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The Rites of Combat (ROC) are the standard gaming rules for all official Brotherhood gaming events, most notably the Gaming Nights , Tournaments and Vendetta’s. All members should familiarize themselves with the general gaming rules, as well as the rules for their platform(s) of choice.

The goal of the ROC is to provide a sense of fair play and consistency in how multiplayer competitions operate. Violations of these Rites falls under the jurisdiction of both the Chamber of Justice and the Fist.

If you encounter a member who isn’t following the rules or displays questionable behavior while competing in a multiplayer platform, direct them towards the Rites of Combat. It is also good practice for leaders to point new members to the ROC when they first join a Clan and/or House.

All competitions will follow the rules outlined under the Rites of Combat unless the person(s) running the competition specifically state otherwise in the details of an approved competition. Any alterations to rules or guidelines must be made clear prior to the start of any such competition and enforced consistently throughout the entirety of the event. Any changes made during the course of a competition must be transparently made available to all participating members.

This page is the main page for the Rites of Combat. For a list of supported games please go to the following link:

General Gaming Conduct

Use of Telegram

  • To participate in Gaming Nights, Vendetta’s and Tournaments you MUST be present in the Gaming Channel
    • Member(s) must setup 1v1 matches using the @DJBFistBot on Telegram. Members may not set up PvP matches in PM or clan chat.
    • Member(s) must setup Team and FFA matches in the Gaming Channel
      • If PVP match submissions are found that were not set up using the @DJBFistBot, those matches will be declined, unless they have been approved for exemption by the Fist prior to match submission. Exemptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and will be generally limited to @DJBFistBot issues.

Daily Match Limits

  • 1v1 Duel Limits: You may play twelve (12) matches against a single opponent, on each platform, each day. You may play these twelve (12) matches on an unlimited number of supported platforms.
    • Example: You may play Person B in 12 games of Jedi Academy, 6 of Starcraft II, 8 SWTOR Duels (Open Level), and 5 SWTOR Duels (Level 15 Bracket) before either you or Person B call it quits for the day.
  • Team and Free For All Limits: You may play twelve (12) team matches with the same set of people on a single platform each day.
    • Note: This means, no matter what the teams are, the same set of people can only play 12 matches on a single platform. If one new player joins the set of people playing or the group changes platforms you can play another 12 matches.


  • You cannot refuse a match challenge from one member in favor of playing a match against another member for any reason.
  • Members aren't expected to game at all times. If a member is not playing or planning to play anyone when you request a match, they are NOT match dodging.
    • Example: If Player A receives a challenge from Player B for a match of JA, Player A is not obligated to accept the challenge unless Player A is actively gaming and has played matches on JA in the past day.
  • If players cannot agree on match settings, the participants will each get their choice of one game in their style. All match details must be agreed upon before the match begins.

Forfeiting Matches

  • If your opponent has to leave a match early for real life reasons and won’t be around on Telegram afterwards, the current match may not be reported as a forfeited win unless it is deemed "acceptably played out" by the Fist or competition organizer..
    • A match that has been played out to one point of a regular win (match point), for example, will most likely be counted as a win. A match that has just begun will most likely be discarded. This is at the discretion of the Fist or competition organizer.
  • If your opponent has either disconnected from the match, timed out, or been crashed off the server due to ping or synchronization problems, the outcome of the match will be decided by the Fist or competition organizer t after taking into consideration the status of all players and existing points.

Same Household Gaming

  • If members are living with other members in the same household or have family members (as in real life family members) in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, those members must stay in the Gaming Channel so that other members may play them as well.
    • During competitions, outcomes can be significantly skewed if members of the same household/family only play amongst themselves instead of with other members in the Gaming Channel. If this occurs, the Fist will talk to the members in question and remind them of this section of the ROC policy. If the behavior doesn't change, the Fist has the authority to delete matches.

ROC during Vendettas and other Major Events

The Rites of Combat are still enforced, along with additional requirements, during Vendettas and other major event competitions. Each Vendetta is unique and may have additional changes to the rules, beyond what is listed here. These details will be listed with the information for each Gaming Competition, so be sure to refer to those rules and guidelines as well. Vendetta/Major Event Rule changes are:

Changes to Challenges

If a member challenges you to a match on a platform that you have played during the Vendetta, you are required to play them. If you have not played the platform during the Vendetta, then you may decline.

  • Note that this is different than normal ROC, which only requires you to accept challenges on platforms played in the last day.
    • Example: Person A challenges Person B to a game of JA. Person B does not own JA. Person B is not obligated to accept the challenge and is not match dodging.

Unit Based Restrictions

  • Free-For-All (FFA) matches may only have one member from each unit. More than one member from a single unit will cause that match to be deleted.
    • Example: One player from Arcona, one from Naga Sadow, and one from Plagueis is an acceptable FFA.
  • A member can not game against members from their same unit during a Vendetta.

ROC during Clan Feuds and Cooperative Events

The Rites of Combat are still enforced, along with additional requirements, during Clan Feuds and Cooperative events. Each of these events is unique and may have additional changes to the rules, beyond what is listed here. These details will be listed with the information for each Gaming Competition, so be sure to refer to those rules and guidelines as well. Feud and Cooperative Event changes are:

PvO/PvE Gaming during a Feud or Cooperative Event

In a joint or vs. event between two (or more) clans, all gaming submissions must contain at least one player from an opposing team.

General Rules by Game Type

1v1 Duels, Team Matches, and Capture the Flag

  • Each 1v1 matches will be played until one player reaches three (3) points, or best out of five (5)
  • Use of @DJBFistBot on Gaming Channel is required to set up matches
  • You may not kill your opponent as soon as they respawn.
  • Team Matches
    • Team Matches with less than six (6) players are played until one team reaches 20 points.
    • Team Matches with seven (7) or more players are played until one team reaches 40 points.
      • Note: Members may choose to raise the points required to win a match of either size if they desire. This should be agreed upon in the Gaming Channel prior to match start.
  • Capture the Flag matches are played until one team has made 5 captures.
    • Members may choose to raise the captures required to win a match if they desire. This should be agreed upon in the Gaming Channel prior to match start.

Free-For-All (FFA)

  • FFA matches may include up to 10 people and are played until one participant reaches twenty-five (25) points.
    • The one exemption from this rule is Jedi Academy, where matches will be played up to fifteen (15) points for matches with three to six (3-6) people. Matches with seven (7) members and more will be up to twenty-five (25) points.
  • Use of the Gaming Channel telegram group is required to set up matches
  • Clusters of Fire are awarded to multiple individuals based on placement, in a 10 person FFA match up through 7th Place is awarded additional CFs. Ensure that you log everyone’s placement after each match for later reporting.
  • Agree on a map with your opponents prior to the start of the game. Smaller maps are recommended, but not required.
  • You may not kill your opponent as soon as they respawn.
  • JA Specific: You may only use a single power weapon at a time.
  • You may use health items to heal at any time during the game.


Matchmaking is when members of the DJB join together in a multiplayer match where they play as a team against other players who are not part of the DJB.

  • Minimum of 2 members from the DJB in a match,
    • Members should if at all possible have DJB in their tag or something similar to their DJB Name so that they are recognizable. At a minimum, Gamertag, PSN ID, or Steam Handle must be listed on the member’s dossier. In the event that a member who is part of a gaming submission does not have their ID listed on their dossier, a member of the Fist staff will remand the activity and allow the member time to add their information to the site. Failure to add the information to the site will result in those submitted matches/games being declined.

  • Use of the DB Gaming telegram channel is required to set up matches
  • Matchmaking may be played on any approved and vetted Gaming Platform
  • When playing online, remember you represent the Brotherhood. Avoid spawn camping, spawn killing, derogatory language and play respectably.

Rules by Gaming Platform

Each individual platform may have specific rules for its use within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Rather than list each platform's rules within the Rites of Combat they have been broken out to two separate wiki pages in order to keep the Rites more organized. It should be noted by members that all rules for specific platforms are considered to be a part of the Rites of Combat and should be followed. Be sure to reference these rules for platforms which you are going to play.

Supported Platforms

Supported Games are those which are currently popular with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood at large, and played on a regular basis either during competitions or just for fun. Supported Games will be selected through a comprehensive review process that determines a game's overall interest, feasibility of support, and necessity for the club. All supported games are useable during Vendettas and Great Jedi Wars.

The current Supported Games are as follows:

  • Battlefront (Pre 2015) Series
  • Battlefront (2015 release)
  • Destiny
  • Diablo 3
  • Star Wars: Empire at War
  • Gears of War
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Jedi Knight Series (Jedi Knight & Jedi Outcast)
  • Jedi Knight Series (Jedi Academy)
  • Overwatch
  • Star Wars The Old Republic MMO
  • Titanfall 2
  • Star Wars: Force Arena (Moble)
  • Star Wars: Rebellion/Supremacy
  • Star Wars: Republic Commando
  • Star Conflict
  • Star Craft 2
  • Star Wars: X-Wing Series

ROC Infractions

Section 1.03 of the Covenant permits the Fist to create the Rites of Combat as a policy that governs all gaming conduct. Under Section 7.07 of the Covenant members are required to abide by Brotherhood policies. Any violations of the Rites of Combat are subject to action by the Fist and/or prosecution by the Chamber of Justice.

The Fist is the first person to investigate possible violations of the ROC. The Fist has the authority under the Covenant to administer the following punishments for violations of the ROC: (a) written warning; (b) disqualification from an event; (c) a gaming ban for up to one month; and (d) loss of progress towards awards related to gaming. These punishments are independent of any action that may be taken by the Chamber of Justice. Under Section 7.07(g) of the Covenant, any punishments administered by the Fist are subject to a review by the Justicar or Appeals Panel if requested by the affected member.

Filing Complaints

  • If you suspect the person you are playing against is cheating or breaking the rules, use a in-game video program (such as Xfire or Fraps), to create a video of the suspected cheating.
  • Send any accusations to the Fist privately. The Fist will judge them on a case by case basis.
  • If there is someone verbally abusing another person, get a screenshot or video of the offense and present it to the Fist . They have the authority to act on the evidence provided to solve the situation. This goes for the Gaming Channel channel as well.

Match Dodging

The main infraction known to many gamers is match dodging. Although not a major crime, it does make gaming difficult and can also change the outcomes of a competition.

When someone only plays PVP matches with certain people or says that they will play a PVP match with another member and then does not play them, they have committed match dodging. Although match dodging is a rare occurrence during regular gaming, it does come up during Vendettas and other major competitions where losing a match has a more negative consequence.

In order to prevent match dodging, ensure you follow the ROC rules for Challenges listed above. Talk to your opponents and make sure that they know what you are doing. If you are playing with someone currently, tell any challengers who you are currently in a match with. Blocking a member on Telegram does not preclude you from playing against that member: if someone you block asks you for a game and you refuse, you will be dodging that match.

If match dodging occurs, inform the Fist immediately. The Fist will investigate the claim, and if needed, they have the authority to punish match dodging.

Match Dodging Policy:

  • Match dodge once: Warning
  • Match dodge twice: Three day ban and an email to the Justicar
    • If the match dodger is the winner of the PoB for that week (or month), they will not receive any title
  • Match dodge three times: One month ban. The Justicar will determine any additional repercussions.
    • All Clusters and PoB's that were processed during the time of the ban will be removed (or remanded if they have not been processed yet).

FIST-O-Matic Policy

  • Members are not permitted to idle when signed up for matches.
  • Members must use the /leave command if they are planning on not playing any more matches.
  • Repeated confirmation failures will result in the following:
    • First time: The member will be contacted by a member of the FIST Office through Telegram PM or email on the requirements for Fist-o-Matic utilization.
    • Second time: A warning via email will be sent to the member informing them of the violation.
    • Third Time: A warning via email will be sent to the member and their summit informing them of the violation.
    • Fourth time: The member will receive a one-week PvP gaming ban for constant violation to this rule.

Falsifying Matches

This is also a major infraction in gaming, where a member tries to forge matches with someone else, and report them for personal gain of Clusters of Fire , Clusters of Earth, and/or to rank up in the GMRG. The Fist will inform the Justicar of the situation and the member will be charged by the CoJ for cheating.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

While rare in gaming, unsportsmanlike conduct does occur from time to time. Interpretation is at the Fist’s discretion. If a member is acting in an unsportsmanlike manner do not follow in suit with them, remain polite and send screenshots of the conversation to the Fist. The following are examples of actions classified as unsportsmanlike conduct, this is not a comprehensive list.

  • Cursing at another member (not including cursing in general conversation, which should still be avoided)
  • Demeaning talk to another member.
  • Talking negatively about a member in public to third parties.
  • Stereotyped accusations towards a unit levied against a person.
  • Publicly berating through unfounded accusations (i.e. if a member already played the required matches - "play more games with me or I'll brand you as a Match Dodging").
  • Excessive gloating over a match.

If you feel the need to drop out of a current match because of such conduct, notify the Fist immediately about the matches that will be reported and the reasons why you felt you needed to drop out of the match.

These transgressions are taken seriously by the Fist and Justicar. Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in an initial warning, and may be followed by a ban if it continues. Please note that warnings may carry over from event to event; that is, you are not entitled to multiple warnings simply because you are gaming in a different competition or Vendetta. If the actions continue after a gaming ban issued by the Fist, the Chamber of Justice may seek further action.

As a final note, while unsportsmanlike conduct is prohibited, this policy is not meant to encourage members to report minor infractions. In other words, someone being a sore loser (or winner) is not the same as being unsportsmanlike, and healthy competitive language is not penalized.

Gaming Ban Definition and Enforcement

This section was added to clarify the effect a Gaming Ban has on Member vs Member PVP Gaming and Co-Op (or PVE/PVO) Gaming.

  • PVP Gaming (i.e. Club Member Duels) - No PVP Gaming will be permitted for the duration of the Gaming Ban.
  • PVE/PVO Gaming - No CFs or CEs will be earned for the duration of the Gaming Ban. The member who has been banned will not count as a second member for others to earn Clusters with when grouped. Examples follow:
    • PVE: Knight Joe is banned. Knight Joe and Hunter Tom complete a TOR Flashpoint. Neither of them can earn CFs or CEs from this activity.
    • PVO: Knight Joe is banned. Knight Joe, Hunter Tom, and Adept Slick complete a TOR Warzone. Hunter Tom and Adept Slick will earn CFs or CEs from this activity.
    • PVP: Knight Joe is banned. Knight Joe and Hunter Tom play a private match in Destiny. Neither of them earn CFs or CEs from this activity.