Gaming Tribune

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Currently this position has been disbanded and all of its authority is now under the Fist of the Brotherhood

Gaming Tribune (T:G)—The Gaming Tribune is responsible for very crucial elements of Brotherhood gaming. Although sparse updates to it are needed, the Gaming Tribune is responsible for the Rites of Combat and helps the Dark Council establish fair rules for gaming. The Gaming Tribune's weekly work involves the tournament system, in which he helps to host the Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday events and tracks the results for all of the Brotherhood. The Gaming Tribune administers the point system that is temporarily in place until the credit system is released. He also works to help administrate Brotherhood gaming servers. His general duties include:

  • Administration of the Gaming Nights and Sunday Tournament
  • Tracks point accumulation and possession purchases
  • Maintains the Rites of Combat
  • Assists in the maintenance and administration of Gaming Servers
  • Assists members with issues and conflicts involving Gaming

Specific Gaming Tribune Duties

Gaming Nights / Sunday Tournament

  • Develops and maintains policies and procedure relating to Dark Brotherhood Gaming Nights
  • Ensures that each gaming night is advertised and that members have a chance to attend
  • Ensures that each gaming night is properly hosted and that results are properly recorded
  • Publishes gaming night results in weekly reports to the Brotherhood

Point System

  • Assists the Grand Master in the development and maintenance of policies and procedures dealing with the points system
  • Assists the Grand Master in the development and maintenance of the item list
  • Tracks the accumulation of points for Clans and members
  • Tracks the purchases by each Clan

Rites of Combat

  • Develops and maintains rules associated with each gaming activity within the Brotherhood
  • Updates Rites of Combat to reflect new developments in the rules and new games

Gaming Servers

  • Assists in the upkeep and administration of Gaming Servers


  • Occasionally creates small competitions for the Brotherhood to participate in
  • Helps to answer member questions and solve gaming issues
  • Serves as a mediator in solving problems and conflicts involving gaming

Former Gaming Tribunes

  1. Korras
  2. Ma`ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir
  3. Rade "Venquis" Tamalar
  4. Du Maurier d'Tana
  5. Korras
  6. Shadow Taldrya
  7. Angelo Dante
  8. Vardar