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"Not everything is a trick you know."
"So people keep telling me. I'll believe when I see it.
― Calindra Hejaran and Arron Saylos
Arron Saylos
Biographical Information

Cathar Homewold

Date of Birth:

15 ABY

Physical Description





1.93 m


86 kg






Right arm

Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Scholae Palatinae, Caliburnus (Formerly, Transferred), Dorimad Sol (Formerly, now dissolved), Imperium

Known masters:

Evant Taelyan



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Arron Saylos is a Dark Jedi, and a member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He was born in 15 ABY before being made a slave on Nar Shadda. He is a memberr of Clan Scholae Palatinae.


Early Life: 15 ABY-25ABY

The city tree where Arron was raised.

Arron Saylos was born on the Cathar Homeworld and lived in a small tree-village with his mother, father and brother Orde. The two of them were distinguished by the unique near black coats they possessed, a trait inherited from their mother. His father was a hunter, whom Arron greatly admired. When he was nine years old, Arron followed his father and several other hunters when they went on a hunting trip, despite having been told to stay behind. He was almost killed by a beast, before his father killed it, saving Arron's life.

A Crucible:25 ABY-30ABY

In 25 ABY, when Arron was 10 years of age, a group of strangers came to the village asking permission to stay in the village for protection from the dangerous animals that live on the planet. However these strangers were actually slavers who, during the night, set up a beacon letting their ship know where they were. Arron witnessed the murder of his mother and father who attempted to fight back, and he and his brother were taken captive along with all the other children. Arron was separated from his brother and taken to Nar Shaddaa where he was sold to a Hutt crime lord known as Tull, whom he would labor for for the next 8 years.

When he was 18 he witnessed an overseer beating a fellow slave, and Arron's rage finally manifested itself as he tapped into the Dark side of the Force for the first time in his life, murdering the overseer. Dazed and confused by what happened Arron ran away, and stowed away on a cargo ship leaving Nar Shaddaa. Tull The Hutt, meanwhile, placed a bounty on Arron's head, forcing him to stay on the run for the next two years of his life.

The Silver Eagle.

Two years after his ecape from Nar Shaddaa Arron came to a space station in the Outer Rim, called the Silver Eagle. Believing no one would look for him in so out of the way of a place, Arron chose to remain and became close friends with several other occupants, and began to find some semblance of peace. However several months after he had taken up residence, one of the workers discovered Arron's bounty, and sold him out to the bounty hunters looking for him.

When they came for him, Arron instinctively tapped the Dark Side once again, and fought back. But he was outnumbered, and inexperienced, and was overwhelmed. Fortunately two Dark Jedi had been on the station repairing their ship, and witnessed the event. They killed the bounty hunters and offered Arron training and a place in the brotherhood. Having been betrayed by his new friends, and knowing more bounty hunters would come for him, Arron accepted.

A New Beginning

After the events on the space station Arron became very introverted, never willing to trust others, and rarely socializing. After a period of basic training in the Shadow Academy, Arron was taken to Judecca and became a member of Scholae Palatinae. On Judecca he met Evant Taelyan, his master, mentor, and eventual friend. Evant encouraged his student to grow in his mastery of the force, and to be more trusting, often trying to get the scarred youth to be more open to his fellow Dark Jedi. After several months, Arron had grown significantly in his training, but still was very distrusting towards others, and very aggressive in combat, including simple sparring sessions with other apprentices.

Over the course of his apprenticeship Arron had taken part in several missions, including his participation in the effort to reclaim Caina, during which he witnessed first hand the defeat of Fias Zhan's apprentice Lorand, as well as the XIth Great Jedi War, which saw the loss of his right arm. When not on missions or training he was known to wander the city streets, even into the late hours of the night.

Personality and Traits

Early in his life Arron was most likely a very social and energetic child. He was curious about many things, and would often ask questions of those older members of his village. He was friendly, and playful, especial towards his brother, and others their age. More than anyone he was protective toward his brother.

Due to his many experiences with deception and betrayal in his adolescence Arron has come to believe that he cannot trust anyone. He is closed off from all other members of the brotherhood, interacting with them as rarely as possible, spending most of his spare time wandering, or training. During missions he speaks only in the event he has something that needs to be said, and letting others do all the speaking. Though most could never guess it from his outward appearance, he did retain his childhood curiosity, though it now took the form of an intense desire to learn.

He has a strong desire to become powerful, as his life as a slave was mainly powerless, and he never wants to return to being powerless. Also due to his years spent as a slave, he has a strong hatred for the concept of slavery, and those who abuse their power over the powerless. Arron is also very observant, watching his allies and enemies, quickly able to pick up on their mannerisms and personality types, and using this information to predict their next actions.


Arron has a very unusual appearance for a cathar, as he was born with midnight black fur, and bright green eyes. This was due to a genetic mutation that very few cathar possess, and was shared by Arron's brother Orde. Although this made them stand out among their village, it was not treated as a stigma the way other cultures would have done. Aside from his mutated traits, he possesses fairly common cathar traits. His hair is braided like dreadlocks, pulled back to form a ponytail that reaches to his shoulders. After the events of the Eleventh Great Jedi war, Arron also posses a cybernetic right arm, after losing his real arm during battle. Upon his request it was modified to possess retractable metal claws to replace his natural ones.


Orde Saylos

"Big brother!"
― Orde

It has been 10 years since Arron has last seen his younger brother. When they were chiildren on Cathar Arron was fiercely protective of his younger brother and Orde returned the favor. As a result this bond, Arron stil views his inability to Orde safe from Tull's slavers as his greatest failure, and to this day Arron continues to spend his spare time on missions listening for any clues to the slavers who took him, hoping to one day reunite with his lost sibling.

Tull, the Hutt

"I guess you're just unlucky, little black cat."
― Tull to Arron

Arron's tormentor, directly or indirectly, for the better part of his life. It was Tull's slavers who raided Arron's village, killed his parents, and took his brother; it was also Tull'sbounty which caused Arron to be hunted across the galaxy for two years and eventualy drove him to the Brotherhood. Arron often daydreams about using his newfound powers, powers he did not possess when last they met, to make the Hutt fell every inch of the pain and fear Arron endured.

Scholae Palatinae

"I can't say the Empire doesn't sometimes remind me of Tull but...there are worse people to work for. Or with."
― Arron

The Imperial Clan, and the one which Arron was claimed by when he completed his training in the Shadow Academy. Arron's views on them are mixed. While he himself admits he will likely never possess the zealous patriotism of several of comrades in the Clan, he does feel loyalty towards the Empire, if only because they took him in when he most needed it.