Imperial Antenoran Guard

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Imperial Antenoran Guard
Unit Information

Scholae Palatinae


Imperial Scholae Guard






Patz-Ah, Antenora




Reclamation of Judecca, Ninth Great Jedi War


Colonel Unknown

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The Imperial Antenoran Guard (IAG) is the main defensive unit on the planet of Antenora, in the Cocytus System, within the Scholae Palatinae dominion. This unit falls under the Cocytus System Defense Force, within the Imperial Scholae Guard of the Scholae Palatinae Military.


The Imperial Antenoran Guard was formed in the early days after Clan Scholae Palatinae came to the planet, as a way to maintain order for the Imperials in face of the tribes they met when they landed. In a show of force, under a less structured state as the Antenoran United Force, they were put to use to march on the Ognerate and pull the Dark Jedi into power on the planet. As Scholae Palatinae came to power in the system, the unit was left behind to maintain order and came to be stationed in Patz-Ah to recruit from some of the best trained and militant tribes on the planet and make use of the local resources.

Eventually, as the Imperial Scholae Guard became more formalized, the military itself went through a period of Imperialization that would see the unit come to its current name as the Imperial Antenoran Guard in alignment with other planetary defensive units and pulled under the umbrella of the Cocytus System Defense Force. There was some resistance to the change at first, given the pride of the unit and the tribe mentality that surrounded it, but the support given from other units and benefits of being under the protection of the entire Scholae Palatinae military was a welcome change to most, and the elite training and resources quickly converted even the strongest opponents.

Deployment & Garrison

The Imperial Antenoran Guard is based out of Patz-Ah, home of one of the Haka Lakuis Tribe, one of the most militant on the planet. It is also in one of the most defensible positions which was key during the early days when the unit was more susceptible from assaults from other tribes. Still, from this location they can quickly respond to any necessary operations across the entire planet, as well as easy access as necessary to other planets within the Cocytus System as necessary.


The Imperial Antenoran Guard consists of the 10th Legion, 11th Legion and 12th Legions attached to the Cocytus System Defense Force, as well as the 4th Airlift Squadron. While the tribes expected to police the civilians and quell any riots or civil unrest, the IAG is expected to fight off any aggressive attacker which is threatening Antenora or the rest of the Cocytus System. The 4th Airlift Squadron is designated to transport troops across the planet, to complete missions, or to transport wounded to hospitals.

Imperial Antenoran Guard
Designation Size Commander Complement
10th Infantry Legion Legion Major Unknown
11th Infantry Legion Legion Major Unknown
12th Infantry Legion Legion Major Unknown
4th Airlift Squadron Squadron Commander Unknown 12 LAAT/i

Armor & Aerial

The Imperial Antenoran Guard has the following vehicles assigned to it to support its operations.

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