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Jagen Phoenix
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

13 ABY

Physical Description







190 lbs.





Personal Information

none so far

Lightsaber Color(s):

Wolfs Fang, Red

Fighting Style(s):

Dulon, Kartranin, Shyarn-Ado, Makashi

Chronology & Political Information

Ex-smuggler, navy.


DJK, Aedile, house Tridens of Tarentum


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Tridens Of Tarentum

Personal Ship:

Prefers the ground.



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"Of all the Clans, ours has stood above and apart time and again. Where was Taldryan when the Antarans first attacked? Was Satal Keto not forced to kneel at our feet, their banners delivered in triumph to Lord Khyron? What they called victories were pyrrhic at best."
―Master Zero Tarentae about clan Tarentum

Jagen Phoenix is a Dark Jedi Knight, in the order of the Krath hailing from the Tridens of Tarentum. Born on the planet Corellia, his family were in the business of smuggling, his training in this giving him very useful skills. despite the association of smugglers being rough and dirty, Jagen prefers to remain clean, shaven, and orderly. Jagen is always searching for new ways to boost his house and clan, and strives to bring Tarentum the glory it deserves.

Character History

Correllian Born

""You know, the Imps on Coruscant used to call two Corellians together a conspiracy. Three they’d call a fight."

"More fools they, then. Any Corellian knows three of us together is a victory.""

―Wedge and Corran Horn discussing Corellians

Much the same as famous heroes from past years, Jagen Phoenix was born in the world of Correllia. Jagen was born in 13 ABY to Cal, and Alema Phoenix.


The family led a mostly normal life, the parents had twin sons, Edger and Jagen, and owned an upper middle class house . During days, Cal held a job owning, and managing a restaurant, while Alema stayed home to raise their two sons.

The family however, had old ties with the Hutts, and inner smuggling rings. This just happened to be a secret family hobbie. When the two boys had come of age, their father had decided to take them on and out of planet training mission.


"I mean, look at this planet – majestic fields, rolling plains, wide open terra firma. Elbow room – that's what people want."
―Crattis Yurkal

The mission was simple, and the route was short. Cal wanted to test his sons’ abilities, he put them through a series of challenges to hone them into the family business. Here, Jagen learned to pick locks, was introduced to basic fighting techniques, smuggling trades, and piloting. By the time Cal was finished with these weekend ’vacations’, the boys had become very close, and very skilled. Cal wanted to capitalize on his sons, and sent them on regular runs during breaks from their education.

The Edge of the Galaxy

A Nebula-class cruiser used by the New Republic

Jagen and Edger were masters at their trade, athletes by the age of 15. Their father had sent them to the outer rim worlds and back, earning him a small fortune, and also attracted the attention of the Hutts. Jagen loved seeing the galaxy, his adventures brought him to new and exciting worlds where he and his brother were immersed in many new cultures. The two were regarded as heroes on some planets, their smuggling runs bought economic stability, and was sometimes overlooked by a poor planet’s government.

The bond the brothers shared was inseparable, the two went everywhere together, and they accomplished much.

A touch with the force

"A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense. Never for attack."
A Jedi using the force to protect himself.

At the age of 16, the two boys enlisted in the New Republic’s navy forces. Thought they were well under age, with their great skill, and extensive resume, they were granted a pardon, to apprentice under the senior officers, and posted on an orbital checkpoint over the newly revived Taris.

It was not long before Jagen and Edger gained much merit in their careers. From settling small skirmishes, to simple tasks, they gained recognition from their superiors., and after Jagen took charge of a defensive counter-strike against on of the lower Tarisian gangs, he was appointed to first lieutenant on their checkpoint’s command ship, Betrayal. Though small in the eyes of The Republic’s vast military, Jagen took it as his first step on a large ladder.

"The strength of the dark side lies with the power of the individual. The Force comes from within. You must learn to draw on it yourself. I will not always be there to teach you."
―Darth Bane
Dark Force Energy leaving the body of a sith lord.

When his service in Taris was done, Jagen and Edger were stationed on Dantooine. The post was dreadfully boring, and the brothers spent most of their time leading explorations through dantooine’s vast caves. It was on one such trip where Edger found a strange cave, covered in crystal formations. When Jagen was taken to the cave, he found an immediate connection to the place, and through research in Dantooine’s archives, saw that the cave had been visited many times by the Jedi and Sith of the old Republics. Convinced that the crystals were made of the force, he and Edger spent much time meditating in the quiet caverns.

""The reality is that there is only the Force. It is above such petty concepts as positive and negative, black and white, good and evil.""
―Darth Sidious

The Brothers began experimenting with the crystals, and for the first time felt a strong connection to the force. Though the brothers were weary about their powers getting out at first. By this time, the JedI and Sith were seen as the same thing to them. And they equally feared both.

When they felt that they could do much better for the galaxy utilizing their powers, Jagen felt it was time to leave the Navy. They finished their required service, and went back to their trusty smuggling vessel, Cerulean Pearl.


"Evil is a word used by the ignorant and the weak. The dark side is about survival. It's about unleashing your inner power. It glorifies the strength of the individual."
―Darth Zannah

The Valley of the Dark Lords of Korriban.

The two brothers had decided to separate, Edger went to travel abroad the outer worlds, and Jagen held a passion for reading the ancient texts of the force. Jagen’s travels lead him to many ancient worlds, the remains of Lehon, the battle scars of Ruusan, and the ancient tombs of Korriban. Jagen was mystified by the ancient architecture, the past battles fought with such great powers as the thought bomb. He could feel the sheer power of the force in these celebrity battle grounds. Jagen felt the force flow much more strongly through him at these first two memorial worlds, and he knew Korriban would be the chance to increase his power exponentially.

Jagen made great haste to Korriban, landing on the outskirts of the Valley of the Dark Lords. Even upon arrival, Jagen could feel the force through the shuttle itself. Though he knew this sensation was different than the rest, it was darker, a raw power, and Jagen loved it. He searched the grounds of the Valley, though he saw no one. The place was deserted save for an ancient Sith academy.

When Jagen found his way into the doors of the academy, he found traces of activity there but there seemed to be no life in it’s dark corridors… More careful inspection revealed an ancient cult of Sith hiding deep within the old academy! Though they had no official name to themselves, they often thought of themselves as Keepers, as they tended the tombs, restoring them to their natural state, and living amongst the Sith, taking part in the power of the Dark Side. Deeply intrigued by these strangers, Jagen allowed them to take him to their main camp, in the tomb of Tulak Hord. The cult told Jagen many secrets of the Dark Side, though he knew they only scraped the surface of the deep world of the Dark Side of the force. Before Jagen took his leave to explore the rest of the tombs, the Cultists entrusted Jagen with the secret to their initiation into the highest echelons of their service, their Rite of Passage on Korriban.

The Legend of Tulak

By their tradition, Jagen was to roam the Valley, garbed in nothing but simple robes, and protected by not but a simple long blade. His challenge: kill Hssiss and combat, and bring their blood and horns as trophy of the kill. Jagen began his quest, after the mandatory day of fasting, to clear his spirit for the challenge to come. He trekked through Korriban desert for miles, not hunting, but rather waiting, he knew that if his journey would be completed, it would be out of his control. Though, at long last, he found his calling. Two Hssis, staring into Jagen as if they knew why the three of them were there. Remarkably, Jagen came out of the battle almost unscathed, he cut the hide off of the beasts, and drained a vile of it’s blood into a jar he had strapped onto his belt.

A Korriban Hssiss.

When he reached he tomb, he was welcomed with open arms, and taken into the very room in which Tulak was buried, to complete the final phases of his ceremony. The cultists took his trophies, they started smelting the long sword in with the hides of the Hssiss. They grabbed a needle off of it’s mantle, one that had been used for many generations of the same type of ritual. It was dipped three times into the remaining vile of blood. Though it only pierced his skin once. On contact however, he began to feel the surge of pain as his body was brutally decorated in intricate Sith tattoos. He felt the oceans of Dark Side energy pouring over him, though, he did not want to resist it. It was power, and power was what Jagen craved. When his strain was over with, his body was adorned by his own oceanic swirls of black and brown adorning his skin. He also noticed the blade he was given, rested into it’s new sheath, garnished with a note written on an ancient tablet. “Find your own path,”.

Jagen had known power like never before, he could feel the force all the time now, it’s ebb and flow. He had chosen the power of the Dark Side, not fallen, as so many have before him. Though, with his journey now finished, his brother had decided that the two should rendezvous on the outer rim world of Tatooine, to catch up from their time apart.

Upon first reaching the desert planet, Jagen could sense his brother, weak, and compassionate. He took the trip up to his brother’s transport with a smile, he had always been the stronger of the two. When Jagen had finally reached his brother, he embraced him with a hug. Though he knew his brother could feel his darkness. His brother pulled of Jagen’s hood, and was astonished at the outcome. His brother had succumbed to this ‘evil’, he had betrayed him, and he must be stopped.

Edger pleaded with his brother, though Jagen in turn tried to show his brother the power of embracing the Dark Side of the force, of choosing this power. The argument did not resolve peacefully however. A fight ensued, and as the dust settled, Jagen had killed his brother.

Even though he was distressed at taking the life of his only sibling, Jagen could not help but admire the strength of his new power. His encounter with the Hssiss and the Cultists had given him strength he had never previously known. Though, now he coveted the things all men with power coveted. More power.

Introduction to the Brotherhood

"I can use my powers to conjure up your worst nightmares and bring them to life before your eyes. I can drive you mad with fear, shred your sanity, and leave you a raving lunatic for the rest of your life."

Jagen wandered aimlessly. Both deeply pained by the loss of his brother, and awed by his newfound strength. His trips took him to many outward world, though he never stayed in one place for more than a few days. He plundered, fought, stole, and survived. Believing that his strength increased with each encounter.

Though, his first experience with the real power of the Dark Side came during his trip through the Yridia System. Jagen’s ship was flagged, being on the list of ships not allowed into the sector. Asking for a parlay with the dock officials, Jagen was instead taken in front of one of Tarentum’s recruiting Rollmasters, Ji K’awiil. Ji taunted Jagen upon his arrival, sensing Jagen’s arrogance of his own strength, and even though Jagen knew what the Dark JedI Knight was trying to pull, he could not stop himself from attacking, from giving into his emotions, from showing the Knight his power. Almost as fast as it had happened, Jagen was thrown back, onto the ground, broken and defeated., and left with a message:

"You feel that? That is a measure of power you might never understand. We, are Tarentum, join us, and hold it for your own, oppose us, and feel the full extent of the Dark Side."
―Ji K’awill

Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Jagen went in search for the Shadow Academy, to earn his stay in the Dark Brotherhood. He trained and studied hard, and was granted permissions to join Tridens of Tarentum. Upon entering the great Castle Tarentum, he was greeted by his fellow Dark Jedi, and accepted as one of their own.

Great Jedi War Nine

It had been a year since the Brotherhood lost Antei to the Vong, and since the appearance of the Jedi, Omancor Crask, it was time for the Brotherhood to take it back. The clans of the brotherhood were unite against two foes; Crask, and their old enemies, the Yuuzhan Vong. Jagen had entered this war during the third week of it’s conflict. And was given a trial by fire as he was thrown into Tarentum’s role in the Great War. Jagen had become an eager young apprentice, and was ready to give himself in service to his clan.

Taking an indirect role in the war, Jagen lent most of his strength from behind, assisting in efforts of support rather than joining the front lines of the conflict. Jagen was commended for his work with Crescents, Seals, and Merit awards alike.

The aftermath of the war was costly to the Brotherhood, though it also brought a time of change to the Brotherhood as well. Sarin had been killed in his final battle with Omancor Crask, (Though he was resurrected into the body of one of Crask‘s apprentices) leaving Grand Master Muz to the Iron Throne. Antei was taken back by the Brotherhood, restoring order back to the Dark Council. And giving the Brotherhood a short time of peace, albeit short.


While recovering from the operations during the Ninth Great Jedi War, Tarentum had become privy to some dangerous news, something was happening in Yridia underneath their noses. Pirates had struck the Yridia system, and had waged a war on the Tarenti.

As a new Battle Team Leader over House TridensJourneymen, Jagen only played a small part in the overall conflict against the pirates. Instead, he was more involved with the Tridens infrastructure and in leading the new members of his team.

The conflict was eventually subsided and put to rest, though this was not without some major changes. The clan’s Consul position was taken by Maximillion von Oberst with the previous Consul, Anshar Kahn resigning. Ronovi Tavisen was given the position of Pro-Consul, leaving Ji K’awiil in charge of Cestus’ quaestor title. Tridens was also changed during this period, though not from a direct impact of the conflict. Raiju Kang had resigned from his position quaestor, and left the summit power to Frosty Romanae.

Rite of Supremacy, Spoils of War

As newly appointed Aedile of House Tridens, Jagen had been put in a new role to lead Tridens through the new Rite of Supremacy. Killiks had been at war with the Dark Brotherhood for quite some time, and the Dark Council had decided that a clan was needed to end the war from dragging on. To decide the clan worthy of this honor, the Rite of Supremacy; Spoils of War was initiated to find the strongest, and most worthy of the Brotherhood.

Tarentum played a role of medium strength in the Rite of supremacy. The mighty, clan took fifth place in the quarrel triumphing over Clan Scholae Palpatine, and Clan Plageuis. Though overall, defeated by the other clans of the Brotherhood.

Jagen was able to put his all into this vendetta. In combat on fields of battle, and also in inspiring and leading his house mates into the fray. For his accomplishments, he was awarded many seals, a Dark Cross, and a promotion to the coveted rank of Dark Jedi Knight.

The Dark Knight

Putting his best out for Clan Tarentum, Jagen was gifted with many awards for his efforts. Among these, was his promotion to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. His work with his master Ji K’awiil and his efforts in the Rite of Supremacy earned a field promotion to the young Krath. He was allowed to take a short leave to complete the necessary rituals. Chief among these would be crafting his lightsaber, a task held sacred by JedI.

With the Brotherhood at war, Jagen was not able to leave most of the major systems under Brotherhood control. Sufficing with a crystal he had previously added to his collection through his affairs with the Tridens Journeymen battle team, he began construction. After many days poised in front of his workbench, Jagen emerged with a gleaming and glorious prize. The hilt was of the curved variety, a muse to his new lightsaber combat style, Makashi. The blade was a menacing red, of the kind the ancient sith would use to purge the jedi, and danced as he dueled around the room.

Character Information

Jagen is an individual, who has willingly been marked by the Dark Side of the force. He lusts for power, and lore. His choice to walk the path of the Dark Side was the choice of greater power. His adventures through Korriban have given him oceanic swirls of Hssiss blood, and Dark Side energy in his skin. He is a human, standing around 1.92 meters tall, he wears his hair long, usually combed, or just thrown to one side in a quick hurry.

In combat, Jagen prefers to remain cool and collected, though his lust for battle can get him into a fray, and in this condition, he no longer cares for the lives of his comrades, only the excitement of the battle, and the slaying of his opponents.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Jagen is currently the Aedile of Tridens, and is a member of Tridens of Tarentum.

Preceded by:


Krath Tyro of Tridens Journeymen

31 ABY - 32 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:

Kyra Starfire

Obelisk Sergeant of Tridens Journeymen

32 ABY - 32 ABY

Succeeded by:

Team Dissolved

Preceded by:

Kyra Starfire

Aedile Of House Tridens of Tarentum

32 ABY - Presesnt

Succeeded by: