Tales of New Tython: Lost Civilization

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Exodus era.
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Tales of New Tython: Lost Civilization
Date: 32 ABY
Location: New Tython
Outcome: Evidence of the Maia'toa discovered.
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Lost Civilization was the first installment of the Tales of New Tython series of minor events for Clan Odan-Urr, chronicling the discovery of the Maia'toa. More to follow.


"With the power of gods we destroy. With their help we conquer. Through their guidance we rule. Against the gods we dare not. We are maia’toa. So we pledge."
―Pledge of the Maia'toa

After the events of the Eleventh Great Jedi War, the first of the ancient stories surrounding New Tython's extinct civilization is rediscovered.

An archaeological dig is organized by the famous Jeryn Yorcot, an eccentric bent on uncovering relics of an ancient Harakoan tribe that supposedly fled into Sanulu's calm zone after the area grew unstable with volcanic activity. Leading the first recorded expedition into the hazardous zones, the eccentric Bothan uncovers one of the fabled ancient temples scattered throughout New Tython. Finding the structure to be sealed and still intact, he orders the expedition to breach the sealed temple with his personal crew of holojournalists documenting his discoveries. Cursing the presence of the Tanduran Commandos assigned to reclaim potentially dangerous artifacts, he finds the once-sealed chamber to be bare, save for the stonework murals adorning the walls.

Angered at the lack of a noteworthy discovery, Yorcot brings his meager findings to Solari in the Arca Praxeum. He is notified that his vessel has been impounded on account of being charged with smuggling valuable relics from New Tython without the approval of the Jedi. However, it is revealed that the approval was overturned by A'lora Kituri, the High Councillor of Odan-Urr who offers Yorcot a chance to learn about the message hidden in the mural. Eager to use this information to compile in his documentaries, Jeryn agrees to remain on New Tython until the mural is translated. Stressed as a result of the sudden turn of events and botched findings, Yorcot finds himself waiting for results at the bottom of a mug.

Viewing a rather lackluster account of his findings over the holonet, his mood is further soured despite what others would see as an entertaining gem among holodocumentaries. Mulling over a Gizka Glee, he continues to drown his feelings of embarrassment before a Melewati-turned-Jedi introducing himself as Torin Ardell along with Lu'aisha Gresee point him towards the Arca Praxeum with the promise of valuable content for his holojournals. Decoded at the hands of a Jedi named Suur, the stone rubbings reveal the first indications of a civilization existing long before the modern Harakoan tribes.

The rest of the mural is identified to be the autobiography of kētitieki, the keeper and defender of the Maunga-Kōuraura gates. The author of these etchings is presumed to be a figure of great importance, holding aloft a staff of gold and bronze in the mural. Translated as "The Golden Mountain", the recordings reveal that a pre-Harakoan civilization ruled over Harakoa, conquering the renegade Harakoan tribes in an effort to prepare themselves for the arrival of their gods. Maunga-Kōuraura itself was the capital of an expensive empire located in Sanulu, before volcanic activity presumably wiped out their civilization.



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