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33 ABY

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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The Lotus, a formerally secret order due to their rebel activities, are now an open organization of neutral peacekeepers, protectors, and agents formed from the ranks of current and former Brotherhood Clans whose purpose is to defend all peoples and offer aid to whoever they can, opposing tyranny wherever they go. They are devoted to sharing knowledge and resources across all national and political divides. Lotus members come from all walks and accept anyone, including users of all aspects of the Force, but profess not to condone certain actions, regardless of power, purpose, or heritage; they hold to their own established standards of intergalactic law for humanitarian treatment in war.

History of the Lotus

The Lotus started not as a society at all, not even as a movement. It was merely the intersection of a group of allies and friends in Arcona and Odan-Urr concerned for the goings on of the world around them, and the ideals of those people who were themselves leaders or paragons amongst their Clans. They did not immediately intend to form a resistance, did not intend to name themselves or carry any oaths or symbols; the original meetings of these comrades were only meant to strategize and air concerns for the direction the Brotherhood seemed to be heading.

It was following the Eleventh Great Jedi War and, later, the Fall of New Tython and the Purge of the Old Orders and the "Undesirables" that the Lotus emerged as a more stalwart movement, gathering agents from any Clan they could that would aid Undesirables and refute Inquisitorius actions or provide information about the Dark Council through certain channels to the Odanite survivors. The group became considered its own around 33 ABY when its more prominent founders led their Clans into rebellion against the Brotherhood under the Lotus' banner and ideology, including Arcona, Odan-Urr, and, briefly, opposition to the Iron Throne from Clans Tarentum and Plagueis. It should be noted that while not all members of the anti-Brotherhood rebellion were Lotus, all Lotus members were in service of the rebellion.

Potential supporters of the Lotus were identified by showing loyalty to certain sentient rights and freedoms and a willingness to defy Clan or Brotherhood orders for a "greater good". The Lotus has no strictly formal rank structure, though its coalition of guiding leaders tend to include summiteers and title holders of its founding Clans as well as various affiliated agents. Generally, members are all considered of an equal rank and reputation once a certain level of scrutiny, training, and induction has passed.


During the rebellion and Purge era, dissemination of information and resources was done discreetly, files or data always heavily encrypted, using dead-drops, neutral meetings points outside Brotherood space, and between third party routing. Centralized meetings of more "high ranking" figures were rare, usually taking place as holoconferences. Gatherings of membership were extremely rare at first, the risk of discovery and capture too great, but as the organization grew and came into the light, petals stretching towards the sun a symbol of hope and free will, members grew bolder and assemblage frequenter in acceptance of the danger. Nearly all members of the Lotus held roles and positions of some capacity all over the Brotherhood, and went about their day to day when not working on Lotus Resistance tasks.

These days, several Lotus members are fully dedicated to the cause and divorced from any Clan or holding; though they may associate strongly with any given Clan, they are not members, but stand as their own individuals within Lotus ranks, protecting and serving as they can regardless of Broterhood-established boundaries.

Outposts and Resources

Ideology and Heraldry

The Lotus Flower

The Lotus symbol stemmed from flowers given to the founding allies by Vorsa. These blossoms were sprung from the Neti's own growth and tied to her Living Force signature, and served as a connection between the group and a warning. If ever the flowers died, the others would all know the then-strongest among them had fallen, and would scatter or prepare to fight accordingly. As time passed, the flower was noticed and incorporated into both the society's identity and iconography. The movement finally had a name.

Many Lotus members today carry the symbol in ink openly, especially the proudest -- or foolhardiest. Others wear the mark more discreetly, either incorporating a lotus of sorts onto thier body, whether within a larger tattoo or a very different stylized version, or by tattooing only part of the lotus symbol, such as a leaf and two petals, just the dots, etc. Lotus members identify each other by the bearing of this symbol.

Old Ideals


Justice, Mercy, Law, Wisdom, Compassion

Araave's Blessing

Atyiru had only one concern in establishing the Lotus: to protect and unite those she could. She intended for it to be a defensive and peaceful movement, their mission to save innocents and those who could not protect themselves when the Purge of Undesirables, Jedi, Krath and Obelisk, and any who aided them began. War or even fighting back were never part of her views. Her resources went towards asylum, helping fugitives to a safe place and then helping to establish them there, but not using violent means to oppose their aggressors unless absolutely necessary in guarding a life. These goals eventually morphed into the philosophy of a faction within Atyiru's home Clan, Arcona, who called themselves her Champions: they believe in preserving life and protecting the downtrodden, or at least in defending friends and allies and protecting what they consider theirs.

Any member of the Lotus focused most on a peaceful path, on healing more than harming, on resolution more than revenge, on faith and hope, is a spiritual son or daughter of Atyiru's creed.

Sorenn's Judgement

Turel considered the Jedi way to be protecting others over shunning passion, holding back tyranny and oppression rather than being focused on esoteric matters of the Force. While he was proud of being a Jedi, Turel was not dogmatic when dealing with other stripes of Force users. Dark, Gray, non-Jedi, all that mattered was not exploiting or harming the weak or being met with swift and righteous fury, complete retribution. He derided half-measure and espoused killing evil for a greater good, especially when faced with the threat of Pravus and his genocide. There is no mercy to be had for those who commit such horrendous acts, and they must in turn be purged before any more damage can be done, especially when committed by someone too powerful to imprison. To some it may seem vengeful, but to others it is merely necessary. Others like Cortel and Edraven also supported this view, deeming any means necessary perfectly suitable to the end of bringing about justice and safety.

Any member of the Lotus focused on combating repression, exploitation, subjugation, and other atrocities, on judgement and punishment meted out in turn, is following Turel's path.


New Path


Warring Morality

The decentralized nature of the Lotus leads to different factions with different methods all functioning at full strength, with equal credibility within the group. Some such cells are peacekeepers. Others may be considered rebel terrorists for the lengths to which they will go in completing their missions.

Current Roster of the Lotus

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