Atrum Pars II

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Atrum Pars II
Production information

Immobilizer 418 Cruiser (INT)

Technical specifications

600 Meters

Hyperdrive rating:

x2(Backup x8)



  • Quadlasers (20)
  • Gravity Well Projectors (4)
  • 24 Starfighters
  • 4 shuttles


Cargo capacity:

5,500 Metric tons


1.2 years

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Atrum Pars II was the lone Interdictor in the Clan Plagueis Navy following the Eighth Great Jedi War. Named after the Atrum Pars, a ship that was destroyed during that war, the vessel would serve until it was destroyed during the Horizons crisis in 30 ABY.

Ship Information


Seinar Fleet Systems began construction on the ship that would eventually be christened the Atrum Pars II. She is an Immobilizer 418 Cruiser and was one of four sister Interdictors built all at the same time. Her sisters were drafted into the New Republic Navy and she was only just able to evade confiscation.


With the Xa Fel facilities humming to crank out the core of its new fleet, the Brotherhood’s CSA façade turned to additional sources of hardware. Many craft would ultimately come from the manufacturing centers of Sienar Fleet Systems, among them hundreds of fighters and the valuable Interdictor Cruiser design. Construction on the Atrum Pars II began in the last throes of 20 ABY, ending amid rumors that the New Republic might confiscate the ship, albeit with compensation. The New Republic failed to issue such a directive, however, and the vessel was quietly whisked away to join the assembling fleet at the Xa Fel storage yard. There it would wait until the Brotherhood arrived to claim its new fleet. With the battered Dark Jedi regrouping from the enemy attack on their space, the interdictor was put under Plagueian control. With some irony this ship, destined to remain on the periphery of combat, was named after the Clan’s premier battlecruiser destroyed in the former conflict. The ship was eventually lost to enemy action during the Horizons Crisis in 30 ABY.


The Atrum Pars II served alongside the Ballista on Line B of Task Force Oberon. She acted as the final touch in a strategic maneuver designed by Braecen Kaeth, keeping it impossible for the Crimson Tide Capital Ship from escaping Kapsina aerospace.