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Amik Sulaco
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Date of Death:

31 ABY

Physical Description

Selenian (Capac Caste)









Personal Information

Dajorra Defense Force


Yuuzhan Vong

Chronology & Political Information

Commodore of the Dajorra Defense Force


Commanding Officer of the ISDII Eye of the Abyss II


Dark Brotherhood Era


Dajorra Defense Force

Personal Ship:

ISDII Eye of the Abyss II

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Commodore Amik Sulaco was the commanding officer aboard Arcona's flagship, the ISDII Eye of the Abyss II as well as overall commanding officer of the Dajorra Defense Force. Amik was a native of Selen and was born in 3 ABY. The former Commodore was drafted into military service in 27 ABY and made Commodore in the recent Arcona/Naga Sadow joint fleet engagement in the Yuuzhan Vong war (29 ABY). After excellent service and an array of military orders and honors bestowed upon him, Amik Sulaco met his death in 31 ABY at the hands of Mejas Doto, in his usurping of the Serpentine Throne.

Character History

The Caste of Warriors

Amik Sulaco was borne on Selen as part of the Warrior Caste. Being part of the Warrior Caste, Amik learned the ways of combat, both melee and ranged. The Warriors were the second highest Caste, after the Priest Caste. However, Amik joined the military in 27 ABY and has excelled quickly. Sulaco's formative years were spent in the pressurized environment of Selenian military academy. Although he maintained respectable marks and was viewed as a capable officer-in-training, it was not until he received a commission as an auxiliary commander for the backup bridge on the Eye of the Abyss that his prowess and tactical aptitude became evident.

The Dajorra Defense Force

In 27 ABY, Amik was drafted into the Dajorra Defense Force and was made an Auxiliary Commander for the backup brigade aboard the ISDII Eye of the Abyss II. However, Amik was soon given a promotion when the Captain of the Bridge was sucked through her viewscreen during the Eye's first battle.

Captain Sulaco

Sulaco served as the Captain of the Arcona flagship up until the Yuuzhan Vong war against Arcona. When the Vong realized that the Clan were camping in their backyard, they launched a vicious assault that forced the Arcona to retreat.

Rise, Commodore

At the conclusion of the war, with the retreat of the Arcona Fleet, the Clan Summit of Arcona saw it that the fleet commanders needed to be recognized. Along with other officers, Amik Sulaco was promoted to Commodore of the ISDII Eye of the Abyss II. Amik still holds this rank and his performing fleet duties while the rest of Arcona returns to Selen to undertake a recon mission.


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