The Republic of the Force

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The Republic of the Force
Political Information
Head of State:

Master Troycal Berckur

Societal information

Corocova, Seraph

Religious Body:

Worship of The Force

Historical information
Date of Establishment:

8000 ABY

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The Republic of the Force (TRF) are a spiritual society of the Caperion System that follow a mysterious religion unique to Seraph which dates back millennia, based on worship of the Force and protection of nature. Traditions of prayer to the Force are strictly upheld by the head of state and religious leader, Master Berckur, seen as somewhat of a messiah by the people of the TRF due to his proficiency with the Force. These traditions were established millennia ago by the founder of the TRF, an ancient Jedi Master who came to Seraph and sought to create a cult that worshipped him. They seek to avoid interaction with the outside world, but rely on the protection of The Democratic Republic of Elaya for protection from the Meraxis Empire. The TRF are weak both in terms of military strength and economics.



The creation of The Republic of the Force (TRF) is well documented. 8,500 years ago, a flamboyant Jedi Master, disillusioned with the ways of the Jedi Order, came to the planet with the intention of establishing a planetary-wide cult. At its height, the influence of the Republic he created based around worshipping the Force and its users (himself) spanned most of the Southern Hemisphere, but was unable to sway The Nayama Dynasty to their cause.

The Battle of Surik

In the year 34 ABY, under the command of Emperor Adoniram, the Meraxis Empire began its attempt to expand its power by launching a vicious unprovoked attack on the TRF controlled Surik Island. The battle was short and bloody, with Meraxis quickly gaining full control of the island until the TRF called upon the Elaya for support.

The result was a naval war between Elaya and Meraxis over the island. Elaya successfully stopped the invasion from progressing and secured half of the island for itself. A heavily militarised land border all that separated the two countries and numerous skirmishes were fought elsewhere across the planet.

Eventually the tide of the battle was turned by the arrival of a second empire, Clan Scholae Palatinae, to the Caperion System, under the command of Emperor Xen'Mordin Palpatine. Elaya saw an alliance with Scholae Palatinae as the key to defeating Meraxis once and for all, and allied with the foreign power. Elaya won back control of Surik Island, and gained a short-lived foothold on the Meraxis continent, Seguk.



Home to 400 million people, TRF territory largely consists of land South of Elaya, where the immense Sahro Desert separates the two lands. The land consists largely of sparse patches of woodland across grassy plains. The TRF also controls some small islands between the two major continents.

Elaya also controls Surik Island, a strategically valuable position in-between itself and Meraxis. The island once belonged to the TRF, but after being attacked by Meraxis, Elaya stepped in, and with the help of Scholae Palatinae, claimed the island for itself.

Cities within the TRF are all named after famous Jedi that existed throughout history. 10 million people live in the capital city of Tokare, is located on the TRF’s section of the Elaya continent, south of the Sahro Desert. Master Berckur rules the country from the High Temple in the middle of Tokare, a 1:1 scale replica of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.


TRF territory on Ragnath consists of a small landmass off the eastern coast of Elaya's Welok. This smaller body runs north and south with a larger set of plains lands jutting out to the west. The north/south regions feature a small mountain chain, not as far pronounced as other mountain ranges on the moon. Dammalus is controlled by The Republic of the Force, and features multiple holy sites, many believed to be natural points of concentrated Force energy.


The Ancient Scholar of The Republic of the Force

  • Name: Troykal Berckur
  • Title: Master
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 82
  • Gender: Male
  • Discipline: Sorceror

Master Troykal is the spiritual leader of the TRF. Born to two talented users of the Force by Seraph standards, Troykal quickly surpassed them both. According to TRF traditions, the Force is to be worshipped, and those strongest in the Force have proven their right to lead the country. Troykal has maintained a scholarly approach to studying The Force and its mysteries for his entire life, taking the role of Master at age 40, but with his age has come wisdom. His is revered among his people for his strength with The Force. A focus on spirituality and religion leave the TRF with a weak military, but Troykal seems to have a strange manner of persuasion, and can always lobby support from Elaya.



Allies and Enemies


  • Elaya - Elaya is a long standing friend of the TRF, and has always relied on them for protection. The oddly persuading nature of Berckur has ensured Elaya has kept on providing an oddly high level of protection.


  • Clan Scholae Palatinae - While no formal alliance has been offered, TRF admires the proficiency of the Force displayed by Scholae Palatinae's Dark Jedi, despite Master Berckur's warnings that they may worship false idols. Scholae have made some attempts to subvert the population. already.
  • UCE - Little interaction really takes place between the TRF and the UCE, as there is little they can offer each other.
  • Nayama - Elaya and Nayama have little need for feud or friendship. The Dynasty can handle itself perfectly fine, and has never encroached on Elayan territory. As its people are happy, there is little need for intervention.


  • Meraxis - The people of the TRF live in fear of Meraxis, who have been trying to take their territory for years through their military force.