jon Silvon

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