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This document is to explain what Gaming Parties are and how to use them.

What are Discord Gaming Parties?

Discord Gaming Parties exist to serve a few purposes.

  • A Gaming Party announces to everyone else that you are playing a specific game and looking for others to play with.
  • Can be used during Vendettas in order to regulate the gaming competitions.
  • Help the Fist team track what is being played.

How do you create a Gaming Party?

  • Second: Go to the Society chat channels and click on "#gaming-matchmaking".

  • Third: Type "/party create" A box will pop up with the ability for you to type in how many players for the room and to name the room for the game you are playing.
    • Channels are required to hold a minimum of three people. This is to allow someone to join and ask to be in the next game.

  • If all was done correctly, a new, temporary channel should appear under #gaming-matchmaking with the name you selected. Example:

Room Options

Once you have created the room and are in it, there are a few tools you have at your disposal.


  • Leave Party: If you are in a party that someone else created, this allows you to leave the channel.
  • Disband Party: If you are done using the party channel, you use this to close it permanently.
    • Be sure to disband your Party room before you leave or it will be locked open.
  • Broadcast: Allows you to broadcast to #gaming-matchmaking to remind people you are playing and looking for players.

What are the Benefits?

  • Lets people know not only that you are looking to play, but what you are trying to play.
  • Lets people interested join your channel if they are interested.
  • Gives you a private channel to organize the gaming experience as well as discuss it.
  • Allows you to periodically broadcast in order to get more players or replacement players if someone needs to leave.

As always, feel free to contact a member of the Fist Staff if you have questions or concerns.