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Date of Birth:

179 BBY (Age: 213)

Date of Death:

34 ABY

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2.24 Meters


159 Kgs





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Chronology & Political Information
  • Aedile of House Marka Ragnos
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- Tarryyhn 37 ABY

Tarryyhn was a Wookiee Gray Jedi Guardian within Clan Naga Sadow and a former Aedile. He also served within House Marka Ragnos's battle team, Night Hawks. He is efficient and not much can stop him when he allows his passions to take over and the Juggernaut wades across the battlefield.

Character History

Early Life

He was only a youngster on Kashyyyk when the slavers attacked his village. The raids had occurred time and time again and for whatever reason their neighbours the Trandoshans would not leave them alone, regardless of what decrees were passed by the senate. Everyone knew it occurred and regardless of exactly how many times his people petitioned for aid nothing was every truly done. Czerka had hounded them, the Trandoshans hounded them and in about two hundred years the Empire would actively sanction the hunting of the Wookiees. They never gave up though and on the day, the lizards struck they never gave up then either. Blood spilt between the boards of their treetop homes and through the village fought bravely nothing could be truly done and so it ended as most raids do with dead Wookiees and others captured. It was in this unfortunate situation young Tarryyhn found himself in.

He wasn’t entirely sure what had happened to his parents or the rest of his family. Some of his Clan sat beside him, shackled, as they were carted off the world. Fresh pelts hunt near them and the smell assaulted his senses as he cowered in the corner of the cage afraid and to him very alone. The older clan members attempted to calm the young pup but he was only ten years old and that was nothing in the grand scheme of things. In truth, he had another two hundred years to go, but that comes later as many other things do.

Tarryyhn was sold off to an illegal spice mining plant and shoved underground for the next twenty years. Though as he began to age his muscle mass grew steadily his eyesight and health deteriorated over the years. His existence was pitiful and each time he pushed for more food, water or even rest the whip cracked across his back introducing him to pain that over time simply became a part of his existence. To him, this was his life. They kept him fed enough to survive and work but not enough to have the strength to rebel. To him this was it. No more than what his lot in life was. He knew he would die there, he was in some part surprised he hadn’t already. He was fully expecting to meet his death and yet he lingered, his spirit unwilling to give up and then they came.

Four of them in cloaks of ivory and brown descended the caverns. Apparently, he heard later, talks had failed and the only action they had left was liberation. Guards fell, the found of blaster fire echoed amongst the caverns and then it fell silent. Tarryhhn was unsure if this meant the guards had all been killed or simply surrendered, but he didn’t care as then he saw them. The Jedi had come to save them all.

The Jedi Order

Something was seen in the young Wookiee and though by normal standards due to his age he would not be trained they took in the fact his species was long-lived and thus he was still considered a child. Once he had found his feet he took up his training alongside other younglings, some he out aged by maybe a decade but given his life in the dark he didn’t exactly mentally out challenge them. He was diagnosed with anger issues early on. Of course, most knew about Wookiee tempers but his was from the years of abuse and so they took it easy with him attempted to move him into more peaceful pursuits and at times it worked but he still had the fiery edge that needed to be tempered.

He was taken under the wing of V’yr Vorsa. A scholar of the order and it was her that tempered his anger, her that looked past it all and managed to turn him around. Of course, he always pursued more martial pursuits but he was often found in the libraries helping her carry out her duties. It was nice for him to work alongside a long-lived Jedi, watching the younglings around him develop faster and mature quicker as was befitting their species often left him feeling alone and so he could relate to her. She helped him obtain his Knighthood some one hundred and twenty years before the clone wars and even helped temper and guide him towards the path of the Guardian.

The Wookiee kept accompanying her on various missions but it wasn’t long before he began branching out and taking part in missions that required his blade over his mind. He made it his duty to assist as he could in liberation missions, ending the menace of any slaver activities and generally doing what he considered honest hard work to help the people of the galaxy but then as he aged he began to sense the politics in everything they did. Requests he submitted to help certain people were turned down because it might affect a positive standing with another person. A number of times he was reprimanded for going against the orders of the council was staggering and soon they had to put a total ban on any further combat missions where he could go off the rails and cause issues.

His annoyance grew with the council but he stayed true and would often at times approach his master for advice. He simply wanted the galaxy safe so children didn’t have to suffer what he suffered and yet rules and regulations, stoic stupid policies and ridiculous premises kept his hand away from the duties he should be carrying out. More than one wall panelling was broken as his anger found it. But over time, he started to become jaded and simply fell into the premise that we do what we do for a reason.


One year something changed. He wanted to test himself so on the premise he was going to take part in a peaceful exploration missing he made his way to the outer regions after months of travelling. Tarryyhn soon found himself on the forsaken world of Korriban. Madness drove him there he was sure, or perhaps curiosity but, either way, he began exploring the ancient tombs of the long dead Sith Lords. Transcribing what he could whilst fending off the ancient inhabitants of the forsaken place. He came across one tomb in particular that tweaked his interest and that tomb was that of Marka Ragnos. Though the significance would now show itself till some time later he found that what the Sith Lord taught, or, at least, the parts he could understand, didn’t seem all that bad. He knew in his head he would never fall to the dark side of the Force. After all, he was cleverer than that.

He left the planet wiser, in a way, and continued on his journeys across the galaxy. Things in him began to change slightly. He began incorporating certain aspects of what he found on Korriban into how he performed his duties and often found himself drawing his saber quicker and quicker in situations where words, or in his case growls, should have been used. He thought nothing of it and, in fact, figured he was just doing his duty to the galaxy and the Jedi Order. He saw nothing wrong with taking out a criminal organisation without attempting to enter diplomacy with them first; after all, they were scum so why should they be allowed to live?

Things came to a head when he managed to get entangled in the affairs of a Black Sun cell and in the process put them all down. Word filtered back of the deed and he was again recalled to Coruscant to answer for his actions. Whilst there he was deemed unsafe again and was informed he would be restrained to the planet whilst he was retaught the basic values of the Jedi and it was apparent that he could be trusted to carry out the jobs the council assigned to him. The galaxy moved on and he was stuck in the same place he started many moons before.

Galaxy at War

The break came with the outbreak of the Clone Wars. Whilst it was deemed unwise he was released into active duty and fought alongside the Clone’s against the separatist forces. He was involved in major action across several worlds, ship battles and one time ended up upon Geonosis. It was during that battle he lost an eye and had to be removed from the field until the injury could be stabilised. The conflict progressed and with so many Jedi lost he was moved up the chain and soon found himself commanding small contingents of the Grand Army of the Republic. Something he found he wasn’t entirely cut out for.

Then the news filtered down that his old master had been exiled for some action she had undertaken. He instantly moved to her defence, leaving the battlefield he was part of and attempting to appeal directly to the Council. His words were not heard and it was deemed he was not a fitting candidate to argue for her given their attachment and his past actions. Infuriated he stormed away from the meeting and was returned to the front lines. The war progressed and he was without his master and friend.

Soon he found himself upon Kashyyyk again attempting to help his own people repel the invasion forces of the separatist army. His mind wandered elsewhere and though he managed to time and time again push forward with those under his command he always found himself becoming distracted and making errors that more often than not meant the ground they gained was cut in half the next moment. Infuriated he decided a risky manoeuvre needed to be performed and soon found his idea and plan being questioned by a younger Wookiee. It happened so fast he didn’t even realise what had occurred. The youngster was on the ground, blood dripped from gouges crossing his face and as Tarryyhn looked down at his own hand he saw his claws were blooded. Word spread and he was deemed Mad Claw and no Wookiee would fight with him from that moment on, he was left with his Clone troopers and that only lasted until order 66 was initiated.

He managed to flee the planet and went into hiding for a number of years. Watching as the galaxy accepted the formation of the Empire. How prejudice and hate floated along like the wind and how the Trandoshans were given full sanctions to hunt his people. He didn’t care about that anymore. He abandoned his past and took up the role of a bounty hunter, smuggler, and bodyguard. Whatever paid out on the outer fringes of the galaxy. No one pushed him or asked questions as long as he did the job, no one cared as more and more displaced aliens began filtering to the worlds the Empire hadn’t truly taken over.

Dark Brotherhood

He lost track of time and wasn’t even aware that the Empire had fallen until a few years after the event had occurred. Palpatine was dead, Vader alongside him. Soon the Empire would fall and everything would be better. Of course, nothing really was better. The Empire never truly faded and in its place some years later the First Order arrived. The Empire under a different guise yet only more terrifying in their ideals.

He found his way to an organisation calling themselves the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and though he never considered himself dark he found their way of thinking ideal. He had no interest in being a Jedi anymore but he certainly wanted the power back he once commanded. So he trained, he passed tests and courses. Worked his way up the ranks until he joined the ranks of the Equites and soon found his way to the ranks of Clan Naga Sadow and House Marka Ragnos, he found solace in this fact and that the circle had completed. The things he learnt and understood made him understand why the galaxy truly worked. The way it should have worked back when the Jedi had power and failed to use it.

He joined the Inquisition and hunted down those undesirables he could find. Hoping to earn his place in the Brotherhood under the new regime of Pravus and not be killed along with the rest of the aliens.

He refused to be a dog, to be used by politicians for their own gains again. His methods became colder and more brutal. In fact, he used everything he had to be something more than he was. Terror, hatred, anger and his strength were all used in conjunction with one another to overcome whatever got in his way. He began breaking bodies and spirits and soon found himself past of Battleteam Night Hawks under the old Grand Master, Muz Ashen. A man he had come to respect greatly from the shadows. A man he hoped could show him what it meant to take the power one was given and truly use it.


V'yr Vorsa

Tarryyhn owes Vorsa everything. She was the first to see potential in the young Wookie and she nurtured and raised him to become a Jedi Knight of worth. Ignoring his past and focusing on his future she trained him to be something more than what he was. He began to see her as the mother figure he had lost so young and would do anything for her, even give his life at a moment's notice.

At her exile from the Jedi Order, his ire rose and he personally abandoned his front in the War to challenge the decision. He was ignored and returned to the front. A sad tragedy really that the love for another caused the once proud Wookie to fall to the Dark.

To this day, he still adores his master and will within a moment's notice be by her side to once again push back the evil of the galaxy.



Standing to the taller spectrum of the average Wookiee height Tarryyhn sometimes appears too big to do much of anything. Broad in the shoulders, muscles hidden by fur he is a trained warrior and survivor of hundreds of conflicts. A white stripe marks his almost perfectly black fur and only one of his eyes meets the gaze of whoever looks his way.

In no way subtle he's crafted himself into an image to be feared, his frontal mane braided and held in place by ancient wroshyr tree ornaments. His fur is slightly discoloured from years of abuse and scars litter his body but only the slight fur colouration gives away that anything is amiss.

What eye remains is yellowed with the red beginning to cascade out from the middle, a thin scar rests on the end of his nose and that's about all one will see. He prefers wearing robes for the sole purpose of bulking his already large form out. A war mask hides his features the majority of the time, whilst a hood pulled up obscures himself from the many watching eyes. Not in truth that it matters, Wookiees are very hard to conceal at the best of times.

Fighting Style

Tarryyhn shows no mercy in his strikes. He is strong and he will do everything he can to overpower his enemy and crush them beneath his feet. He can become a whirling vortex of death, an unstoppable force that will not concede or move aside for anyone or anything. Mauling with his fists, ripping limbs from bodies, crushing bones and beheading with his twin sabers are all part of his fighting style. He wants people to fear him; to baulk against his monstrous nature.

It's a ploy, however; a test to see which will break sooner: his opponent's body or spirit. To him, it doesn't matter which. To him, as long as his opponent is defeated, nothing else matters.

Tarryyhn refuses to surrender to anyone. If he is beaten, he expects death, not pity. He will fight with tooth and claw if he is disarmed and will rend and tear anyone foolish enough to show even a hint of mercy. Weakness is intolerable to him, self-weakness more so. To win against him means taking his life and he will greet his end willingly. Those too weak to kill him mean nothing to him and he will pound them into submission regardless of who they are.

This has its drawbacks in that Tarryyhn can be reckless in his abandonment and will willingly slip into a Rage filled state if it means total victory.


Tarryyhn still clings to his own code of honour, even though he has fallen down the path of darkness. He will not kill those weaker than him in combat, believing only the strong need ascend to their idea of an afterlife. He will not needlessly slaughter innocents without a valid reason and Tarryyhn refuses to break his loyalty to his superior officers or masters.

He is more than capable of carrying out acts of malice and hate, and going as far as dismembering someone completely, but breaking his own code haunts him. Tarryyhn remembers each time he has done so, and he uses it to fuel his hatred and anger.

Wookiees are renowned for their quick temper and acts of volatile rage, but Tarryyhn takes this one step further and actively pursues it. To him, it is a rush, a release of endorphins that fuel him and his actions. Of course, he has quieter times, but these are short and few between. Combined with his stature he gives off an air of malice, something not to be trifled with, and he will use this whenever he can to get what he wants.

The idea that if a Wookiee loses he will pull your arm out of its socket has never been truer for Tarryyhn, however, he won’t just stop at your arm if you are the target of his anger.


Tarryyhn's Warbanner
  • Strong
  • Loyal.
  • Fierce combatant and trained in fear tactics
  • Relentless.
  • Brutal


  • Missing Eye
  • Hates slavers and will instantly Rage.
  • Brutal
  • Anger issues.

Distinguishing Marks

  • Very Tall
  • White marks punctuate his fur.
  • Black fur

Positions Held

  • None

Outstanding Achievements OOC

  • First Disciples of Dreypa Battle Team Leader.
  • Second Disciples of Dreypa BT XO
  • Assisted in the creation of the Apostles of Syn Battle Team.