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Biographical Information


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68 inches


175 pounds





Personal Information

Dajorra Defense Force; Arcona


Yuuzhan Vong

Chronology & Political Information

Dark Brotherhood Era


Dajorra Intelligence Agency; Arcona

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MJHC Last Light

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Niles, a former commissioned officer aboard the Eye of the Abyss II, currently serves as the Assistant Director of the DIA, and the DIA's Bureau of Analysis Chief.


Events conspired to leave Niles sometimes distant from the rest of Humanity. The lack of a stable environment, and relational aggression from his siblings and authority figures left him with moderate emotional impairment. Being thrust alone into the disorienting world of Dark Jedi, where his childhood social mores were of little of value, was equally disorienting. However, these same experiences left him with several traits that make for a valuable worker. He eschews politics, and has an extreme distaste for it that makes him trustworthy to a fault, once you have established a connection with him. He also proved quite latchkey as a child, and learned to relate to people primarily through his work. This trait drives him to be an excellent officer, and make maximum use of his natural talents.

Character History

Niles’s life has been shaped, overwhelmingly, by what he was not. One of the many middle children in a Selenian fiefdom, he was railroaded by the ambitions of the mother of one of his younger siblings. When he began to show some promise in the royal academy, the constant threat of expulsion materialized as an accusation of infidelity against his mother. The charge landed both of them in prison for some months, followed by isolation and near destitution traded off to a rival power. Consigned as a political bargaining chip, the two of them were again traded off several times before the arrival of Clan Arcona. Post-Exodus, his mother mustered what little political capital was available to her to ensure that his final transfer would not be into the hands of those who considered him rivals to the throne.

In its early days, the newly arrived Dark Brotherhood presence offered some training programs as part of a public relations campaign with Dajorran natives. Niles had been transferred into one. There, his aptitude for mathematics re-emerged, and he completed the program with high marks. By this point largely estranged from his own society, and with few prospects otherwise, he chose to pursue a career in the Arconan military. After a successful stint as a crewman in the Arconan military], and particularly commendable action during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, he was reassigned as Navigation Officer on board the flagship during naval restructuring.