Saitou Tarentae

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Saitou Tarentae
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Roughly 2 BBY

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1.73m (5'8)


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Krath, Tarentum



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"I walk through this world of light realizing I am shrouded in darkness. I am a Dark Jedi."
―Saitou Tarentae

Character History

From the Wastes of Eriadu

Saitou was born on the vast city planet of Eriadu during the final years of the Empire's dominance under the name of Yutzka Serovich. The exact location and even date are not known as record keeping had become quite sloppy in those years. Saitou, though interested in many aspects of his own personal and affiliation histories, never researched this fact nor has any other found it necessary to do so. His family was small and consisted of his two parents and one sister. Serovich's father, an Imperial TIE pilot, was often reassigned and therefore the family moved every few years. Serovich's life on Eriadu was mostly uneventful and lasted roughly five years. His next home would be Corellia. Here, he would meet and befriend Daisuke Airyu. The one event that lingers in Saitou's memory of those days is the near death experience of his sister. While out on shopping errands, the two became separated and Serovich's sister was attacked. Not knowing the cause or the possible result, Serovich rushed to his sister's aid, seething with fury. The fight was short and both attacker and defender were wounded heavily. Though this event would not otherwise be noteworthy, a passing Jedi took notice and offered to take the young Serovich under his wing. However, this offer was refused and, sensing no devastating loss, the Jedi moved on, never to reenter Serovich's life again.

Rise of a Pirate, Emergence as a Pilot

The Empire soon collapsed and Serovich’s father was one of countless fatalities. The exact details were never learned and it was only years later that any information could be pieced together. The path of the father was to be quickly continued. As soon as both Serovich and Airyu were able, they joined the Imperial Immersion and Education Academy, a Black Sun training facility under a false Imperial name. The IIEA quickly became the two friends’ new home and soon both became qualified Z-95 pilots. However, on their final training mission before full integration into the Black Sun, the IIEA was attacked by Avenger Squadron, an elite squadron of the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps. It was only then that the two found out about the true nature of their academy and, after their surrender, they were enrolled in IWATS. This was during the time when Compton was Fleet XO. While Daisuke Airyu was to quickly excel through this new stage of training, an unfortunate accident would set Serovich back six months. During his first IWATS flight, his old training TIE suffered severe mechanical failure and the resulting onboard explosion forced his hospitalization. Upon his recovery, he was much the same as any other pilot and worked his way through the ranks and into a squadron.

A Helmet paired with a Hood

Major Serovich's highest dress uniform

Upon his promotion to Sub-Lieutenant and assignment to the SSD Avenger Serovich became aware of the Dark Brotherhood. In those days it was required that every officer of the SSD be a part of the Brotherhood. However, being a newly assigned pilot and provisional member this was not so for Serovich. His home squadron was Hunter of Avenger Wing I. Joining his friend Daisuke Airyu, Serovich quickly acclimated to the new environment and slowly rose through the ranks. The time soon came that he would be inducted into the Brotherhood as a Sith Apprentice, but the bulk of his effort remained with the TIE Corps. It was not until Shups recognized the innate Krath tendencies within Serovich that this was to change. Quickly passing the Krath tests and rite of induction, Serovich became Saitou. He would be assigned to Acclivis Draco, the Krath House of Clan Scholae Palatinae. This was the time during the reign of Grand Master Zoraan. None would have imagined the pivotal role Saitou would come to play.

While Serovich continued to ply his way upwards through the structure of the TIE Corps, Saitou began his relatively quick ascent within the Brotherhood. This move proved difficult logistically despite the intertwined nature of the two organizations at the time. During his career, Serovich was able to call the ISD Challenge and Typhoon Squadron his second home. However, Serovich ultimately proved a better Squadron Commander than a Flight Member and led Slayer Squadron of Wing XIX for a long period. Slayer consisted of twelve TIE Phantoms serving as a reconnaissance group. Ultimately, Saitou's allegiance would prove strongest to HAD of CSP.

The uniform displayed to the left is the highest level and last version of Major Serovich's uniform. It is kept as a memento of his service, though he has been officially expelled from the TIE Corps. (Note: The rank badge is indeed Major and predates the current TIE Corps system).

Youngest of the Old School, Oldest of the New

Saitou entered Acclivis Draco as an Acolyte during the reign of Consul Brad and Quaestor Arkane Maithal. The Aedile was Krail Darkblade assisted by Rollmaster Karva Dronaal. The House was small and Saitou was quick to feed on the Dark Side energy flowing through its members. The young Krath quickly rose to favor and was asked to lead Ebon Cloak Phyle shortly after his ascension to Protector. This small unit was enough to prove his mettle and he soon became Guardian. As the summit shifted, it came to pass that Michael Halcyon was Quaestor. He chose the fresh Saitou to be his Aedile. Saitou holds this event in the highest regards as this was also the time of two major rites: his ascension to Dark Jedi Knight with all rights and privileges attached and his ritual saber duel with Michael Halcyon. It was during this duel that he obtained his scar just below his left eye, which he has never had removed. It was also during this time that his ties with Michael and Cuchulain were strongly solidified.

A Leader is Shaped and a House Develops

It was during the time period of Michael and Saitou that House Acclivis Draco first attained the title of "First Krath House of the Brotherhood." While Michael Halcyon once jealously clung to this title as entirely his own, Saitou was well aware of his part in this victory. However, the minute details are nothing of interest and the two later reconciled. Saitou was primarily a support role while in this office and his largest contribution was overseeing the HAD communication systems, which are usually abandoned and rebuilt as is customary whenever any new communications officer comes about in the House. The long standing tradition of a squirrel horde, started by Michael Halcyon, was continued by Saitou and he was appointed the second Squirrel Master of HAD. None has ever succeeded him. Saitou’s position was held until he resigned out of disgust when he was passed over for Quaestor by the far more qualified Cuchulain. Though begged to stay, Saitou would not. The communications duties were continued by Saitou for a time longer until they were to change hands in a normal fashion. Saitou’s activity never ceased and he became a sponge for the traditions of the House and Clan. A second and brief stint as Ebon Cloak Tetrarch followed, which was brought to an abrupt halt by his appointment to the office of Proconsul.

A Pillar of the Clan

The Crest of Clan Scholae Palatinae

Despite the unpleasantness of the previous appointment, Saitou and Cuchulain had come to terms with each other quickly and the two became the pair to lead Clan Scholae Palatinae. Theirs was an incredibly fruitful rule and the prosperity of the Clan, House Acclivis Draco especially, was greatly enhanced. A feud between Scholae Palatinae and Clan Satal Keto was the primary cause of this newfound glory. Overseen primarily by the two Proconsuls, the feud was fought viciously and with great vigor. In the end, Scholae Palatinae was victorious. A Lancer Frigate was gained through this conflict and the naming rights were reserved by Cuchulain. It was christened L/FRG Ogmio's Whip and followed in the tradition of mythological capital ship names. Saitou won great honor personally as he was awarded the Sapphire Blade for all his efforts and leadership. He keeps it and a picture of the Ogmio’s Whip displayed together in his trophy case, which contains many other meaningful items – some only recognizable to himself.

Saitou succeeded Cuchulain upon his resignation and took full command of the Clan. The style of leadership did not change, though the same can not be said of the multiple Proconsuls to try their hands at the office. The first and most successful was Dakari, whose assistance, though appreciated, was unremarkable. Irritated and feeling deprived of proper compensation, Dakari stormed away from the office and the Clan. His successor was Khaen, who left the office in less than two weeks to pursue his appointment to the Dark Council as Obelisk High Commander. The final Proconsul to serve under Saitou, almost as briefly, was Gidda – infamous to Scholae Palatinae as the first EHDB Consul and later false Grand Master Carnifex. His appointment to the office briefly preceded the bombastic event burned into any DB mind old enough to remember it: the Split. However, during Saitou’s reign as Consul, one major three-way feud occurred. The “Dark Jedi Games” started as a peaceful competition that quickly turned sour. Though Scholae Palatinae triumphed utterly, the EH High Command was not looking favorably upon the Brotherhood, which was nearing its declaration of separation and return to exalted independent status. The result was the lack of any rewards to any of the three Clans. Saitou has never forgiven them for this travesty.

Uncertain Times and a Personal Split

Saitou’s first warbanner

The Split was a great turmoil for everyone involved. For Saitou, it was a far greater upheaval than any regular member could realize. With half of his Clan, mostly the Sith under Gidda, choosing to be loyal to the Emperor’s Hammer and the other half, mostly the Krath and a majority of Obelisk, wishing to succeed, Saitou was faced with his own personal loyalty issue. Many of the Clan had developed solely under his leadership as either Proconsul or Consul and none wished to lose him. Those who did succeeded in keeping their opinions unknown. Saitou’s decision would shock them all. In a fit of disgust, though clearly favoring the separatists, Saitou withdrew to the outer reaches of space to further contemplate the nature of the Dark Side alone. He could not betray Scholae Palatinae.

The resulting shock would not bathe Saitou in a favorable light. "Traitor" and "coward" were labels given him by the EH loyalists. Despite a bribe of a Sapphire Blade to keep quiet and put on a happy face, Saitou would not bite. Pained understanding and the occasional “coward” label were the feelings of the now independent members. Saitou could not care less. His first and foremost goal was to not betray his Clan. Later, he would hear the worst insult the EH loyalists could lob at him. “He forced us to write our reports on time to be compiled together.” Less biting words could not be crafted.

Saitou withdrew and awaited a time the two factions would reconcile, but he knew that was not plausible. Seeking to maintain ties with either side, he kept to the sidelines and bided his time. The decision to join a faction would be prompted by one or the other. Only time would reveal where he would be destined to go.

The Warbanner system was instated after the now obsolete Grant of Arms was phased out. Saitou's original GoA consisted of Krath robes over an Equite shield, bearing a squirrel head. The Warbanner to the left incorporates many symbols designating Saitou's status at the time of its creation. The medallion crest represents his standing as a holder of the Scholae Palatinae clan name. The banner crest represents the divided loyalty he felt after the great Brotherhood Split tore the clan in two. The squirrels represent Saitou himself. They symbolize a seemingly small creature that is determined, crafty, and cannot be dispelled despite intense effort.

A Glorious and Exalted Return

In the end, it would be the EHDB that would decide Saitou’s loyalties. Casual acceptance had become passive aggression, which soon turned into less than passive aggression. Saitou had his EHDB dossier erased and rejoined the Scholae Palatinae he had sympathized more with all along. The choice had been made all the easier by the rejection of the other half. Gidda would soon ensure his full expulsion from the TIE Corps shortly thereafter.

Desmos, then Consul of Scholae Palatinae, had met with Arania, then Proconsul, and the two had discussed a new honor, which had been formed within the Brotherhood: Clan names. The first two to be given such an honor were Saitou and Cuchulain. Thus, the return of one who had never fully left was exalted. The dilapidation of the Clan sadly was now fully pronounced and Saitou got to work as a Clan Advisor, attempting to reverse the damage done. For this work, a Grand Cross was awarded.

Saitou would once again enter the leadership ring. First, taking control of his original Phyle for the third time, he got to work on small details for the education of newer members. This appointment was cut short, much the same as the second time. Upon his elevation to Quaestor, Saitou reformed the Phyles and attempted to bring order to Acclivis Draco once more. He was also the first to recognize and force Mirei out of the House. Despite the bumpy start, Saitou believed this would be a good time to lead. This position was tragically interrupted by an impasse in the summit. Saitou resigned in disgust after attempting to corral Lenzar, who had become the Quaestor of Caliburnus and who shortly thereafter left on his own powers.

Wondering if he’d ever lead again due to sheer frustration, Saitou’s mood had dropped considerably. However, his work earned him the rank of Pontifex and soon he took the reigns of Dragon Guard. This stint as Tetrarch was uninterrupted until the time Saitou saw fit to have fresh blood take the lead.


The only thing that is certain is change. However, the change taking place within Saitou’s home and only Clan was alarming him beyond measure. Despite his efforts to keep Scholae Palatinae a close-knit and relaxed Clan with a glorious past and noble traditions, this was all to change in rapid succession. First, a House was to close. It was Caliburnus. A petition begun and seen through by Saitou with the help of the membership resulted in the House’s reactivation, but a lack of continued cooperation soon saw the closing of Dorimad Sol. The Brotherhood-wide trend of multi-order Houses was now the norm and not the exception. Caliburnus was first to change. Though other Krath Houses stood against this seeming resignation of the weaker Orders, this could not last.

Acclivis Draco was reduced to a multi-order House. However, the fullness of humiliation was still to come. Drywyn’s Flame, the final outpost for the fiercely loyal Krath held out. For a time this was accepted, but a new summit shift would bring the final insult. Braecen Kunar inched his way up to Consul quickly and almost without much notice. A super active new upstart made her appearance and soon was Aedile. This would shake the House to its foundations and a pillar would collapse. Between outright disrespect and harassment from an infuriated Rasilvenaira Stormraven, who had once again been denied Quaestor for fears of her instability and seemingly cheated of instant Quaestor by Saitou, and lack of any true support from the Clan summit Saitou could stand it no longer. Having spent only nine days at his post, Saitou resigned and awaited any further action. He even pleaded his case to higher authorities, but his cries did not reach the Dark Council in time for them to take appropriate measures.

Appearing to be without support from within or outside of his beloved Clan, the betrayal was made whole. Saitou withdrew to the Rogue Jedi in order to ponder his next move. It would once again prove a shock to all who witnessed it.

Self Exile and a New Clan

Saitou transferred to Tarentum. Word spread far more slowly than Saitou could have ever foreseen. However, when it reached the right ears the reaction was bombastic. Leaving his Clan name behind, certain Palpatines hurled vicious insults. It was too late. The worst insults had already been thrown, dulling whatever remained. With boiling resentment and years of extensive knowledge, Scholae Palatinae was undoubtedly in a state of worry concerning Saitou’s new affiliation. Though passwords and other soft issues could be quickly fixed, certain tactical dangers remained for some time.

Saitou quickly settled into House Tridens despite a brief probationary period imposed both by the summit of Tarentum and Saitou himself. After becoming acquainted with the new unit, Saitou set out to become fully integrated. He sought Sith Bloodfyre and Oberst to inquire as to what service he might render. The summit tapped his skill concerning the more esoteric and arcane side of the Force. Saitou was assigned to the Mystics Asylum on Yridia IX and was soon appointed Chief of Archaeological Research after uncovering two small ziggurats on Yridia II. It is also known that Saitou quickly became a member of Tarentum's Inner Order, though details concerning this subject are scarce.

However, Saitou's initial service to the clan had not been purely limited to research. Saitou earned the title of "Prefect of Tarentum" complete with a land grant in a set of war games. This title is not considered permanent and must be defended, but the time to do so has not yet come. Saitou continues to eagerly await the next war games, when he hopes to improve his status and earn full knighthood in the clan's secular order. In addition to this title, Saitou also enjoyed second floor privileges at the Amicus Club, where he cemented ties with the elite on Antei.

Stability Amidst Chaos

(More to come shortly)

DJB Facts

Saitou's current warbanner

The Warbanner

The warbanner displayed to the right is Saitou's second, which was created after he became fully settled in Tarentum. The medallion crest represents Saitou's standing as a Tarentae, otherwise known as the clan name. The banner crest represents the loyalty to his new clan and the symbolic death of his ties to Scholae Palatinae. The squirrel continues to symbolize a seemingly small creature that is determined, crafty, and cannot be dispelled despite intense effort. However, it is now skeletal, stripped of former appearances, and possesses an unflinching gaze.

Positions Held


Ebon Cloak Tetrarch (12/04/2000 - 04/09/2001) [4 months, 5 days]

Acclivis Draco Aedile (04/09/2001 - 09/26/2001) [5 months, 15 days]

Ebon Cloak Tetrarch (05/03/2002 - 05/12/2002) [9 days]

Scholae Palatinae Proconsul (05/12/2002 - 11/04/2002) [5 months, 23 days]

Scholae Palatinae Consul (11/04/2002 - 04/14/2003) [5 months, 10 days]

Ebon Cloak Tetrarch (09/16/2003 - 10/08/2003) [22 days]

Acclivis Draco Quaestor (10/08/2003 - 11/05/2003) [28 days]

Dragon Guard Tetrarch (04/11/2005 - 08/20/2005) [4 months, 9 days]

Acclivis Draco Quaestor (08/09/2006 - 08/18/2006) [9 days]

Reinthaler Quaestor (03/18/2010 - 06/20/2010) [3 months, 2 days]


Dark Voice Staff Member (12/21/2005 - 08/18/2006) [7 months, 28 days]

Outstanding Achievements

  • Named a Tarentae along with Korras
  • Voted Best Battle of the ACC - Standard Category
  • The first to be named a Son of Palpatine together with Cuchulain
  • Scholae Palatinae undefeated in major competition during his Clan summit tenure
    • Victorious Consul of a 3-way feud between Scholae Palatinae, Taldryan and Tarentum
      • Clans denied any award by EH Command Staff
    • Victorious Proconsul in a feud with Clan Satal Keto
      • Sapphire Blade awarded for leadership and service
      • Clan awarded L/FRG Ogmio's Whip
  • Aedile when Acclivis Draco first attained the title "First Krath House of the Brotherhood"
    • Start of HAD's "Golden Age" to be continued through the reign of QUA Sabé Dracaena

Master/Student Relations

  • Saitou was the first official student of Michael Halcyon and the M/S system
  • Saitou has been the master of the following students
    • Dengar March - his first and most promising sadly went missing shortly after DJK
    • Aeishline Strathaven - his second, she excelled past DJK and was last seen in the EHDB
    • Kazarelth - his third, Kazarelth performed well in Tarentum


  • The first of the Palpatines to go into exile
  • The second and current official Squirrel Master of HAD and CSP
    • Title figures prominently in GoA and warbanner designs
    • Title derived from Michael Halcyon
    • Title nearly passed on to Dengar March
    • Ood Bnar Sythe'rae took the role of Squirrel Regent after Saitou's exile
  • Absolutely dominated the DB in the GJW6 Pinball event
    • Gold Nova, defeated 84 other Dark Jedi, 2.667 billion points
  • Pouncer of Alanna, Strutter before Erinyes, El Serro de la CSP
  • Timbal's fellow "Rat bastard"
  • Dossier punked twice