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Exodus era.New Order era.
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Technical specifications
  • Troop transport
  • Carrier

Clan Naga Sadow

Current Status:

No Longer Active

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The Acclamator-class Absolution had been a mainstay of the Sadowan Navy since its procurement into the fleet. Under the careful and strategic command of Captain Madhi Jeisel, the Absolution has seen many engagements ranging from landing assault troops on Tarthos to invading the surface of Korriban during the Great Jedi War XI. Designed as the main troop carrier of the Army, the Absolution has solidified its place as a strong, strategic asset for the Clan.

Vessel Information



The Absolution can carry upwards of 16,000 assault troops and support personnel. With a cargo capacity of 11,250 metric tons it can carry a good amount of assault craft, but doesn’t leave room for escort fighters. This vessel's primary responsibility is to land a large amount of ground forces so they may be deployed to the battlefield in numbers.

Role in the Warhost Navy

The Absolution serves as Naga Sadow's primary troop carrier and assault ship, carrying the largest single section of the Warhost Army and mechanized forces. It's primary mission is to deliver large amounts of ground troops to a battlefield. Because it carries so many personnel and vehicles, it is a heavily protected asset. The Absolution does not typically spearhead an invasion. Instead, it is carefully escorted and offloads troops to reinforce advance groups, once it is safe to enter the atmosphere.

In addition, the Absolution was a capable vessel frigate, sporting enough turbolasers, armor and shields to support the fleet in smaller deep space operations. However, it is rarely used for this.

Aside from planetary engagements, the Absolution's large cargo capacity allows it to be used as an auxiliary ship during long deployments, and as a central hub to store captured resources and personnel from enemy factions.


Following the destruction of most of the Sadow fleet in 36ABY, the Clan sought to quickly rebuild its fleet from whatever they could find. The Absolution was one such ship. The ship was acquired by Naga Sadow between Zoraan's invasion and the beginning of the Dark Crusade. For the entirety of the Crusade, the Absolution served as the fleet's main troop carrying capital ship, and the only one authorized to land for planetary assaults, as the Covenant had been outfitted with gravity wells and would be primarily used for deep space combat and interdiction. The ship carried the Naga Sadow war machine to every world the Clan assaulted, earning numerous awards and accolades for the skill of her crew and the smooth deployment of the military.

In between Dark Crusade missions, the Absolution generally stayed in the Orian System, primarily serving in war games and other training scenarios. It was occasionally used to transport bulk goods for the Clan, because of it's large cargo capacity.

To this day, the Absolution continues to serve as the Clan's primary planetary assault vessel, carrying the largest embarked contingent of Warhost troops, although it is supplemented by the star destroyers Damnation, Harbinger, and Covenant.

Dark Crusades

During the Dark Crusades, the Absolution would become one of the primary vessels and would earn the respect of many. Over the course of the Crusade, the Absolution and it’s compliment of equipment and troops invaded many worlds at the orders of the Iron Throne.

Invasion of Tarthos

One of the largest troop carriers the Clan has in it’s arsenal, the Absolution played a strategic role in landing the forces of the Warhost to the besieged surface of Tarthos. Although the battle raged in space, the Absolution made it to the ground with only minor damage unleashing the Sadowan troopers to assist in repelling the Gomorag incursion.

War on Korriban

As the Iron Throne laid siege to Korriban to obtain immortality, the Absolution was Clan Naga Sadow's answer to land a large number of troops near the Valley of the Dark Lords. Many ships were lost that day, but due to Captain Jeisel’s command experience, she was able to safely navigate the ship to the surface and once the engagement was over; safely navigate it back to the shipyards in the Orian System for much need refit and repair.