Shaithis Var'rek

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Shaithis Var'rek
Biographical Information

Barab I

Date of Birth:

375 BBY (Approximately)

Physical Description





2.13 meters


56.49 kilos





Personal Information
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Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi







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Shaithis Var'rek was a Rogue Dark Jedi of the Barabel race. He was a member of the Obelisk Order and had reached the Exarch rank before retiring from active duty. Formerly of House Dinaari of Clan Taldryan where he served as both an Aedile and Quaestor.


Early Life (Unknown - 43 BBY)

Hatched into the legendary Var'rek clan along with seven others in his brood, Shaithis quickly stepped to the head of the pack. After nearly 400 years, Shaithis was the only surviving member of his brood and had even outlived five generations since his hatching.

An unparalleled hunter and tracker, each night Shaithis brought home the largest kill, larger than any of the other clans who shared the hunting grounds could ever bring down. Always hunting alone, Shaithis was not unaccustomed to having off-world hunters or slavers thinking him an easy target only to find themselves the ones being hunted.

When the Empire took up residence on Barab I and built the only "city", Alater-ka, Shaithis would spend days watching species of humanoids he had never seen before. It was there that Shaithis found himself being watched by several individuals he had never seen before but knew exactly what they were, for one carried the signature weapon of a Jedi.

Not being one to fear, especially since he hunted the fiercest of the predators on Barab I alone, he confronted the hooded figure. The mysterious figure simply turned from Shaithis and walked down a darker part of the street he had never really noticed before. The vicious temper that all Barabel have demanded that he follow and make the man suffer for his impertinence.

As fate, or the Force, would have it, the man turned out to be a Dark Jedi in the employ of the Empire. To be more specific, he was a master blade within the ancient society of Bladeborns, an offshoot of the Sith dedicated to the mastery of the blade of any form. The man explained that they were there as a deterrent to the off-world hunters and slavers that had plagued the world for untold years as a favor to the emperor.

The hooded figure even began explaining the history of the Bladeborn, several minutes into the history lesson it occurred to Shaithis why he had come here. Confronting the man again about why he was being watched his answer was the flash of the hooded mans lightsaber across his face leaving a searing mark on his left side. Rage boiled within Shaithis and the strength it gave him pushed him into attacking the man, he even managed to score a rake across the mans face with his talons.

Backing off, the man held up his hand to signal a stop, he did so with a smile splayed across his bloodied face. He began to explain to the puzzled Shaithis that a bladeborn is always on guard even when his outward appearance is that of relaxation. Only then did a realization hit Shaithis, he had just been initiated into the Bladeborn. He later found out that he had fared far better than most initiates.

The Bladeborn (42 BBY - 17 ABY)

Leaving all he had known his first 300 years of life, Shaithis was eager for the chance to prove himself to his master. For 50 years Shaithis climbed the ranks and secretly worked for the empire as an elite assassin. The same hooded figure that initiated Shaithis into the Bladeborn called an audience one day. It was a day Shaithis had long prepared for, it was the day he would become a master in the Bladeborn or die trying.

For one to become a master they must defeat no less than ten lightsaber-wielding opponents at one time. Shaithis took on twenty-three, he would have been defeated had the hooded man not thrown Shaithis a second blade. For attaining the rank of master, Shaithis was gifted a set of Sith Tremor Swords shaped in his preferred sword type, the katana. Utilizing the extremely rare art of cortosis weaving, the blades are able to withstand combat with a lightsaber.

With his service to the empire complete and by attaining master within the Bladeborn, Shaithis was free to wonder the galaxy as he saw fit. The hooded man gave Shaithis one last order before he departed for the Outer Rim, whenever his path crossed a Jedi...eliminate it. For years Shaithis stalked the Outer Rim worlds tracking and eliminating anyone he suspected a Jedi. Shaithis always wears the black leather robes of the Bladeborn, both comfortable and uninhibited. It's a mark of honor Shaithis will not talk about as the Bladeborn's secrets are for those of the Bladeborn alone.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood (18 - 30 ABY)

  • Newb
  • AED of Dinaari
  • QUA of Dinaari
  • OHC
  • Whole lot of inactive

Physical Appearance

Shaithis stood nearly 7 feet tall, a giant even amongst other Barabel. Every square inch of him was covered in muscle hard as durasteel, and yet he still moved with a cat's grace. Shaithis had lived for close to 400 years, attributing his longevity to his unusually strong connection to the Force, something that was unheard of in the Barabel race. A lightsaber burn mars his features, stretching across left side of face starting right above the jaw running its course up the left side of the eye and ending just above the eyebrow.


Positions Held
Before Position After
Shinomori Aoshi Aedile of House Dinaari
19 ABY
Mordin "Apo" Malchia
Freshjive Quaestor of House Dinaari
19 ABY - 20 ABY
Shadow Taldrya
Khobai Wrathraven Obelisk High Commander
20 ABY - 22 ABY