Corvus Corax

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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Corvus Corax
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Light Grey

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Yellow single-bladed curved-hilt saber

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Character History

The Early Years (6 to 14 ABY)

  • Father was Scout for Rebel Alliance
  • Was leader in Scouting group to Imperial Endor base (is this too close to Canon, or not believable enough?)
  • Corvus Corax was born shortly after the Battle of Endor (6 ABY)
  • Family left Alliance to find place to settle with family

Forced to Run (14 to 20 ABY)

  • Remnants of the Empire found them
  • Father taken, mother tortured and killed in front of Corvus
  • Beaten and thrown on street
  • Father returns, bloody, but alive. The two flee.
  • After running, they settle down, start doing odd jobs (some criminal), start making connections.
  • After doing a couple of higher-profile jobs, it is discovered that they’ve been working against the Republic. Father protests against the mob boss, and Corvus is threatened, so Father agrees to continue, to save Corvus’s life.

The ‘Good’ Guys (20 to 21 ABY)

  • Father and Corvus is caught by Republic, passed over to Intelligence.
  • Intel officer knows Father, and is disgusted. Intel officer pulls own strings and imprisons (and later kills) Father. Corvus is put into the rigorous foster system. Corvus is 14 (20ABY).
  • After two months, Corvus escapes system, assumes identity of independent traveller, and stows away on a large passenger ship.
  • Begins to burgle first class passengers. Gets caught (already has a fair bit of money from it already), and is thrown off the ship at the next port.

The Big Shot (21 to 24 ABY)

  • Pulls off bigger and bigger heists. Becomes fairly rich. ‘Retires’ at 18 (24ABY).
  • Makes connections anew. Becomes a number of different personas - Ajax the merchant, Drarn the technician’s apprentice, Tarsin the mercenary initiate. Learns skills, gets money.

New Beginnings (24 to 28 ABY)

  • He is tracked down, though. Not by Republic or by crime syndicate - by Kemmellan Molanok: an Pantoran Jedi, trained classically, and escaped the Battle of Kashyyyk. Was, at one time, a Padawan to Jedi Master Tsui Choi. Kemm infiltrates his home, sees him as Corvus Corax, not as one of his identities. Cover blown, Corvus tries to attack Kemm, but Kemm stops him with the Force, and shows Corvus his affinity with the Force.
  • Corvus is taught by Kemm, in the ways of the Force. Kemm, still running from the First Order, makes Corvus move often, assuming different personas.

The Futile Search (28 to 29 ABY)

  • One day, Corvus is sent to infiltrate military base as part of training. He succeeds, and finds a SeNet informants terminal, hacking it to discover references to other Jedi, and Dark Jedi. Takes these to Kemm, but First Order has found him (he’s dead).
  • FO was watching the building, and pursue Corvus offworld. He returns to __ as Drarn, and disappears. After a significant period of time, he journeys to find the Jedi. He is 23 (29ABY).
  • Corvus finds Odan-Urr as they flee the DB’s wrath, to Haven.

The Shadows are Comfortable (29 to 33 ABY)

  • Not brought himself into spotlight since. He has only trained and fought averagely.
  • After Oreenian attack, has been scouring HoloNet for information. Has tracked down official documents for his father, the Intel Officer that killed him (also dead), and Kemm (missing, accused of high treason). He swears to do good by his Father and Kemm, and starts to excel.

The Spotlight is Ready and Waiting (33 ABY to present)


When Corvus Corax does something important, the likelihood is that it has been planned months in advance, so that there is very little that can deviate from his main plan, or even evade his meticulous planning for problems. He literally spends all his time preparing for big operations, and planning for every different condition that might occur.

Corvus is, at heart, someone of utmost manners. Not only does he dress in miniaturised formalwear, but he speaks using sophisticated vocabulary - he is quite the sesquipedalian. Following a chivalrous and polite doctrine drilled into him by his father, he will treat everyone with utmost respect, even his enemies - that is, when he isn't in combat with them.

Having played as many different personas throughout his life, Corvus Corax has taken to doing the same when with the Clan. He acts as a stereotypical Aleena, curious and generally jovial. He seems quiet, but ultimately interested in almost everything. He will only be genuine when in private with those who have won his complete trust.



Corvus will always be seen wearing some form of finery. He often wears a simple waistcoat and shirt, which he wears even in combat. He will change his outfit occasionally - such as a full suit for special occasions.


He carries his lightsaber almost constantly, and in times of battle, he wears his shortsword on his left hip. A pouch full of coins never leaves his belt.


Corvus is in his late twenties. He is of average height (for an Aleena) and has cobalt-coloured skin, with muted gold highlights. His eyes are dark grey, with a white ring around his pupils. He has a long, angled face with a sizeable head-crest.