Celevon Edraven Erinos

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Celevon Edraven Erinos
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

7 ABY (Age 30)

Physical Description

Human (Half-Echani)




6’ / 1.83 m


183lbs / 83 kg





Personal Information
Fighting Style(s):

Sliding Hands

Chronology & Political Information
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Celevon Edraven Erinos is a Force Disciple within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, specifically House Sunrider of Clan Odan-Urr. He is a member of the Erinos Mandalorian Clan and former Colonel with the Arcona Army Corps, where he was trained as a sniper and survivalist.


Early Life

Few are aware of the fact that Celevon Edraven was born Tristan Magnuri on Corellia, twin brother to Rowena, seven years after the Battle of Yavin. His father, a Human by the name of Damen Magnuri, was a Lieutenant in the notorious Macaluso Crime Family. His mother, an Echani by the name of Sylvia Serinje, worked as an instructor of the Echani style of combat and gymnastics teacher.

From an early age, the half-Echani showed a tendency toward collecting objects of value or were simply shiny. This got the young Celevon into some trouble, although it would not be until later that the kleptomania became a real problem.

Their father was rarely home, usually away on some illicit activity — the most frequent being the smuggling of drugs or weapons — that brought home a decent amount of credits. Rowena and Tristan were frequently brought along with their mother to work, learning both gymnastics and the very basics of martial arts. As was expected, the twins took interest in different aspects; Rowena preferred learning Echani more than the gymnastics whilst Tristan was the opposite. With this in mind, it is perhaps unsurprising that the Assassin eventually started to learn parkour, otherwise known as freerunning.

While within their household, Sylvia raised both children exactly as she was raised. They learned of Echani culture, beliefs and traditions. How to read and understand others through their body language and fighting style.

As time went on, the small family grew with the addition of another daughter, Livana. With this came an increased struggle for money and occasionally being homeless. It was during this time that a young Celevon met Atra Ventus, his first friend. An older street urchin took the duo under her wing, teaching them how to pick both locks and pockets, then which fences could be trusted. She also taught them how useful a knife could be in a variety of situations.

Aside from a few pieces the half-Echani kept for himself, stashed away, whilst the rest were fenced and the funds placed into a jar his mother kept. As Sylvia wasn’t so keen on keeping track of the money, she didn’t notice how it grew.

Though their living situation improved, Celevon continued to steal both for his growing stash and to keep the family afloat. His life deteriorated rapidly from this point.

The street kids were pickpocketing oblivious tourists — something they had taken to doing on a weekly basis under the guise of card tricks for tips — when, as fate would have it, a mugger being chased by Corellia Security Forces ran into a young Celevon. The expensive chronometer he had just slipped off of a tourist went flying, drawing the attention of the tourist it belonged to. The CorSec officers heard the yell of ‘damn thieves’ when the tourist in question tried to grab the half-Echani, getting his arm slashed in the process.

In the ensuing chaos and resulting chase, Celevon let himself get caught so his friend — Atra had already had several brushes with CorSec at this point; another would mean jail time in a juvenile facility — could get away.

His father’s connections got a young Celevon out of trouble, though it drew the attention of the Macaluso Family in the process. As a result, the decision was made to teach him the ropes to eventually join the family. Within two months, Damon was approached about a shipment and decided to take his son along for the ride.

A trip that would change the life of the half-Echani and his family. It would be fifteen years before Celevon himself remembered the events prior to waking up on Onderon or his history, much less the name Tristan Magnuri.


Above Onderon and Dxun, en route to make the delivery, the vessel that Damon Magnuri used for his smuggling was boarded by pirates involved in the slave trade. Due to the paranoia of the Macaluso Family, the ship was rigged to explode in these conditions if a password were not entered within a certain amount of time.

A young Celevon watched from a ventilation grate as the pirates asked Damon for the codes to access the cargo hold, only to put a blaster bolt through his head when the man refused. Shocked and saddened by his father’s execution, the half-Echani went into the escape pod on autopilot and hit the button to eject a microsecond before the explosion detonated. Both vessels were destroyed almost instantly, the escape pod badly damaged and hurdled to the surface of Onderon.

The next time the young man awoke, he was receiving bacta treatment and had a panic attack when he realized he could remember nothing whatsoever. In his panic, his latent Force potential activated in an uncontrolled burst that left everything outside of the bacta tank in disarray. He was later diagnosed with complete retrograde amnesia; no memory of who he was or any detail of his history, though his mechanical memory remained. He still knew how to read and write, likes and dislikes, as well as things he had learned to do. Eventually, he was adopted by a former Onderon soldier who had become a member of Onderon’s Security Force as part of his civilian release.

Whilst in the medical facility, he was referred to as Raven due to his hair color. Months later, after reading through a book on an ancient language, found a word that meant ‘shadow of silver’ and put together a name for himself. ‘Celevon’ from that book and ‘Edraven’ by combining his guardian’s nickname and what he had been called at the facility. However, his official name was Alexander Eilifsson after the adoption by J’akked and Korina Eilifsson.

Along the way, his kleptomania resurfaced — the young man saw someone slip a money clip into their pocket, then picked it — and J’akked decided that training and discipline would help the teenager regain control of his impulses. Knowing that he had no interest in sports, the half-Echani chose martial arts. Particularly, the style of Sliding Hands. J’akked decided to add onto this with archery, his own preferred way of hunting, no matter how primitive the technology involved. J’akked even taught him what materials to look for if the half-Echani were in the wilds with little resources and needed a hunting implement.

Korina, however, introduced him to music. As they were her own favored instruments, his adoptive mother taught him how to play guitar and piano as complementary pieces.

He advanced in these studies to the point that the teenager was taught how to incorporate weapons into this style: specifically a sword and dual daggers. Freerunning was suggested as a way of burning of excessive energy, as the lad had fairly hyperactive tendencies.

On the cusp of adulthood, however, the half-Echani witnessed several gang members hurting a young woman on his way home from a hunt. It was on this evening that he made his first kill; the arrow piercing the chest of their comrade sent the other two running. Fearful of retribution from the gang or legal trouble for his adoptive family, Celevon made the decision to set off on his own and left the name Alexander Eilifsson behind.

He sold the bow — along with a good chunk of his stash of pilfered goods — to have paperwork forged, identifying him as Celevon Edraven.


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Atra Ventus

Possibly the most complex and longest lasting relationship outside of that of his twin sister would be Celevon’s friendship with Atra Ventus. The duo grew up together on the streets of Corellia, pilfering goods to get by and generally getting into trouble. Prior to encountering one another again within the Brotherhood, Atra and Celevon last saw one another in 19 ABY, where a young Celevon allowed himself to be arrested by CorSec so Atra could get away. Two months after this, the half-Echani woke up on Onderon with complete retrograde amnesia.

Despite their differences, the pair remain on good terms with one another. During the time that the Inquisitorius were hunting members of the Lotus, Atra repaid the debt that remained from their childhood. After a hand-to-hand fight within the Combat Training Arena, the Umbaran — Head of the Inquisitorius Order at the time — allowed his friend to escape.

Atra Ventus is one of the few people alive that still refer to the half-Echani by his birth name. Even still, he only does so when they’re alone and no one can overhear.

Position History

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Battleteam Created Battleteam Leader of Spectre Cell
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Arcturus Schulen
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