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The Requisition Limit policy (unofficially known as Vorsa's Law among the Herald's staff) establishes the cooldown time between requests as well as how long a request can stay in the queue before expiring. A member of the Dark Brotherhood may therefore request only a certain number of Custom weapons and/or Warbanners in a certain time period. Any requests submitted before the allotted time has expired will be auto-denied.

Time restriction

Request expiration

Request expiration is rare, but it happens. Once a staff member has contacted the requesting member, if they do not hear from them within 30 days of sending the initial e-mail, they will mark the request as expired so that the queue may remain clear. The member will have to re-request after this period.

Policy condition

A request must be fulfilled before it can count towards this policy. A request unfulfilled due to any reason (member mistakenly submitted wrong data, asking for the removal of a request, or expiration of a request) does not count as a request fulfilled. However, a member who deliberately spams the request form may be permanently banned from requests altogether.

The Requisition Limit was placed under effect by V'yr Vorsa on 10/01/2015.