Rian Taldrya

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Rian Taldrya
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

ABY 7.6

Date of Death:


Physical Description





1.88 m


102.4 kg






none since his rebirth

Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):
Fighting Style(s):

Mandalorian Core

Chronology & Political Information


  • Quaestor of House Ektrosis
  • Former Consul of Clan Taldryan
  • Former Quaestor of House Taldryan
  • Former Aedile of House Taldryan
  • Former Rollmaster of House Taldryan
  • Former Tetrach of Phoenix
Personal Ship:


Known masters:

Shaz'air Taldrya



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"Embrace your dreams... If you want to be a Hero, you need to have dreams..."
― Rian Taldrya

Rian is a highly trained Half-mirialan with a pale golden-tannish, almost olive skin and well defined muscles. An irrepressible, young man who dives headfirst into combat using almost nothing than his powerful physique and extreme reflexes as weapon He joined the Dark Brotherhood in 25 ABY, after fleeing the First Order.

Character History


Rian is born on Concordia as son of a mirialan Jedi and a human female Jedi. After their death, his uncle took on the young half-mirialan and Rian eventually entered the Concordia Military Academy.

Teen Years

Something about Rian having a hard time as teenager on a mandalorian military academy while being a half-breed.

Adult life

Shortly before Rian graduates from the Military Academy a recruitment group from the First Order arrives. They not only want to force the Academy's leadership to influence all graduates to join the First Order but want to make the academy a First Order training facility as well. During the events Rian unintentionally reveals his connection to the Force, resulting in him getting imprisoned by the First Order for being a Jedi. While imprisoned, Rian's uncle tells his nephew everything about his jedi Parents and that he has prepared everything for the time Rian discovers his connection to the Force. Eventually Rian is able to escape with the help of his friends but his uncle gets heavily injured and is left behind. Together with his friends, Rian manages to steal the personal starship of the Academy's director and the group starts their search for other Force sensitves going through a list of star systems collected by his uncle over the last years.

Picking a random system from the list, he ends up in the Kr'tal system where he gets caught on Karufr by a couple of Taldryan Dark Jedi. Rian gets handed to Shaz'air who then talks him to join Taldryan and become his apprentice.

Within the Brotherhood

A Brotherhood within a Brotherhood

After he agreed to join Taldryan, Rian is sent to Antei to enroll to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and begins his basic training, after his return, he gets placed in House Ektrosis. During the following months he started his studies of the Force. At first he focused his studies on historical lessons and thus spent much of his time studying in the Library of Lears. But as he grew more acustomized to his new life he started to focus on interacting with other members of his house and soon after he started to spent more of his time in the actual events of the House outside the dusty rooms of the Library his Summit immediately became very impressed by his achievements and placed him into the Battleteam of Ektrosis, Phoenix Phyle.

Spoils of War

Spoils of War was a Rite of Supremacy initiated by Grand Master Muz Ashen to determine which clan was strong enough to survive the eradication of the creatures on Salas V. This conflict, which occurred in the year 32 ABY involved all of the clans pitted against each other for dominance, and to determine which Clan, or House, would carry out his orders on Salas V. As part of House Ektrosis Battleteam Phoenix Phyle Guardian Rian Aslar took part in nearly all Events where Clan Taldryan was involved, including various Special Operations for which he received a field Promotion to the Rank of a Jedi Hunter.

Rules of Tyranny

Battleteam Phoenix logo

Soon after the Events on Salas V where Clan Taldryan was beaten in a fierce Battle by Independent House Revan Rian became the Tetrach of Phoenix Phyle. REPLACE with more detail including the Ceremony of Phoenix.

Encounter on Fearpoint Prison

Fearpoint-station Hideout

Rian finds out that his uncle is still alive and kept imprisoned in a secret First Order prison called Fearpoint Prison. Rian sets out to find his uncle and free him. Fearpoint Prison is a shadow city deep below the surface of Mandalore and will be detailed by the reorked version of my second character fiction.

Burdens of politics

This whole section will receive more details as I get the time to work them all up After his return to Karufr, Rian gets promoted to the rank of Knight and gets awarded his first real lightsaber from his master and other elders of the Clan. Shortly after attaining his Knighthood, he becomes the Rollmaster of Taldryan.

With the success came the spoils and it didn't took long until Rian was promoted to the ranks of Equites as well as continuously climbing up the ladder as leader within Taldryan. Eventually becoming the Consul of Taldryan and though he knew about the importance of leadership, his more and more felt himself entrapped within the burdens of politics.

After the Dark Crusade and the rise of Grand Master Pravus, Rian stepped down from his position of Consul and became a field agent of the Clan, working closely with the Intelligence Brand of the Taldryan Expansionary Forces.

Behind enemy lines

At some point in 34 ABY, the Taldryan Elders felt a shift in the Force and when rumors spread about tensions between the reigning Grand Master and Clans of the Brotherhood, Rian, among other members of Taldryan was ordered to infiltrate the Dark Council as assistants to the various Councilors. Rian now being a Son of Taldrya himself, agreed without hesitation and applied to the position as Magistrate to the Herald.

Rian fulfilled his duties as Magistrate without difficulty but had to break up with his mission as later that year when former Grand Master and Justicar Jac Cotelin, a Son of Taldrya himself, attacked Karufr and accused all members of Taldryan to have broken with the ways of the Brotherhood by allowing followers of the Lightside into their ranks.

By order of Grand Master Pravus, every member of Taldryan was now claimed a traitor and undesirable.

Taldryan now under the reign of an officer of the Taldryan Expansionary Forces joined the so called Resistance and while their numbers were limited Rian offered himself to become the Quaestor of House Ektrosis.

Powers and Abilities


Like his father, Rian showed an instinctive understanding of how to use a lightsaber, being able to wield the traditional weapon with great precision, instinctively switching between his known Lightsaber-forms to best of the situation.

Though styles like Soresu and Djem So were more practical in the age of blasters, Rian's competitive spirit drove him toward the second of the known Lightsaber forms known as Makashi, the precise and economical style that was designed for maximum results with minimal movements by stressing jabs and thrusts, though he maintained a working knowledge of Soresu as well.

Force Powers

A philosophical warrior, Aslar believes heavily in what is referred to as the "Living Force," a method of focusing on the moment rather than contemplating the Force in all its degrees. Rian is capable of some telekinetic feats as well and could use the Force to increase his body's endurance and agility, amplifying his speed to such an extent that he could literally disappear from sight in a blur, either to avoid attacks or to strike first with his own. He is also capable of using the Force to perform extensive acrobatics, allowing him to leap huge distances and cover much more ground in a much shorter amount of time.

Though the Taldryanite focused largely on lightsaber combat he was also very skilled in use of the Force. As a member of the Obelisk Order he well trained in use of the Mind Trick, Force persuasion and the more advanced Dominate Mind skill. As instructed by the Elders of Taldryan, Rian eventually learned the ability to use the power of elementalism and through this the ability to not only chill temperatures but even freeze objects to a specific point.

Other Abilities

The Centurion is very well versed in different forms of hand-to-hand combat on which he spends several hours per day training to stay in touch.

He recently adopted skills in the fields of piloting smaller craft such as speeders, starfighters and yachts without the need of an assisting pilot.



General Attire

While generally wearing his customized Battle suit, Rian is also known to own a variety of other outfits, that he would don depending on the situation and what he was up to represent and range from of light and functional robe with a deep sitting hood that combines different sorts of fabrics and black leather with an protective undervest of armorweave to the traditional Torrent robe, which is made of the finest Zeyd-cloth and lined up with duralloy armor plates, emblazened with the Taldryan crest upon the belt buckle in times when Rian serves as part of the House Summit such as during ceremonies or non-official Summit meetings.

Rian's customized Tenacity Robe

Combat Suit

Upon the fields of battle and while serving Taldryan as Quaestor, Rian is known to wear a multi-layered battle suit constructed from segmented armor plates of different materials such as Stygian-triprismatic polymer, Flex-armor and Armorweave with elements of Zeyd-cloth and Duralloy, allowing it to sustain a great deal of damage while ensuring the Quaestors mobility in combat. The suit itself is a technical masterpiece designed by the hand of and given to Aslar by Grand Master Muz Ashen for his extended service as Quaestor of Taldryan.

Between the breastplates of Stygian-triprismatic polymer a digital life support system readout is visible and gives access to an in-built aqua breather that holds enough compressed oxygen on a back-pack for approximately one hour as well as the microphone and speaker for a communication device. His battle suit sports a hood, pauldrons and a kama made of Armor-weave and has accents of an azure hue.

Underneath his breast armor Aslar wears a reinforced armor mesh flight suit with protective elements of Duralloy around his stomach and Flex-armor on his hips and thigs in order to disperse physical and blast impacts.

Rian wears a utility belt with the Taldryan Crest emblazed on a circular plate above the belt's buckle and holds at several hooks for his two lightsabers and other tools to be attached to the belt. Below this is a bi-color accented cod-piece. Attached on the pauldrons above his shoulders were a pair of dark-colored spikes of different size, with the latter ones being half the size of the front ones. The spikes were another technical masterpiece, being equipt with gyroscopic and pneumatic sensors and dampers that will allow them to retract and bend to protect the Quaestor from harming himself in combat, such as when he rolls over his shoulders or gets knocked down.

Completing this attire Aslar wears a pair of versatile boots that feature diamond-shaped knee-armor sporting the same azure-hued decorations as the rest of his battle suit and a pair of dark colored gloves that allows him to access and adjust the aqua-breather as well as the communication device built into the combat suit.


Production information



Rebel-hilt Lightsaber


Lightsaber / melee Weapon

Technical specifications

28.00 centimeters


35”/88,9 cm (blade length)

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In 32 ABY, as Guardian, the time has come for the young Taldryanite to choose between a Training-Lightsaber and a regular Armory-lightsaber. The young man chose to use the Armory lightsaber for his first lessons how to use this noble weapon. This Lightsaber accompanied him until he reached his Knighthood.

Rians Knighthood lightsaber

At the end of his Knighting Ceremony Aslar received his second Lightsaber from his Lord Quaestor Shaz’air Taldyra. The lightsaber was crafted from materials entirely forged in the Kr’Tal System and was presented to the Knight as gift for becoming the first Dark Jedi Knight from the new founded House Taldryan. The hilt followed a distinguished design, featuring a solid emitter barrel which had all of the controls mounted onto it including the activator, blade length and intensity control, and blade power adjust. Immediately below was the main body with a choked, ridged handgrip at its end. The pommel was a bronze sphere and housed the power cell reserve cap as well as the belt clip. Additionally Aslar’s new weapon featured some bronze highlights such as the blade-emitter and the crest of House Taldryan on the main body of the hilt.

Even though Rian wielded the weapon successfully in combat, he never truly felt that it was his own. To rectify this, he requested the blueprints of a new lightsaber from the Heralds Office once he was promoted to the rank of Templar. After several month of acquiring the needed parts the Obelisk Templar constructed his 3rd lightsaber. Following the blueprints the weapon featured a considerably more skeletal design as his second lightsaber, featuring an exposed crystal chamber. The emitter shroud which held all of the controls including the activator, blade length and intensity control, and blade power adjust, was like the rest of the hilt sheathed in a somewhat tarnished looking bare-metal. Immediately below the open crystal chamber laid the lightsabers first power cell, a compound power-cell. The pommel was a black-and-silver cylinder and housed the secondary, reserve Diatium power cell.

It was the first time he utilized some of the crystals from his father too. The origins of the emitter-crystal can be traced back to Kashyyyk but must have been treated by his father as the blueish crystal procured a pure amethyst blade, while the two focusing crystals turned out to be one Nextor and one Sapith crystal. After almost 14 hours of meditational fine tuning to fit in the crystals, the weapon was finished. The newly weapon was now truly Rian’s lightsaber. With the brilliant amethyst blade provided by his father’s crystals, the weapon seemed lighter and moved more readily in the Taldryanite’s hands, unlike all his previous weapons had before; also the Tetrarch noted the weapon's superior optical properties.


The Stormcloud is a modified Kom'rk-class fighter/transport originally made by the Mandal Motors. It was ordered by Rian Taldrya with several customizations, including but not limited to a custom paintjob in honor of the former Taldryan Clan flagship Justice. Main article: Stormcloud

Friends & Allies


HK-3X or simply 3X, is an HK-series Assassin droid with a specialized programming to serve his master as bodyguard and valet droid. He has been given paint job with an overall light-gray plated body and darker head marked with distinctive accents of dark-red on several parts of his chassis. This allowed the droid to outwardly appear to be nothing more than a protocol droid wasn't it for the DC-17m blaster carbine he usually carried along.

While he was designed to be an efficient bodyguard he has been programmed to be polite while interacting with other beings, but over time he has developed a quirky personality, granting it an inclination towards heavy doses of sarcasm when engaged in dialogue. As a result, HK-3X comes across as having issues taking direction and developed a reputation for 'snark'.


BB-C5r (aka Cipher) is a BB-series Astromech droids with the typical domed head and spherical body. Unlike other BB Unit Astromech Droids, Cipher has had his self-preservation protocols limited in favor of a more lively personality resulting in the development of a candid but surprisingly stubborn personality making him somewhat unpredictable even to his master, rather than skittish and easily frightened. Cipher has had the bulk of his spherical body coated in a very light, almost white color with his tool-bay disks accentuated in black and red with silver trimmings surrounding them. In contrast the dome head of 'Cipher' has been coated in a black color with markings and trimmings in the same red and silver as on his body and had its sensor suites upgraded to significantly increase their range and sensitivity, allowing him to collect and record a wide range of data during scouting operations.