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General information

Quejo Bandon Xyler Arconae
Ma`ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir
Devani Maharet Xyler


Tetrarch: Callus Bo'Amar



Historical information

24 ABY


during the 6th Great Jedi War

Other information
Notable members:

Devani Maharet Xyler
Jet Kasto


Dark Brotherhood, Clan Arcona, House Oriens Obscurum


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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"In a dire time of desperation,
In an attempt at evasive action,
A select group will step forth in battle,
When you hear the chaingun rattle.

Jet Kasto

Bas-Tyra is the first Battleteam of House Oriens Obscurum. Bas-Tyra are the elite members of Oriens and only those who pass rigorous testing phases are allowed entry.


The history of Bas-Tyra is a long and storied one that has taken many, many years to compile and confirm. The history as of late is the most exiting and fast paced.

In a time of need the Summit of Oriens Obscurum called one of the flight leaders of Pandragon, Callus Bo'Amar to take over as tetrarch. Callus bulled his way into the position with more than a little difficulty.

Callus assumed the reigns and tried his best to break the wild dewback that was Bas-Tyra, but after it trampled him again and again he resisted the urge to reign in the fire of the team again. This time instead of climbing in the saddle he ran alongside it until it ran it's self out. It's been about four months and it still hasn't begun to get tired. Callus wouldn't have it any other way.

The team has proven it's self to be a more than capable fighting force on more than one occasion, though like any unit it has any shortcomings. And as any unit it's trying it's best to overcome them. That is why Bas-Tyra is now stationed near the edge of the Arcona system on the moon of Gethsemane.

Roll of Tetrarches

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Current Roster

  1. DJK Callus Bo'Amar
  2. GRD Xar Kahn
  3. GRD Keno
  4. GRD Dorn Ty'Rodius Ravr
  5. PRT Aidyn Wolfwood
  6. PRT Jaxion
  7. PRT Draco Maligo


Semper Obscuritas - Forever Darkness

Bas-Tyra was formed on February 2006. The name Bas-Tyra, as suggested by Draken 'Ylith' Atema, was an army division of elves within a fantasy book. They lasted for a millennia and not a member died. It was perfectly co-coordinated and extremely powerful.

Shield of Gethsemane ~ Bas-Tyra's motto, created by Callus Bo'Amar