Nemo Dupar

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Nemo Dupar
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

12 BBY

Physical Description









Icy blue

Personal Information

Semyon Cain


Gaidal Dupar

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Djem So

Chronology & Political Information

Rogue Jedi


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Crimson Tide

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Nemo Dupar is a rogue Jedi who has placed his talent at the disposal of the Crimson Tide. His alliance with the Crimson Tide and his obsession with the location of Gaidal Dupar make him a “being of interest” to Clan Plagueis, which has placed a twenty thousand credit (20,000 cr) bounty on his head.


Jedi Training

Born 12 BBY Nemo Dupar never knew his father, Darius. His mother and father had had a one night fling, and then Darius had disappeared while his mother raised Nemo. She raised him on Kyandria, but his force potential quickly started to show. Eager to hand him over to more responsible people, his unknown mother sent him off to the Jedi, where he trained on Dantooine. He showed great promise, although he was also very competitive. The masters also started to notice that he seemed to be obsessed with finding his father.

In a mission to Korriban the majority of his party was killed though he survived. It is unknown at this time what exactly happened, although some rumors exist that he personally killed them. This event, whatever happened, would be pivotal to Nemo Dupar’s life as it would end his formal training and set him adrift on the sea of the Dark Side. Though Nemo Dupar was alive, he remained obsessed with his own inadequacies and his lust to find his father.


Nemo has come to believe that his father is not dead and that Gaidal Dupar, his cousin, has information as to his location. Unable to leave his ancestry alone, Nemo Dupar turned his efforts towards the Dark Side and self-trained, primarily from his ship, in and around the Acarr System. From there, he strove to assemble a band of mercenaries. Though he attempted to train them, his efforts were largely for naught until the day he met Semyon Cain. In that youth, he felt a potential beyond what he had seen since the ill-fated visit to Korriban.

Months of training and adventure saw Semyon Cain earn his way to stand beside Nemo Dupar to the exclusion of others. Eventually, Nemo Dupar abandoned his desire to lead a band of mercenaries, instead now content with the alliance forged between the disciple he had trained, Semyon Cain, and himself. The two discovered an assemblance of Dark Jedi under the mantle of Clan Plagueis and monitored them in secret for months. In truth, Nemo was still obsessed with Gaidal Dupar, who had joined Clan Plagueis and served House Exar Kun.

The pair continued to lie in wait, training, growing more powerful. In time, they heard of the Crimson Tide and their plans to attack Plagueis. Nemo studied the group and gained an audience with their leader Calliban Crimson. In exchange for the services of he and his comrade Semyon Cain, the Crimson Tide would allow Nemo Dupar the capture of Gaidal Dupar. Seeing himself as obvious benefactor of a one-sided deal, Calliban Crimson was more than eager to cement the alliance with the promise of Gaidal Dupar.

Nemo assisted the Tide in their attack on Clan Plagueis during the Battle of Byfrost, where he kidnapped his cousin Gaidal. What exactly happened at this time is unknown, but somewhere along the line of Gaidal's rescue Nemo lost his lightsaber, which was presented to Gaidal several months later.

Nemo Dupar remains alive in the association of the Crimson Tide, awaiting further opportunity to strike at his cousin in order to gain information as to his father. He has watched with interest the rise of another bearing the Dupar name – Aabsdu Dupar. Though he would lash at Plagueis, he waits for he knows he needs the support of the Crimson Tide to neutralize the clan so he can pursue what he sees as his “destiny” with information forcibly and painfully extracted from Gaidal and, perhaps, Aabsdu.