Battleteam Pellaeon

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Battleteam Pellaeon
General information

Calindra Hejaran




Caelestis City, Ragnath


Caperion System

Historical information
Formed from:

House Imperium


35 ABY

Other information

Scholae Palatinae and House Imperium


Dark Jedi Brotherhood

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Battleteam Pellaeon is part of the military intelligence arm of House Imperium. Officially, members of Pellaeon source and evaluate potential threats to the house through use of covert operations and intelligence gathering. Unofficially, members have been suspected of much more proactive "assignments" against the enemies of House Imperium. While most operations are sanctioned, rumors have it that it is not uncommon for agents to create and participate in unsanctioned actions in support of the battle team and house.


Battleteam Pellaeon was born during the chaos following Clan Scholae Palatinae's exodus from Judecca. House Imperium needed a group that would be able to source and evaluate potential threats to the house through use of covert operations, intelligence gathering, and other various types of sanctioned (or possible unsanctioned) actions.

Pell was originally formed under Calindra Hejarans leadership in 35ABY as a team dedicated to finding and sourcing new avenues of intelligence to support the clan's expansion into Caperion. As the clan (and house) found themselves in unfamiliar territory, intelligence was critical to helping shape many of the successfully executed operations from that time. After her hard work getting the team going, Lexiconus Qor took over and successfully helped the team navigate several transitions and covert operations.

The team currently stands ready to find intelligence relevant to House operations and take the appropriate actions.

Military Assets

Members of Battleteam Pellaeon have limited resources available to them. Operatives are frequently sent on missions where they are tasked to supply themselves in various creative ways. However, there are some naval assets that have been specifically assigned for use in Pell's various sanctioned and unsanctioned actions. The fleet has been built with numerous covert options available, often deviating from standard Imperial protocol to offer operatives the ability to pack firepower in a package that will blend in with their surroundings.

Marauder-class Corvette

This Marauder-class Corvette acts as a mobile HQ and flagship for Pellaeon. The Marauder offers firepower and mobility to support the many concurrent intelligence operations. Marauder's are frequently found in use by various military and non military groups. This particular ship has a transponder that is able to cycle numerous different identifications, allowing the ship to pass with ease through various factions.

T-70 Squadron

Instead of standard Imperial TIEs, Pellaeon's flagship houses a squadron of T-70s. This enables operatives to call in air support from ships that are more likely to be seen among the potential enemies of Imperium. The T-70 X-wing Starfighter Squadron is a space unit that consists of twelve T-70 X-wing Starfighters, along with trained pilots to fly them including a command element made up of a commander and an executive officer. As well as a small team of mechanics and engineers to maintain and operate the starfighters. Squadrons can operate out of capital ships that have hangar space for them, or independently.

Patrol Gunship Flight

Offering an inexpensive, if somewhat flimsy, form of transportation for operatives, the Patrol Gunships give operatives flexibility and numerical support in engagements. These ships are frequently used by various law enforcement agencies throughout the galaxy. This ships also act as a force multiplier and are able to quickly deploy additional firepower when needed during potentially hot infil/exfil situations.

Action Transports

The Action VI Transport is a 125-meter long Freighter, designed to carry cargo and operate in convoys or well-patrolled areas of space. Hyperdrive capable, this vessel has poor maneuverability, with average speed, armor and light shielding. Since the vessel lacks any form of defense, they were often prime targets for pirates and have to rely on protection from other capital ships and starfighter escorts.

The mundane nature of these ships allow operatives to pass through territory unchecked, and generally unscathed.

U-Wing Flight

The U-Wings act as assault ships able to effectively deploy and recover troops and agents/operatives as needed. These ships have been in use for decades and are also able to blend in with the various factions that Pell may come in contact with.

Decimator Flight

These Decimators offer firepower and flexibility to help Battleteam members adapt to any situation. Whether providing secure transportation to/from hot zones, air support, or even simply courier work, these ships offer protection and firepower to any situation.

Special Missions Company

A company strength unit with a small command and support element, that may or may not be deployed depending on the nature of the mission. The company has 28 trained scout soldiers with rifles, 54 sharpshooters with sniper rifles and smoke grenades, 27 tech specialists trained to repair, operate or destroy any equipment encountered in the field and penetrate enemy defenses packing rifles, thermal detonators and explosives as well as 27 support gunners equipped with light repeating blasters.

This gives Pell freedom to have support for strike missions, assassinations, and any other high firepower ground operations.

Roll of Leaders

Battleteam Leaders
Name Dates of Service
Calindra Hejaran 35 ABY
Lexiconus Qor 35 ABY - 36 ABY
Wagglehorn 36 ABY - 37 ABY