Herald Requisition Limit

From Wikipedia of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, an online Star Wars Club

The Requisition Limit policy (unofficially known as Vorsa's Law among the Herald's staff) establishes the cooldown time between requests as well as how long a request can stay in the queue before expiring. A member of the Dark Brotherhood may therefore request only a certain number of Custom weapons and/or Warbanners in a certain time period. Any requests submitted before the allotted time has expired will be auto-denied.

Time restriction

Request expiration

Request expiration is rare, but it happens. Once a staff member has contacted the requesting member, if they do not hear from them within 30 days of sending the initial e-mail, they will mark the request as expired so that the queue may remain clear. The member will have to re-request after this period.

Policy condition

A request must be fulfilled before it can count towards this policy. A request unfulfilled due to any reason (member mistakenly submitted wrong data, asking for the removal of a request, or expiration of a request) does not count as a request fulfilled. However, a member who deliberately spams the request form may be permanently banned from requests altogether.

The Requisition Limit was placed under effect by V'yr Vorsa on 10/01/2015.