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The Covenant provides a basic framework for the Brotherhood and allows for Dark Councilors to create official policies that affect the management of the Brotherhood. However, not every detail in relation to the running of the Brotherhood is an official policy. Some information contained on the wiki is more in the form of "guidelines." In particular, there is one central tenet that separates a policy from a guideline: a violation of a policy can result in punishment whereas the violation of a guideline typically does not result in a punishment on its own.

Some forms of guidelines include:

  • Unit rules/regulations - These are "unofficial" guidelines, meaning they are not sponsored by the DC.
  • Information about specific positions and their duties.
  • Guides such as the Codex
  • General Brotherhood Information pages.

Documentation of Guidelines

Unlike Policies, there are no official rules related to the documentation of Guidelines.


Official Policies of the Brotherhood may be found by going to the Policies Category page


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