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The galaxy is the home of many individuals, and a vast majority of these are not Force sensitive. Where a Force user uses a Lightsaber as a weapon of choice, the Non-Force user will utilize a different weapon altogether. ‘’’Ranged’’’ and ‘’’Melee’’’ weapons fall into this category. This page will explain how these two weapon categories work in the Dark Brotherhood.

How they work

Blasters are the most common weapons in the galaxy.

‘’’Ranged weapons’’’ are divided into two categories: Blasters and Slughtrowers.

Where blasters fire bursts of particle beam energy called blaster bolts from a replaceable power pack, slughtrowers - true to their name - launch a solid projectile (a "slug") at a high velocity through a process of explosive chemical combustion.

Both types of weapons are popular due to their unique qualities. Blasters are often regarded as superior due to their immense stopping power and high-energy fire which can sear flesh and burn through armor. They are, however, quite easily deflected by Force users handling lightsabers. Slugthrowers, on the other hand, are hard to deflect with a lightsaber but they are much more rare than blasters and require specialized ammunition which is often not available.

‘’’Melee weapons’’’ are a popular alternative to Lightsabers. These are divided into Vibroweapons and common melee weapons made from a wide variety of materials.

Vibroweapons are usually considered superior to common melee weapons due to their high-speed sonic vibrations that make these weapons more deadly in combat. These weapons used vibrations generated from a Vibrogenerator, often found in the hilt of the weapon, to cause a rippling effect in organic and nonorganic materials. These vibrations reverberate through the object, or body, and rend it with ease. The other side of the coin were common melee weapons, found in the hands of common bandits and master martial artists alike. These weapons, while lacking the vibration quality of their more powerful counterparts, still maintain a presence in society due to their availability and utilitarian qualities.

All weapons are available through Possessions.

Custom Melee & Ranged weapons

At the Equite 2 (EQ2) rank, a member is permitted to request, or manufacture himself, a custom melee or ranged weapons.

Melee weapons are usually Vibro weapons, however some may prefer mundane weapons instead. They are requested, and created, much like Lightsabers. The requesting member will receive a fully customized weapon. Ranged weapons can be Blasters, Slugthrowers, or other weapon types available through Possessions.

All weapons available in Possessions may have Custom skins. A member must first buy their desired weapon before requesting a Custom skin through the requisition form in their admin panel.

Please refer to the Herald Requisition Limit policy for information on request limits.

Alternative: Selector dual option

Equite 2 (EQ2) and above may request a selector weapon in pair with a custom weapon thus creating a dual combination. To do this, they must have the desired selector weapon available in Possessions and they must select it in the request form available in the admin menu.

Special effects

Equite 3 (EQ3) have the option of requesting any of the following effects on their lightsaber blades: Unstable, Electric, Fire, Digital (Gree). Select your desired option when requesting a new custom skin. The visuals may vary depending on author or software used.

Weapon Availability
Rank Possesions Selector Custom Skins
NV2 Armory blaster DL-44

Armory E-11 Blaster Rifle

Armory Vibro Dagger

Armory Vibrosword

Armory Vibroblade


Any standard weapon available in Possessions

EQ1 -- --
EQ2 --

Any standard weapon skins

Optional: Selector dual option skin

EQ3 --

Dual weapon skins (identical weapons only)

Special effects: Unstable, Electric, Fire, Digital (Gree)

EQ4 --

Dual weapon combinations skins (varied weapons)

EL2 Sith sword

Sith dagger

Sith sword skin

Sith dagger skin

Weapon Gallery and options

Examples of melee and ranged Weapons
Selector Westar blaster Custom DL-44 blaster (EQ3) Selector Vibroax Custom Karambit knife (EQ2) Selector Z6 riot control baton
"Unstable" Special Effect (EQ3) "Digital (Gree)" Special effect (EQ3) "Fire" Special effect (EQ3) "Electric" Special Effect (EQ3) Elder effect (EL1)