Herald Vendetta Dossier Skin Guidelines

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The Herald Vendetta Dossier Skin Guidelines govern the awarding of dossier skin items for the placing Clans during various Vendettas the club holds. These items are unique, exclusive items that are only available for the units that place in that specific event, and will not be released for general usage at any point. These items are custom selector items, and therefore are designed to be more modular than true custom skin requests such as Elder robes or EQ2 custom weapon unlocks.

Award Mechanism

Dossier skins are awarded in the following manner:

  • Great Jedi War: 1st Place: Robe & Weapon, 2nd Place: Robe, 3rd Place: Weapon
  • Rite of Supremacy: 1st Place: Weapon & Accessory, 2nd Place: Weapon, 3rd Place: Accessory.

Vendettas that are not either Great Jedi Wars or Rites of Supremacy may, at the discretion of the Dark Council, award items in a manner including but not limited to the two outlined above.

General Guidelines

  • Each unit is expected to submit their dossier skin requests to the Herald within 14 days of the announced results of the Vendetta.
  • All requests must include some form of visual reference, text only requests will be rejected.
  • Each skin is allowed one major revision during the rough sketch/design portion of the process. This would be something that would result in a significant rework of the graphic being required if not starting the skin over.
  • Each skin is allowed two minor revisions during the rough sketch/design and production portions of the process, and then one minor revision after the completion of the graphic. This would include minor tweaks such as moving a specific part or logo that is part of the design in such a way as to not require a redesign of surrounding elements.
  • Revision requests should be submitted within 72 hours of any WIP version of the dossier skin being sent via email to the unit for review.
  • Units are allowed to submit their own artwork in lieu of having the Herald staff create their custom skin. In that case, the artwork must meet the general quality standards set forth by the Herald as well as comply with any relevant requirements listed below.
  • All skins must be limited to something that can reasonably be used as a cosmetic aspect on an existing Possession system item. In the case of weapons, they must specifically represent a reasonable variation on an existing base item within the Possession system.

Award Robes

  • Male and Female variants of the same design.
  • All robes will be restricted to the rank of JM4 and up.
  • No more than three style variants. (Cape, Cloak, Plain, etc)
  • No more than five color variants (This will be a single color variation, either of the base color where viable or unified color trim items, not full pallet changes between each version).

Award Weapons

  • No more than five trim/style variants. (dual or single weapon variants count as a trim variant)
  • Four blaster color variants. (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow)
  • Slugthrowers use the standard slugthrower smoke.
  • Lightsabers and blasters cannot include any special blade/blaster bolt effects.
  • All weapons must respect standard rank availability rules. (Dual pistols, saberstaffs, dual sabers, etc.)

Award Accessories

  • Accessories may not be weaponized.
  • No more than five color variants.

The Vendetta Dossier Skin Guidelines were enacted by Selika Roh on 03/04/2021.