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Severon Finius Nicholas Vercingetorix
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Date of Birth:

10 BBY

Date of Death:

35 ABY (age 45)

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163 pounds


Dark Brown



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Soresu, Makashi

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Jedi Consular



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"Break the chains and feel the Force. Use to fight, to gain power and victory."
―Severon Vercingetorix

Severon Finius Nicholas Vercingetorix, known as Severon Bolshev in younger life, was a Jedi Consular in the service of the light side House Odan-Urr. He was born on Alderaan ten years before it was destroyed by Darth Vader, and proceeded to learn the mysteries of the Force. He joined the Brotherhood first in House Gladius where he made his biggest impression by serving as Rollmaster and subsequently as Aedile. He then found redemption and joined House Odan-Urr, becoming a Jedi Consular. He would die in the service of the House at the hands of the Arconan Cethgus Entar, while performing a covert operation.

Severon's Early Years

Birth of a Dark Jedi

"My past is not of consequence. Noble birth does not always mean nobility. Life tears apart even the wealthiest of beings; turning them into some of the most feared things in the galaxy."
―Severon Vercingetorix

Severon was born with the name Severon Finius Nicholas Bolshev, to the Lady Vessina Bolshev of Alderaan. He was second in a line of three children, two boys and one baby girl. His father, Nicholas Kylus Finius Bolshev, served as a member of Princess Leia's guard and was killed in her service when the Empire boarded the Tantive IV. His older brother, Semptos Kylus Terentius Bolshev, went on to be a leading member in the Rebellion before being executed by the Empire for crimes against the state. His twin sister, Syrna Cassandra Bolshev, was separated from the family at birth and left in the care of a foster family.

A Childhood on Alderaan

"You are a fool, a cheap good-for-nothing who presumes that he's liked. "
―Severon's response to a guest and Lady Bolshev's reaction at a dinner party

Severon's childhood was a prelude of things to come for him. While he was given the best schooling money could buy, he tended to shirk his studies and concentrate more on history and the tales of the Jedi Order. He was often given to daydreams during his classes, which led his tutors to believe that he was ignorant, and mentally incapable of his studies.

Life was not much better for Severon at home. His mother, the Lady Bolshev, was constantly having guests over and required her children to exhibit all manners of their noble lifestyle. While trying to comply with her orders, Severon was consistantly pitched into a battle of words with the guests, and tried to assert his dominance over them. After only a few of such occasions, Lady Bolshev locked him within his room while guests were over.

Severon's attitude continued to sour the more he grew. In family portraits, he was easily recognizable due to his gaunt face, and long dark hair in comparison to his stouter, and blonde, mother and brother. He never smiled; his face practically molded into a permanent scowl. He was given to outbursts against his mother and especially against his brother.

After only nine years of life, Lady Bolshev grew tired of trying to raise Severon, and put him aboard a transport bound for Nar Shaddaa. Her plan was to allow Severon to be raised by her brother, a viscous man living on Nar Shaddaa who had been divorced twice. The ship had only just jumped into hyperspace when the Death Star arrived in the Alderaan system, and obliterated Severon's past, forever.


"Perfect place to get lost in."
―Atton Rand on Nar Shaddaa; KOTOR

The transport liner was never destined to reach Nar Shaddaa. While in route, a pirate vessel crippled the ship's engines, bringing it out of hyperspace. While the pirates went through the transport, Severon began to make his way back toward the escape pods. Unfortunately, the pirates had been quick to locate the bay, and Severon was captured instantly. The young Alderaanian proved fortunate, however, as the pirates had been without a cabin boy for quite some time, and he proved a suitable replacement.

After being accepted aboard, Severon was informed that the ship was called the Gorgon, and was little more than a floating hulk of a Belarius Class Medium Cruiser. The ship was its namesake in every way; the hallways were covered in filth and in several of the passageways long-dried gore splattered the walls, showing the ship's bloody history of repeated mutinies.

The current captain of the Gorgon was a dapper, lower-class Nabooian citizen named Dractis Casari, who wished to make it rich by pirating vessels. Casari was a cruel man, and he constantly ordered Severon beaten over trivial things. Though rather unsuccessful, Casari did manage to create several rivalries with fellow pirate captains, making him a marked man.

Severon served aboard the Gorgon until he reached the age of fourteen. After the Battle of Yavin, the Empire began to patrol for pirates more frequently. The Gorgon, in route to Corellia, was intercepted by a patrolling Acclamator Class Cruiser. The Gorgon, having recently escaped a harsh battle leaving its shields drained and half of the weaponry damaged, surrendered immediately when the Imperials requested. As a last ditch effort, once Imperial boarding parties were aboard, the captain and several other crew, including Severon, jettisoned from the ship in escape pods. Half were blasted away by the Acclamator, but a few lone pods, including the one with Captain Casari and Severon's, made it to the planet's surface. The Gorgon had a worse fate; she was scuttled after being searched for valuables and contraband.

Corellia: A New Beginning

"You'll never amount to anything boy! "
"I'll show you, I'll be ten times what you are in the future.
―Aged Bounty Hunter speaking to a young Severon

Severon managed to avoid the Imperial eyes after crashing on Corellia, and began to carve a life for himself. While aboard the Gorgon, Severon had managed to gain considerable experience with a great many weapons, and began to hire himself out as a hitman. Surprisingly, even with harsh enforcements by CorSec, Severon managed to make a decent living.

As he gained more and more popularity, clients began to expand their horizons, often asking Severon to perform operations on other planets. In the beginning, Severon declined these clients, refusing to buy a ship. However, as jobs on Corellia itself became harder and harder to find, Severon gave in and purchased a YT-1250 freighter named the "Renegade".

The "Renegade" allowed Severon the freedom to move between planets, earning him far more difficult contracts and far better pay. Before long, Severon had a sizable fortune to his name, and his fame spread throughout the Corellia system, attracting more and more clients eager to explore his skills.

Rise of the Dark Jedi

Gaining a Companion


Severon continued to take more and more jobs of an increasingly daring nature, and realized he would need assistance. He chose not to hire a human or alien counterpart, worried that anyone he hired would turn on him. So, he hunted for a droid, his search taking him to many junk shops and droid repair stations.

At one particular shop, a gleam of purple metal caught Severon's eye, and he uncovered a relic from the past. The HK-78 model assassin droid was rather beaten and didn't sparkle, but that mattered not to Severon. The price was right, and gained him a reliable, if aged, companion.

The HK unit proved a suitable companion to the wayward Severon, it's witty humor and deadly accuracy with a blaster further enhanced Severon's reputation and gained him more and more prestige.

The Call

Severon was first approached about the Brotherhood in the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine. He and his partner, HK-78, had just returned from a successful hunt and were celebrating when Severon was approached by a stranger dressed in all black. The man never mentioned his name but told Severon that he had much potential in the Force. Severon, not quick to accept anything, regarded the man as a fool, until the man impressed him with small feats accomplished with the Force's aid.

Severon did not accept invitation there though. He continued to hunt for three years after the incident before he was approached again where he finally accepted. Next thing he knew, he was on a shuttle to the Karana Campus of the Shadow Academy, in training to become a fledgling Obelisk.

Life in the Brotherhood

The Early Years

There was not much to Severon's training at the Shadow Academy. He passed his Test of Lore with flying colors, was promoted to Apprentice, and found himself on yet another shuttle, this one to Caliburnus of Clan Scholae Palatinae.

Here, the new apprentice worked on his studies and was promoted to Novice for his efforts. Yet, Severon seemed disillusioned with his House's leadership and, after only a week of being a Novice, he left the Brotherhood and went rogue.

Rejoining the Brotherhood

After about a year, Severon returned to the Brotherhood and was put into House Gladius of Clan Tarentum. The Quaestor of the House at the time, was Telona Murrage. Despite the Novice's unruly past, she welcomed him into Gladius with open arms. His studies improved in Gladius and in about a year, he was a Protector and coming into his own.

However, he went rogue again soon after that, feeling that he needed to leave for a while.

The Ninth Jedi War

Antei, Site of the Ninth GJW

Severon rejoined Gladius on the eave of the 9th Great Jedi War. Severon immediately prepared for battle with the rest of the Gladians, and joined his house aboard the B/R Cocytus for the journey through The Shroud.

The flight was long and, for the most part, uneventful. Severon received his first taste of combat on the surface of the planet Antei. He was assigned to guard the Anti-Aircraft Batteries. While there, he did not see much action but did help defeat an older model Tank Droid.

The next assignment for the Protector was to help in the assault. He joined fellow many other Tarentae for the assignment and was wounded in the leg by shrapnel during the incident. This caused a limp that Severon still has today.

For his efforts in the war, Severon received a Bronze Nova.

Severon received his first saber, a green armory saber, just before the GJW. He carried this and used it in the GJW.

The Master

After the Jedi War, Severon prepared to return back to the Sword's Sheath with his fellow Gladians. However, as he stood in his tent packing, he was approached by a Cestian named Vai Azexel. Severon had met the Dark Jedi Knight during the war, but had not said much to him.

Vai had been approached by Severon's house leadership and had been asked to become Severon's master. When he was asked, Severon readily accepted the mentorship of the Cestian and the training began immediately.

The Rollmaster Years

Dark Jedi Knight Severon Vercingetorix

After the Jedi War, Severon began to work more closely with his House Summit, helping to reform the House after the GJW.

Closely after being promoted to Jedi Hunter, Severon was approached by the new Quaestor, Scion Altera, with a proposition that he become Rollmaster of Gladius. Severon accepted readily and took hold of his first leadership position in the Brotherhood.

During his tenure as Rollmaster, Severon was promoted to the illustrious rank of Dark Jedi Knight. It was then that he built his first lightsaber, with a blade as red as a laigrek's eye.

The Sister He Never Knew

After becoming a Dark Jedi Knight, Severon took to traveling around the Yridia System. His mood was constantly changing, from satisfied to incredibly annoyed with everything. Then, while roaming the surface of Yridia IX, Severon stumbled onto a person he never even dreamed existed.

Severon entered into a pub and was knocked back by the Force potential eminating from one of the patrons. She sat at the bar, a hood over her head. Curious, Severon approached the bar and ordered a drink. He then inspected the girl. Dark hair adorned her head, and her eyes were deep and piercing.

After receiving the drink, Severon initiated a conversation with the girl, and learned her name to be Syrna Valkiss, of his line of Bolshev. Taken aback, Severon went on to learn that she was born on his exact birthday, in the exact place he was, to exactly the same mother. However, his father had not wanted a girl, and the Bolshev's gave baby Syrna over to an orphanage, while Severon went on to be his brother Sempto's shadow.

Though Severon did not learn much of her immediate past, he took a liking to his long lost sister, and invited her to join the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, where he believed her raw talent could be cultivated.

The Aedile Years

Appointment to Aedile

Severon was a very diligent Rollmaster, sending many reports and painstakingly improving the performance of Gladius. He helped members to know what they needed to do in order to rise in rank.

The former Aedile of Gladius, Archpriest Apollo, had decided to retire, and the current Quaestor, Scion Altera, was left with the task of appointing a new Aedile. Seeing the Severon had, if only for a few months, done remarkably in his position, Scion appointed him to the position of Aedile, bringing a member of Tridens, Raiju Kang, to replace him as Rollmaster.

RoS; Spoils of War

The appointment was just in time for the Grandmaster's call for vendetta which led to the brutal Rite of Supremacy; the Spoils of War. As Aedile, it was Severon's appointed duty to assist Scion in getting the House into fighting shape.

This was accomplished, though with quite a bit of work. Gladius was still suffering from the Ninth Great Jedi War and badly needed refit and repair still. Severon and Scion worked together and brought the House back up to command status though not in time to save Tarentum from getting fifth place.

New Changes

The Abolishment of House Gladius

An order from the Consul came to Scion and Severon declaring that Gladius was to be abolished and the Sword's Sheath was to be used for other purposes. Two new Houses were to be formed, House Reinthaler and House Kaerner.

Severon and Scion were to be separated. Severon was called by the new Quaestor of Reinthaler, Saitou Tarentae to become the Commander of the new battleteam Black Phoenix. Scion went to Kaerner to become it's Quaestor.

Black Phoenix & More Changes

A Phoenix Ring

When he joined Reinthaler, Severon was appointed leader of one of the new House's two battleteams. Severon dubbed his new team Black Phoenix, for it seemed to fit with the Clan's rebirth since the Phoenix itself is reborn from ashes. Severon took on the duties of Sith Commander diligently, and took Sato Tarentae as his right hand man.

While serving as Commander of Black Phoenix, Severon created a series of rings. Dubbed Phoenix rings, they were made of onyx and would alert Severon to an injured member of his team, so that he might respond quickly. The rings were designed to prevent excessive casualties of the team.

Severon did not serve as Commander for very long. Reinthaler's Aedile, Raimi Mistwalker stepped down due to constraints on his very life. Severon was appointed as Reinthaler's second Aedile and served faithfully under Saitou Tarentae. During his tenure, Severon began to experience the change that would wreck the clan. Mercenary's came to Reinthaler's hidden base, only to be easily captured by Severon with the help of the two battleteams, Zurhidon and Black Phoenix.

This moment began the spiral which would knock Severon from his position as Aedile and place him in the new Battleteam created from the ashes of Black Phoenix by Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae entitled the Rite of Sin. With the Clans reforming into Houses, Severon stands by Tarentum still and by its Quaestor, the former Consul Ronovi Tavisaen Tarentae.


As Tarentum faced one of its most bloody trajedies, Severon began to change in himself. All of the death of the forces of Tarentum, were getting to him. His main concern, was that none of the Dark Jedi of the House seemed to give them much recognition, they just continued on as if the deaths never happened.

During the heat of the battle, Severon's old friend and accomplice Octavian Moorhand was shot and killed. Severon himself was wounded in the battle, but was able to recover. During the recovery, however, Severon moved away from the Dark Side of the Force. He was then recruited by Ji into House Odan-Urr.

Service to the Light

Severon didn't spend long as a converted Jedi before his untimely death at the hands of Cethgus Entar. He served Odan-Urr faithfully for many months, helping to train and build its apprentices and padawans into being able to resist the pull of the Dark Side, and fight its minions. He was forever pursued by agents of his old Clan and House, Tarentum, until the end of his days.

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  • ACO Achiryte; MIA
Positions Held
Before Position After
Dralin Fortea Rollmaster of House Gladius
31 ABY - 32 ABY
Raiju Kang
Apollo Aedile of House Gladius
32 ABY
House Dissolved
N/A Sith Commander of Black Phoenix
32 ABY
Sith Bloodfyre
Raimi Mistwalker Aedile of House Reinthaler
32 ABY - 33 ABY
Jagen Phoenix