The Crimson War

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The Crimson War
Date: 18 ABY - current
Location: Acarr System, Jusadih System
Outcome: *Destruction of the Crimson Tide

Crimson Tide

Clan Plagueis


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The Crimson War (18 ABY to Present) was an ongoing conflict between the forces of the Crimson Tide and Clan Plagueis, running around the same time as the War of Ascension. Starting before Clan Plagueis was even formed, the Tide attacked Clan Satal Keto, but was defeated soon after. They would return to attack again in late 19 ABY as Clan Plagueis evacuated the Acarr System, but were again defeated. Since then, the Tide have not attacked the Dark Jedi again. The war is named after the group of pirates that have been the antagonists in all of the battles, as well as for the fact that much blood was spilled, despite the fact that most of it was from the Tide.

While the conflict has claimed several lives of Dark Jedi, as well as a large number of non-force sensitive staff and soldiers, the majority of casualties have been to the Tide. During the first battle they lost practically all of their army, and during their second attempt of victory their forces were again all but destroyed. Currently it is suspected that they are once again rebuilding.


The origin of the Crimson War goes back to before Clan Plagueis had been formed, when Clan Satal Keto was weakend from recent events within the Brotherhood. Calliban Crimson was hired from a currently unknown source to attack the Dark Jedi while they were weak. Calliban was not informed that his target was a group of force-sensitive Dark Jedi, but nonetheless was promised an easy victory, as well as a large payment, and accepted eagerly.

At this time, roughly early 18 ABY, the Crimson Tide was a large pirate organization that had prospered from years of working with various factions, as well as several leadership changes. Calliban thought himself victories automatically when he heard that he would be attack a weak group with his ultimate fleet and army, although it has been proven before that he is not the smartest strategist.


While Clan Satal Keto licked its wounds from recent events within the Brotherhood itself, the clan had slowly been falling apart for months, the Crimson Tide emerged from hyperspace and attacked the Dark Jedi with all their might. It is, at this time, unknown just where this battle took place. Almost no members of Clan Satal Keto are still around today, nor many members of Clan Exar Kun. Those that are around either do not recall or will not reveal the location, for the shame of their near loss against the pirates is unbearable.

Despite this, Calliban held nothing back as he attacked, bring his entire fleet and army with him. The exact events of the battle of unknown, but reports suggest that Calliban easily broke through the initial line of defense, and landed on the planet. Putting his overwhelming number of troops to good use, he attacked the Dark Jedi head one, and while they held their ground, size overcame them and slowly they started to fall back.

The initial battle lasted roughly three days before Consul Selket, fearing that his men who no match against the infinite size of the Tide, sent out a distress signal to the closest ally he could find: Clan Exar Kun.

The two clans were known not to be the best of friends, and in fact had started to grow farther apart over the past months, but nonetheless the Kunians answered the call of the Ketoans, the reason for which Consul Chi-Long never revealed. Clan Exar Kun arrived quickly, and Calliban was forced to recall part of his army and fight this new threat in the rear. Now caught between the two clans, Calliban's escape route had been cut off, but he still felt confident in his victory.

The battle would continue on for another four days, as the Tide's and Clan Exar Kun's fleet ripped each other apart while Clan Satal Keto continue to fight for their lives on the planet surface. Eventually, after a week of fighting as well as the advice of several of Calliban's friends, he came to see that his once huge army had now been decimated. It is estimated that as the week came to an end nearly 60% of the Crimson Tide had been destroyed. He retreated, but vowed that the Dark Jedi would not get away for their shameful defeat of him.

Dictum of Two Skies

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Clan Plagueis

Despite their victory, though, Exar Kun and Satal Keto had been greatly weakened, with a large portion of Exar Kun's fleet destroyed, and the majority of Clan Satal Keto killed in action. Both clans had already been weakened before the event, but now they were barely clinging to hope. The fact that Consul Selket and several high ranking Kunians had been killed in battle only made matters worse.

The Dark Council came to notice the clans' desperation, and called upon the Star Chamber for help. With that, the Dictum of Two Skies was brought about, and the two clans were merged to form the one Clan Plagueis. The clan took up residence in the Acarr System, previously the home of Clan Exar Kun. Still weak, they slowly started to rebuild and repair from the conflict with the Tide, unaware that danger was once again lurking around the corner.


Holding a Grudge

While Calliban Crimson retreated from his first encounter with the Dark Jedi, he vowed to have revenge on them. They had destroyed the army he had spent years to build up, and better yet he knew that he was nowhere near as powerful as he had been before. While a smart leader would have moved on to other things, or better yet wait and rebuild, Calliban is not a smart leader. He decided they would immediately reattack.

They did wait for about eight months, during which time they resupplied and trained for the coming attack, although Calliban did little to recruit more troops.

New Commanders

While Calliban slowly prepared for his revenge, he happened upon a number of new recruits for the Tide, primarily new Commanders. During his initial battle with the Dark Jedi, the majority of his forces had been destroyed, and along with them nearly his entire line of command. Besides Alonzo Bodelle, who had been with him for years, Calliban also promoted his doctor Fenson Ryburn to a higher position of command. He also discovered the Rogue Jedi Nemo Dupar and Semyon Cain, who agreed to help him for specific reasons unknown to Calliban, although he suspected they too had had past dealings with Clan Plagueis.

Return to Eden

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During the eight months that the Tide prepared for their coming attack, Calliban wanted to make sure that he kept a close eye on his now archenemies and only priority. As such, he sent his most trusted confident, Alonzo Bodelle, to the Acarr System, and further more Eden to set up a small outpost, since the planet had been abandoned since the closing of House Bane.

Eden is a vast jungle planet

When he arrived, though, he discovered the old temple of House Bane, as well as rumors of a super computer named Firefly that held all the secrets of Clan Plagueis. Alonzo quickly reported back to Calliban, and when the Devaronian returned to Eden he came with a battalion of troops disguised in Imperial armor, and they started to drill into the temple in search of Firefly.

During the excavation, however, the digging crew happened upon a hidden alarm designed to alert Clan Plagueis of any intruders into the temple. Immediately a distress beacon was activated, and Battleteam Exar's Shadow of House Exar Kun was sent to investigate. Once there, they quickly discovered the would-be Imperials, and after disposing of them they also came upon Alonzo, who was attempting to escape.

He failed, though, and as the battle raged on Exar's Shadow was able to capture Bodelle, and after taking care of the remaining troops returned to Aerun, where they interrogated Alonzo, but were unable to get any information out of him.

Calliban, while mad at losing his right-hand man as well as a battalion of troops, decided it was best to continue on with the plan, and prepared to attack. Finally, nearing the end of 18 ABY, the forces of the Crimson Tide jumped to lightspeed, heading towards the Acarr System.

Battle of Byfrost

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Calliban was at the time unaware, but as it happens the sun of the Acarr System was nearing the end of its life, and slowly starting to move into supernova status. While the sun itself was not yet enlarging, the amount of radiation being output was increasing exponentially, and as such the new Clan Plagueis had decided that the best course of action would be to relocate.

Just as the clan was preparing to evacuate the system, the Crimson Tide emerged from hyperspace, and a battle quickly ensued. Both forces immediately jumped into action and started attacking, despite the fact that the Plagueians had no idea why they were being attacked. The Tide were much weaker then during their last attack, but they had once against managed to catch the Dark Jedi at their weakest moment, and thus gained a slight advantage over them, including the element of surprise.

This battle would last nowhere near as long as the weeklong previous battle had. Instead, it would last for around four hours. Clan Plagueis' main goal was simply to get away from the Acarr System, they were not as worried as the pirates attacking them.

As they did escape and retreat, the Elders of the clan came together and called upon the force, and in a massive display of power trapped the majority of Calliban's forces inside the system, where the intense radiation and slowly enlarging sun incenerated them. The rest of the Tide, know fully aware of the status of the sun and the fact that they had not only loss but walked into a death trap, retreated before the rest of their fleet was consumed. Meanwhile, Clan Plagueis also fled the system, heading towards the Jusadih System, their new home.

Patience is Key

After his second defeat, although third depending on how you classify the capture of Alonzo Bodelle, Calliban was infuriated. His army had been destroyed yet again, and now he had even less troops. Luckily, though, Fenson Ryburn was there this time around to talk to Calliban and convince him that the best course of action would be to wait and rebuild.

Some good did come out of the battle, since strangely enough towards the end an Imperial Star Destroyer had jumped from hyperspace, and then followed the Tide when it retreated. The ISD turned out to be under the command of Jonah Kraul, and he along with Ravian Pulastra agreed to join the Tide and help Calliban, as long as they were promised action. With them came a large number of new troops, a capital ship, plus weapons and armor.

Recapturing the Captured

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Alonzo Bodelle

When Clan Plagueis relocated from the Acarr System to the Jusadih System, they were forced to transport their high level prisoner, Alonzo Bodelle with them. While they did get him to Aerun, House Exar Kun at that time was stilling working to build up Diadem Fortress and Ash Citadel. As such, one night pirates hired by Calliban were able to infiltrate the castle and release Alonzo from his cell, as well as steal the blueprints to the fortress.

While House Exar Kun’s battleteams quickly chased after the pirates, they were in the end unable to recapture Alonzo, though they did kill all the pirates. Bodelle was, at first, believed dead when the pirates’ capital ship exploded, but it was later discovered that he was in fact still alive.