The Nayama Dynasty

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The Nayama Dynasty
Political Information
Head of State:

Queen Meihui

Societal information

Huisan, Seraph

Religious Body:


Historical information
Date of Establishment:

10000 ABY

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The Nayama Dynasty of the Caperion System are a kingdom rich in culture, history, and martial tradition. Among countries of the planet Seraph, they are the masters of the arts, ruled by a dynasty that dates back millennia, the oldest continuous society in the system, although their power has waned over time. The Queen Meihui is respected among the people for both her beauty and martial skill, in addition to her fair leadership approach. They are seen as an exotic people by the other countries, and have repelled numerous invasion attempts from Meraxis thanks to the martial skill of their civilians and military. While their military power and economy are mediocre, they are a very effective fighting force due to pure martial skill.



The Nayama Dynasty is believed to be the oldest lasting civilization on Seraph, with records spanning back 10,000 years. While its name has changed numerous times due to the waxing and waning of Royal Families, little has changed in terms of the country’s location on the Eastern Archipelago, exotic style and martial traditions.



Home to 350 million people, in the far east, the Nayama Islands feature the most beautiful scenery on Seraph. Natural waterfalls cascade through the jungles of tropical trees a spectrum of colours, and exotic animals. The jungles of the Nayama Islands contain predators from all areas of the animal kingdom. The northernmost islands, closest to the equator, feature the densest jungles, while towards the south of the islands the woodland is sparser and more coniferous.

Nayama’s population of 350 million people is mostly located on the Nayama Islands along the east coast of Elaya. Their architecture is as exotic as the local flora and fauna, curved structures of wood and gold, meticulously decorated with engravings and calligraphy. However, their civilisation is by no means primitive, the technology is merely disguised behind traditional decor. Nayama’s capital, Huisan, is located on a large island on the equator, and was the only major city, at 3 million people, while the rest of the population were mostly decentralised. The island chain contained a large number of small towns and villages, each carrying their own local unique arts and traditions.


Located across the narrow sea of Yulad, to the south west of Quelabon is the Nayama-controlled Jaylaa. It is angled from North-west to south-east, with its northern most tip at the equator of the moon. Much of the northern half of the continent is rolling hills and rich farm lands. The southern half gradually develops thick forest cover the further south it goes. At its most southern point is the mountain Helafac, referred to by the local Nayama people as The Mountain of Will, where young Nayamans will frequently venture to prove their physical capabilities.


While not officially territory of the Dynasty and does not follow the authority of the Queen, a band of mercenaries from Nayama have made the cold, high-gravity planet of Albicosus their home. While they currently serve the Imperial Scholae Army of Clan Scholae Palatinae, they would return to defend their native land if necessary.


The Deadly Queen of the Nayama Dynasty

  • Name: Meihui
  • Title: Queen
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 28
  • Gender: Female
  • Discipline: Weapons Specialist

Queen Meihui’s family have ruled Nayama for longer than anyone can remember. Meihui inherited the throne at a young age, after her father was killed in battle defending Nayama from the forces of Meraxis. She has dedicated herself to her martial training, and, despite her family sharing a disproportionately large share of the wealth and power, she has earned the respect of the people across Seraph for her mastery of all the country values: craftsmanship, beauty, and martial skill. The people of Nayama know she’ll be the first on the front line with her twin swords when the country needs her needs her.



Allies and Enemies


The Nayaman Dynasty have no formal alliances.


  • Clan Scholae Palatinae - The Nayamans have been intrigued by the mysterious combat skills of the Dark Jedi of Scholae Palatinae, and while no formal alliance has been formed, warriors of both factions have shared training exercises and duelling competitions.
  • UCE - Nayama and the UCE maintain a healthy trade partnership based on scale trading of high quality raw materials for use in Nayaman crafts and the popularity of these products among the wealthy UCE people.
  • Elaya - Elaya and Nayama share a mutually respected land border. No formal military alliance has been formed, but informal agreements have been made with Elaya to enter one should the need arise.


  • Meraxis - Nayama people share a dislike of Meraxis, especially the Queen, Meihui, as she lost her father fighting off an invasion. Conflict seems unlikely as Meraxis have since moved on to other targets, but bitterness remains on the Nayama side.