Battleteam Krennic

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Battleteam Krennic
General information

Raiju Kang


Reiden Karr


Caelestis City, Ragnath


Caperion System

Historical information
Formed from:

House Imperium


35 ABY


37 ABY

Other information

Scholae Palatinae and House Imperium


Dark Jedi Brotherhood

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Battleteam Krennic is the more military-minded arm of House Imperium's battleteams. They carry out duties similar to special forces teams. When there is a high-value target that needs to be attacked, an enemy that needs to be captured or taken out, or something just needs to be done quickly and effectively, Krennic gets sent in to do the job. They go in, take care of business, and get out - making sure to be as efficient as possible in their work.


Following the destruction of Shadow Guard in 35 ABY, House Imperium was left without a battleteam, leaving both it and Scholae Palatinae vulnerable to attack. Needing to remedy this situation, Krennic was created to fill that void. Initially designed to be the sword of Imperium, the new team instead had to fill the role of protector when Scholae Palatinae found its new home within the Caperion System on the planet Ragnath. While remaining at home, they were left out of the action during the Battle for Nancora and the fight against the Collective. After that time, however, Krennic began to take a more active role in facing off against this dangerous new threat to both Scholae Palatinae and the Brotherhood at large.

Due to their nature as an offensive force that also aids in defense at times, depending on the mission, Krennic is currently based out of Caelestis City on Ragnath, where Scholae Palatinae has its own headquarters. This way, they can quickly respond to any call to action and be near a starport to travel their destination, whether it is on Ragnath or somewhere offworld.

Commanding Officers

Lieutenant Colonel Evan Pierce

  • Species: Human
  • Role: Commander of the Aegis
  • Rank: Lt. Colonel (Army rank)/Captain (Navy rank) [Note: Listed ranks are equivalent; name dependent on branch of service]
  • Year of Birth: 11 BBY (age 48)

A battle-hardened veteran, Lt. Colonel Pierce has faithfully served in Scholae Palatinae’s army for over twenty years. He has been involved in numerous conflicts and large-scale campaigns over that time, including the Battle for Nancora, the expansion of Scholae Palatinae's dominion into the Nethal Archipelago on Ragnath, and the more recent attack on Meridian Prime. Following the events at the Collective’s prized space station, in recognition for his continued and highly valued service to Scholae Palatinae, Pierce was promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel.

A few years back, due to his advancing age and upon his own request, Pierce decided to make a shift from being in the field to more of a command role, away from the front lines. Having held multiple positions since then, as well as over the course of his long career, he now serves as the captain of the Aegis for Battleteam Krennic's forces. Towards the end of 36 ABY, the team’s leader, Reiden Karr, personally requested that Pierce be transferred to the naval forces and given this command post, having known the older man for a few years and being well aware of his reputation and well-respected status among his subordinates — both past and present.

Commander John Riley

  • Species: Human
  • Role: Commander of Gundark Company
  • Rank: Commander
  • Year of Birth: 2 ABY (age 35)

A veteran of Scholae Palatinae’s forces, John Riley is a skilled soldier and leader, even lending his talents to spycraft for a time. Joining the Imperial Scholae Army at the age of 18, Riley excelled in hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship. Before long, he had proven his talents to those in command and went on to serve in the special forces branch of the army. He remained in the ranks of the army for ten years before his prowess was brought to the attention of members in Imperial Scholae Intelligence. He was soon approached to join their ranks and he accepted, transferring to their training program.

From there, Riley honed his craft at working with people, analyzing them, and exploiting any openings that he could find. He then moved up to being a field operative, taking on intelligence gathering assignments and working with assets. He remained in service with Intelligence for five years after his initial transfer before deciding to get back to life as a soldier. This time, he chose to lead men and be the one giving orders, rather than take them from someone else. Riley was given command of a special missions unit that was under the banner of House Imperium. This unit would soon come to be known as Gundark Company, the very unit assigned to Battleteam Krennic.

Commander Talina Rhade

  • Species: Half-Sephi/Half-Human
  • Role: Leader of Shadow Squadron (Shadow Leader)
  • Rank: Commander
  • Year of Birth: 8 ABY (age 29)

Talina Rhade is a tough, hard-working member of the Imperial Scholae Navy. Having joined the service when she turned 18, Rhade always felt that, because she was a woman and a hybrid, she had to prove herself to everyone else, to show that she was good enough to be there with the rest of them. This drove her to strive to be the best that she could be in all things. While she turned into a skilled soldier in her own right, she had always excelled at piloting. Rhade ended up graduating from the academy with honors and proceeded to quickly prove time and time again that she was an ace pilot, one of the best available.

When Reiden Karr was given the authority to put together a military force that would be dedicated to Krennic, he reviewed numerous personnel files. Despite the number of qualified pilots, he selected Commander Rhade to fill the slot as the leader of the battleteam’s squadron of starfighters. It was her constant desire to improve herself and dedicated work ethic, in addition to her service record, that won him over. Additionally, she was well-liked and generally respected by her peers and those she had served with, which could go a long way to ensure that the other pilots in the squadron would follow her command.

Military Assets

Marauder-class Corvette Aegis


Serving as Krennic’s flagship, this Marauder-class corvette serves as the main deployment force when it comes to space battles as well as deploying soldiers planetside – although not capable of deploying the full strength of Krennic’s troops without additional transports, it is still a force to be reckoned with. On its own it is also well suited for patrol and escort duties, and has the capacity to hold a squadron of fighters in its hangar as additional support. In addition to its powerful turbolaser armament, it has three tractor beams equipped for capturing ships as necessary.

Shadow Squadron (TIE/SF Squadron)

Based off of the Aegis, this squadron of twelve TIE/SF starfighters is perfectly suited to Krennic’s needs. With their desirable specs in speed, maneuverability, and impressive array of weapons – the under-mounted turret proving especially lethal – these starfighters make for an excellent choice. Whether in the capacity of providing air support for the ground forces while in an atmosphere, or serving as space superiority fighters, these ships can be deadly, and should not be taken lightly.

The leader of this squadron holds the call sign of Shadow Leader, while the rest are designated as Shadow Two through Shadow Twelve.

Banshee Flight (VT-49 Decimators)

Designated as Banshee I, II, III, and IV, this flight of four powerful assault ships fills any role imaginable. Whether it’s additional firepower for the Aegis, supporting the starfighters, serving as a transport for smaller teams, or even as additional cargo carriers, these assault ships certainly have the firepower to hold their own against attacks from enemy ships.

Pilots of Banshee Flight
  Name Species Gender Rank
Banshee I Nico Alteran Mirialan Male Captain
Banshee II Timo Kiley Kel Dor Male Captain
Banshee III Dax Argosy Kiffar Male Captain
Banshee IV Alaric "Ric" Nyman Human Male Captain

Valkyrie Flight (Gamma-class ATR-6 Assault Transports)

Designated as Valkyrie I, II, III, and IV, this flight of four assault transports is perfectly suited for deploying troops to their destination under any circumstances. Heavily armed, these troop transports also pack a serious punch in their own right and are more than capable of defending themselves while taking on enemy fire. If needed, they can also make a quick getaway by utilizing their equipped hyperdrives.

Pilots of Valkyrie Flight
  Name Species Gender Rank
Valkyrie I Amara Hawke Human Female Captain
Valkyrie II Kal Novar Chiss Male Captain
Valkyrie III Syn Draga Zabrak Female Captain
Valkyrie IV Davin Aldaris Human Male Captain

Gundark Company (Special Missions Company)

A company strength unit with a small command and support element, that may or may not be deployed depending on the nature of the mission. The company has 28 trained scout soldiers with rifles, 54 sharpshooters with sniper rifles and smoke grenades, 27 tech specialists trained to repair, operate or destroy any equipment encountered in the field and penetrate enemy defenses packing rifles, thermal detonators and explosives as well as 27 support gunners equipped with light repeating blasters.

Roll of Leaders

Battleteam Leaders
Name Dates of Service
Raiju Kang 35 ABY
Wagglehorn 35 ABY - 36 ABY
Reiden Palpatine Karr 36 ABY - 37ABY