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New Order era.
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Training Team

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10 Members


The First Step Into a Larger World



Notable commanders:

Corvus Corax, Founding Battleteam Leader

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"You have taken your first step into a larger world."
Ben Kenobi

Battle-team Zirael is the newest team to be created within Clan Odan-Urr. It is a team meant mostly for training services, dealing with most new recruits and also having a high amount of contact with non-Clanned citizens.


After the razing of New Tython at the hands of Darth Pravus and the Iron Legion, Clan Odan-Urr fled, morale weakened and forces depleted. In an initiative to revive the Clan’s infrastructure and integrity, Corvus Corax took up the reins of Battle-team Zirael, aiming to start bringing spirit back to the Clan.

With a generous gift from the Empress, and some contacts in different areas of society, the team was created with all the facilities and spaces it needed. Shortly after establishing the team in the Village, TBD took command of the unit and has begun to create more partnerships.

Patron Object

The Zirael Crystal is mined from the sides of Kiast’s oceanic trenches. As these crystals are under a toxic atmosphere, tremendous pressure, and sulphuric oceans, it is undeniably very difficult to extract. However, after the incredible effort of extracting the mineral, it is incredibly durable, allowing it to be used in many different ways, and is also regarded as extremely beautiful. After learning about it, it was chosen as the Patron Object for its uncanny likeness to a graduate from this Battle-team.

Headquarters: The Village

In the western arc of Essadan, the Village is a complex of sturdy buildings. Awarded to Odan-Urr as part of their negotiations, Battle-team Zirael has started using the Village as their grounds. They use the central courtyard for sparring and combat practice, sometimes using thrown-together barricades of discarded scaffolding and refuse to simulate a more complicated and team-oriented battle.

The Village, the new home of Zirael, not far from Essadan Prime.

There is also several suites suited to mechanical and technological advancement, with a workshop and set of terminals included.


Zirael requires a lot of relationships to succeed and thus Corvus Corax and Xolarin have both garnered key partnerships and are working on more. Below are key representatives living in The Village who can make external contact as needed.

  • Vatali Empire Correspondent: Ravix Aniter
  • Essadan Prime Adjunct: Professor Sal Orlinguus
  • Sentinel Network Correspondent: Saladrin Lamora
  • Odan-Urr Army Correspondent: Mally Fallsee
Voraskel Palace

Vatali Empire

The Vitali Empire, ruled by Empress Kaltani out of Voraskel Palace, is a close friend to the Battleteam from Odan-Urr. The Empress was kind enough to gift a location known as the Village (see above) which now serves as the main headquarters for Zirael. Here they train, live, and grow stronger each day. The Jedi have access to venders and training experts, as well as natural areas in water, forest, and other settings within a day's travel or less.

This gift of land and facilities, nearby Essadan Prime university, will prove to foster the growth of newcomers to the clan, and ensure Clan Odan-Urr remains refreshed and alive on Kiast.

Essadan Prime

Essadan Prime
A massive university campus system on Kiast, with massive military research funds and projects, Essadan Prime provided critical funding and resource for Battleteam Zirael and CLoan Odan-Urr during the New Tython conflict and was an aid and relief group during the Kiast arrival. This college has remained neutral to the houses and the empire, even through the Age of Reasoning, but does manage to support the side of Light over Dark. Its core facility lies just outside the toxic Essadan city cluster.

The university occasionally has trials for its students and will extend those exercises to their neighbors in Zirael. For example, to prove their initial worth and value to Essadan Prime, members of the Clan had to work on behalf of Zirael through a series of tests to gather and decipher data held within the campus city. Zirael would eventually succeed and relations would grow firm thereafter.

Tactics and Operations

Zirael is the only substantial Clan unit aside from the Summit that is based on Kiast. However, its role is to train its members with specialist skills and worthwhile experience, in a manner of different roles, in order to be able to integrate with the other Clan units upon Graduation.

Intra-Clan relations

Zirael works hard to have good relations with other clan units, in order to ease the integration of Zirael graduates into the wider Clan. This is usually achieved by running joint missions. Zirael would jointly work with Hoth, Satele-Shan, Knights of Allusis, Disciples of Bass, and Strike-Team Ooroo on missions which would acquaint the Swallows to other house lore, members, and environment. It can also build skills that may not have been developed otherwise.

Specialist Roles

Zirael’s aim is to not only open up opportunities for its members, but train them in a specialist field, so they have skills to contribute to whatever team they are in. Zirael does this by sending its members on both individual and team missions to focus on one particular skill. For example, an individual may be sent to learn ship mechanics under the guise of an apprentice, or a team may be sent to a small clinic to learn various healing methods.

For combat skills, it is slightly more difficult to covertly organise specialist training - so combat training is either done by a member of the Clan, or an external weapons specialist. For more experienced members, they may be sent out as a team or individually to partake in a real mission - such as the infiltration of a criminal organisation or as a temporary ward of a noble Vatali house.


Troop Leader: TBD

Sergeant: TBD

The Troop Leader is responsible for the team as a whole. From an external viewpoint, they manage the team and its activities. In reality, the Troop Leader is one of the first friends you can have. They are the leader which you will have most contact with.

The Sergeant is the second in command. They support the Troop Leader in their duties, and also are close to the team. They work to make sure the activities are things that the team wants and needs. Additionally they work closely with the Corporal on maintaining StO assets.


Members of Zirael will not call down or criticize other members; they will operate in multiple House and Clan channels; they will seek to befriend and improve others within and outside of the Clan, and to learn from those above them with humility and dedication. Interpersonal problems will be brought to the attention of the Troop Leader and/or the Sergeant who will work with both parties to resolve the issue. If a settlement cannot be made, the issue will be taken to the Proconsul and then to the Consul for a ruling.

Real-Life Role

Our real life role in the House is to train the leaders of tomorrow. Our projects focus on improving House infrastructure. One example is we are given the task of investigating planets, bases, criminal organizations and designing Wiki pages based on our submissions. We will soon be getting into event planning and other administrative work that is the driving force of this Club.

Our real life role in the Clan is to introduce new members to the wider DB and the activities we do, whilst ‘training’ the leaders of tomorrow.

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