Ophelia Delacroix

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Ophelia Delacroix
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

68 BBY (Age: 102)

Date of Death:


Physical Description



1.86 Meters


104.78 Kgs





Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):
  • Red - Saberstaff
  • Silver - Single
Lightsaber Form(s):
  • Tusken Cycler Rifle
Fighting Style(s):
  • None
Chronology & Political Information
  • Aedile of House Marka Ragnos
Known masters:
Known apprentices:
  • Kythar Jakan
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“The Flesh is Weak, The Machine is Tempermental…”

- Ophelia Delacroix 37 ABY

Ophelia Delacroix is Sithspawn currently working with Clan Naga Sadow and currently serving as House Marka Ragnos's Aedile. Cold, brutal and efficient she gets the job done without a care for who or what gets in her way.

Character History

Early Life

Ophelia was born on a ship traveling from one planet to another. Her father was an anthropologist and just loved getting involved with other civilisations and species. They made it to Tatooine where her father hoped to learn as much as he could about the Tusken people and their way of life. It took well over a year before he managed to even get a contact with one via a Jawa friend. From there it took another before he was able to meet with the Tuskens on neutral ground and a further 6 months before he was considered safe enough to visit their village and by this time bring his family along. Ophelia found it fascinating at such a young child and though wary she would often run around the camp with the Tusken children playing games and generally getting up to mischief whenever her father was away or busy.

Tragedy struck one evening however when the hunting party her parents went out with never came back. Soon one or two members of it returned bloody and beaten and it turned out they had stumbled upon a canyon Krayt Dragon unprepared and paid the cost. Ophelia’s parents were missing presumed dead and without another word the young orphan was taken inside by one of the women and her partner and she was adopted. She didn’t quite understand why and never truly has. Perhaps they felt guilt for the loss of her parents as it happened under their watch and protection but she never hated them for what happened. Her life was to change drastically.


As she matured she was cast with the woman and children but over time, this changed as her latent Force powers began to develop. Soon she was taken to the side by the tribal elder and it was here she began to demand she be allowed to fight alongside the men. She was outpacing most in feats of physical activity and after a while they relented. She was sent out on a trial hunt to which she excelled and from there she was granted permission to hunt and raid alongside the men.

The Hunt.

Her greatest achievement was a Krayt hunt. A full party gathered to face it and though some fell and Ophelia herself was severely wounded they felled the creature and she was able to claim her prize. The pearl of the Dragon. An item she still holds onto till this day.

She spent decades and years with the Tuskens. It got to the point she was unable to distinguish herself from the tribe and realised against all odds she was one. Though not of their blood by birth she was no less pure Tusken raider and they were her family and her home. They treated her like an equal to some extent even though her physiology had her age slower than them due to her Sephi heritage.

Life was good and though the galactic civil war didn’t affect her tribe she was able to see some of the after effects of it. New traders passed through telling tales and though she downright refused to speak anything other than Tusken she soon learned stories of heroes and whispers of people who seemed magical. One day a woman came to the tribal camp covered in strange tattoos. She killed one of the warriors and as Ophelia moved in, boosted by her untrained abilities she too fell. She was not slain as she thought she would be but was instead taken from her tribe and forced to endure a new kind of torment. This woman, as she explained it, represented an organisation named the One Sith and she wanted the Tusken to assist them. Ophelia just wanted to go home and refused but after enough torment, she finally broke and relented.

One Sith Era

She trained under her new masters learning not just how to bolster her own combat skills with a range of new weapons but also how to combat force users and how to effectively take down those that stood against her. Her reputation grew enough that she was once challenged by a Sith who saw himself above her, they fought in front of a crowd of onlookers and the fight ended when Ophelia's saber removing his head from his shoulders. As body collapsed there was a stunned silence from her unit and then she was approached by the Sith's master. She was sure she about to be killed for her actions but instead she was elevated, and in honour of her skill she was marked with the markings of the One Sith.

Her downfall came on the planet Bosthirda, Xlopora City where she came upon the tents of a madman. Slaves were suspended in cages or being dissected on tables and as she approached she saw the Arconan sorcerer with the white hair look up and over his shoulder. He turned and chuckled before hurling lightning at her, striking her in the chest and sending her tumbling. She charged in and a fierce battle commenced against the Arkanian which ultimately saw him fall but not before she stumbled, wounded, and fell into a table covered in liquids and acids. As the liquids began to eat away at her she screamed in agony until her throat ran dry and no sound escaped her, then the world went black.

She awoke some days later in a med lab. She attempted to sit up but found one of her arms and legs were missing, as well as apparently most of her left side. She tried to turn but found herself hooked to a serious of life support machines. She was damp and noticed to her right a bacta tank sat upright. Confused she tried to call out but found her voice had deserted her. Soon a man walked in and introduced himself as Montresor, the Dead Lord of Clan Plagueis one of the clans she had in fact been fighting in the wars. He explained they had no real love for the people she had killed but knew of her talents and if she was willing would enjoy having her on board. The other option was death which in truth she had no wish to experience it after the recent agony she had endured. She agreed and swore her oath and found when the words finally left her mouth she meant them.

Clan Plagueis Era

She was fitted then after with custom made cybernetics that enabled her to return to full functionality. She felt less than human but more akin to the monsters and droids she had worked with. Over time, she began altering them to her specifications and preference. They were covered in ancient scripts, clawed hand and foot and made them, even more, terrifying than they were truly meant to be. She refused to have them covered in flesh and instead wore hem proudly as a trophy of her conquest over death.

She was tasked to train new members of the Clan given her previous experience and took to it with great skill helping to form the Disciples of Dreypa and discovering someone that would for the first time in years bring a little flutter to her heart.

She worked her ass off and soon found herself the second in command of the Battleteam as Taranae took over. Content to be in the back, for now, Ophelia soon found herself going through some of the items from her past. She put out feelers into the galaxy and soon came upon some old contacts who still lived. So content the Battleteam was in good hands she left the Clan and went home for a while assisting her brethren, then she went her own way and began to explore the galaxy.

Along the way on her journeys, she met Etah d’Tana. He being the only non-Tusken the Dread Lord she trusted she soon found herself drawn to Clan Tarentum in hopes they would enable her to discover more knowledge of what she sought but knowing full well that one day she may have to return to her home and the one who waited. Her time in Tarentum didn't last long as she found herself back in Plagueis and with Tara.

The Return To Darkness

Ophelia before Damnation

It didn’t take long for the woman to begin to resent the ideals of her Clan. With a new set of leaders in place, Ophelia began to notice the changes in attitudes and especially those towards the Non-Force sensitives in the clan, being treated like second class citizens did nothing for her. She had existed alongside her tribe for decades and knew what Non-Force users could do. It was during her travel from the Ascendancy to the Benzayn when it happened. Her mind simply escaped and images, words, noises entered from nowhere and she crumpled to the floor and nightmares flooded her head.

The course change was automatic when she recovered, something somewhere called to her and abandoning the Clan she had called home before she set out into deep space and there, there she found them. Remains of the One Sith Forces. She wasn't challenged as she passed into the crumpled flotilla that made up their remains of their space worth forces, in fact, she was given the location to Land as soon as she came into range. Curious she followed the designated path and soon found herself face to face with one of the remaining One Sith lords, someone who claimed to be her handler and the time for fun and games was over.

She was re-indoctrinated into the One Sith ideology. She was remade as a weapon and soon she was unleashed. The Tusken had found her true calling again, death to the Jedi and the destruction of all those that opposed the One Sith. So she returned to Brotherhood space and was immediately captured by agents of the Inquisition working out of Clan Naga Sadow space. They had watched her and tracked her and unsure of her intentions had decided to help her realise exactly where her loyalties lay. She was broken and remade by the Inquisition and was tasked with hunting down any and all undesirables. Something she did not have a problem with or so she thought.

She met the young Twi'lek Tasha and instantly adored her free spirit. She ensured no harm came to her and in turn, the Twi'lek trusted her more and more. Ophelia refused to give herself into the idea of the light however but instead used her gifts and talents to do certain tasks Tasha would not. For the sake of Sadow and fo the House.

She would return to Tatooine at times to revisit her old tribe. It was here she adopted a young Tuk'ata pup from the local black market traders and adopted it into her own isolationist family before returning to her clan.



Having fallen to the dark Ophelia stands menacing and proud. Adorned in a mixture of armour and Tusken clothing her skin is riddled with scars and what's left of her left side is all but replaced with cybernetics. Blank eyes simply stare ahead and her dark hair cascades over her shoulders.

Ophelia is a pure blood Sephi, her ears are the most obvious give away if they are seen. Her once pale lavender skin has faded to a paler reflection of what it once was and that which is not covered in cybernetics simply exudes the torment of her long years.

Upon her right breast, she bears the brand and markings of her Tusken tribe. Tattoo's spiral across her remaining arm and back whilst the Sith brands from her days serving the One Sith litter her face. She stands out and she's aware and when not covered from head to toe, which is rare to see, she will adorn herself in anything that shows off what she has become.

Her armour is light and yet sturdy. It's decorated with tribal markings and interlaced with the ceremonial garbs of the Tusken warriors. Her cybernetics are durasteel grey and run from her face down her left side. Her arm and leg have ben fully replaced and those internal organs affected have primarily been altered with a surgeon's skill to keep her alive. Her fingernails and toes have been replaced with clawed replicas of their organic counterparts.

Fighting Style

Ophelia has a special connection with creatures, so much, in fact, she has befriended one that fights constantly by her side. Together they cut a swathe of destruction across the battlefield, her unbridled fury matched by the primal fury of her bestial companion. They both rip into their foes with devastation and without mercy that it is often hard to tell which one is the real beast. However this comes with a downside as unlike humans she cares deeply for her companion and should it fall her focus is lost which can leave her wide open in combat scenarios, sometimes with deadly consequences.

Ophelia is a competent saber wielder having been raised to wield a Gaffi stick her progression to the saberstaff was only natural. Due to her people's reputation as fierce warriors and desert raiders, she has learned to adapt her Force powers to enable her to dominate in combat and come out on top. Weaving in her Telekinesis as she fights she has a love for launching her throwing her saber towards her opponent and turning it into a pinwheel of death before recalling it to her hand and launching herself into the battle like a rampaging Krayt Dragon.

She refuses to surrender and will fight to the death before giving in and causing her tribe dishonour.


Due to her upbringing, Ophelia prefers creatures to people and this is evident in her companion creature she travels everywhere with. Not content to go for some domestic pet she chose something as monstrous as her to fight alongside her. Alongside this, she tends to shun much communication with people outwith the tribes unless necessary and instead spends most of her time outside enjoying the moments. She's more than content to feed those who displease her to her pet or at least threaten them with the messy demise.

Though the bond with her pet is a great one it does lend itself to making her not as socially adept with other sentient species and causes her to come across abrupt and rude, even if she is not meaning too.

Ophelia was part of a hunting party that took down a Krayt dragon where she witnessed first hand the devastation the great beast caused. She aims to emulate the beasts strength and will. Attacking things head on wherever it's in combat or in a social situation, never backing down and defending herself from anyone who tries to harm her. She comes across as feral, more feral than most Tuskens are viewed as, and aggressive and is not afraid to get stuck in if the need calls for it.

This can put her at odds on peaceful missions as she will not tolerate weakness in others or herself and will always attempt to push for a conflict resolution if even the slightest hint of weakness appears.


Ophelia's Warbanner representing herself.
  • Crack saberstaff duelist
  • Loyal.
  • Fierce combatant and trained in intimidation tactics as well as with two saber forms.
  • Relentless.


  • Psychological Problems.
  • Cold, cruel and brutal generally keeps her without much companionship.
  • Willingness to throw the lives of others away without a second thought.
  • Lightning attacks, or any electrical attacks can short circuit her cybernetics, but she loves the pain it makes her feel alive.

Distinguishing Marks

  • Left side of her body has been replaced with cybernetic components, including the face.
  • Remains of One Sith markings.
  • Multicoloured hair.

Positions Held

  • First Ever Disciples of Dreypa Battle Team Leader.
  • Disciples of Dreypa BT XO

Outstanding Achievements

  • First Disciples of Dreypa Battle Team Leader.
  • Second Disciples of Dreypa BT XO
  • Assisted in the creation of the Apostles of Syn Battle Team.