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General information
General information



Yridia II, Yridia System

Historical information
Formed from:

House Tarentum


15 ABY


32 ABY

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Notable members:

Clan Tarentum


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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House Tridens was part of Clan Tarentum and was most notable for being a bastion of the Sith Order since the Exodus. It was closed with its fellow Houses during a clan reformation under the reign of Consul Maxamillian von Oberst-Tarentae and replaced with House Kaerner and House Reinthaler.


Within the confinement and security of heavy seas the base of House Tarentum rested. The sphere was small where all lived. It was cramped and close and tension ran high among the Dark Jedi. In short order wars amongst groups within House Tarentum erupted, which smoldered down almost as quickly and twice as often. Brothers and sisters were close to claw with each other. The leaders were beginning to feel the shocks from the deep-rooted tensions. It was in plain sight... something was going to happen very soon... something that could very well end in a tragedy of catastrophic proportion.

During a practice in hibernation powers a Jedi woke another. Tension between these two already ran high; however, on this occasion there was no holding back. They exploded against one another. Lightning bolts arched from their fingertips scorching jagged burns into the walls. The rain of powers unleashed upon each other quickly brought in the other Jedi practicing. Two factions formed. They paused, ready to strike. Lightning bolts met lightning bolts, light saber crackled against light saber, and duels sprang up among them as blood began to boil and rage. Few of the Jedi held themselves in check. Those few that did managed through means unknown to gain control of the situation; saving what there was to be saved of that day.

It was clear to the leaders of the House that something had to be done. Deliberations within meetings garnered the decision to separate the House into Clan Tarentum. It was the only answer that would allow any form of unity while allowing them to be apart from each other. This evolution brought House Gladius under the leadership of Sith Battlemaster Shadow and Dark Jedi Knight SilverFox into being. As well as House Tridens, Sith Warrior Bull and Dark Jedi Knight Piett taking on leadership. The rest of House Tarentum was split between each new house, with an equal amount of members going to Tridens who elected to stay in their current base, and to Gladius, which set up in a separate part of the Minos Cluster upon a remote asteroid.

Obelisk Battlemaster ShadowXX succeeded Sith Warrior Bull, who was to become Proconsul of Tarentum after a long and distinguished term as Quaestor of Tridens—but this was to be short lived, for ShadowXX himself was also promoted, and assumed the duties of Obelisk High Commander, adding yet another one of Tarentum's own to the ranks of the respected Dark Council. Sometime coinciding with this, the Aedile of Tridens decided to step down, leaving the chambers of the house's leadership barren.

It was thus that Battlelord Shadow and Battlemaster Bull began to seek out new prospects of men who would bring greater glory to the House, and they found their successful candidate in Archibald Zoraan -- an Imperial Officer in service of the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps, and a newly elevated Guardian with not more than six weeks' membership in the house. It is an event looked back upon with irony by those old enough to remember it, for 'twas well known that this once-foremost exponent of Rogue Jedi intended to validate his ability to graduate the Shadow Academy by his presence in Tridens, and swiftly leave again . . . Yet in the face of such a speedy ascension, became entirely ensnared with dark power, and remained to become the longest-standing Quaestor of Tridens yet on record, rising to Battlemaster and achieving the Grand Cross of the Dark Side for his services to the house. This is an anecdote not without purpose, for it is a lesson-well-learned that those who have the fortitude to journey any significant distance down the Dark Path may well be bound to it.

Under the rule of Zoraan as Quaestor and Torquemada (the once-Consul of Tarentum) as Aedile, Tridens held strong in all three orders that composed it, not only maintaining its title of possessing some of the finest Sith in the Brotherhood, but making a large comeback of its Krath order—once thought dead without hope of recovery—thanks to talents such as the kind found in its Aedile. Notable events which remain sources of pride to this day include two of Tridens' Krath members holding the first and second placings in Operation: Deep Strike, and the house itself being declared Second House of the Brotherhood for its awesome Sith victories in what was to be the last Rite of Supremacy seen by the Brotherhood. (Notable is that the title of First House of the Brotherhood was achieved marginally by House Gladius' Obelisk Order, thus solidifying the supremacy of Clan Tarentum in that historical era of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.)

Things do not always progress as one would expect them to, however. After the passing of many months, Grand Master Justinian Khyron declared that the Brotherhood would be re-structured, with precisely three adopted houses beneath each clan, and each house of a single, uniform order. Tridens received the Sith of Gladius, and lost all members of the other two orders, including its Aedile. For many in the Brotherhood, this was a welcome change, as it greatly simplified leadership. For Tridens, a house that had always prided itself on the range of diversity under a single roof, it dealt a blow from which the success of the house's recovery yet remains to be seen.

A new Aedile would never be appointed under Zoraan's reign, for unbeknownst to him, his term as Quaestor was about to end with the retirement of Consul Shadow, and his own elevation to Battlelord, becoming the third Consul of Tarentum. Shadow himself, after a mass-recommendation to the Grand Master that he be credited for his lengthy term of service, was awarded a Diamond Sword—the mark of a fearless leader and the third-highest of the Brotherhood's awards.

After a short but thorough search, House Tridens was placed by Consul Zoraan into the best of hands—those of a legendary Fleet Admiral and the most powerful Sith in all of Tarentum: Dark Adept Rene "Pappy" Le'Gar.

Quaestors Emeritus of House Tridens

  1. Bull
  2. ShadowXX
  3. Archibald Zoraan
  4. Rene Le'Gar
  5. Pel
  6. Proton
  7. Wil Striker
  8. Jondaar Domi
  9. Torres
  10. Murkrow Defender
  11. Rekio Corsair
  12. Lenzar Entar
  13. Doni Tzu Tarentae
  14. Acxodim Pyralis
  15. Ma`ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir
  16. Archean Erinos Tarentae
  17. Demosthenes
  18. JKast
  19. Sith Bloodfyre
  20. Korras
  21. Archean Erinos Tarentae
  22. Raiju Kang
  23. Frosty Romanae Tarentae
  24. Odin Vaaj Corsair