Dlarit Starfighter Corps

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Dlarit Starfighter Corps
Organizational information
Led by:


Parent organization:

Dlarit Army


aprox. 312


Ships of the Dlarit Navy

Primary role(s):

Starfighter forces

Chronological and political information


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The Dlarit Starfighter Corps forms one of the main subsidiaries of the Dlarit Corporation. The starfighter corps is a branch of the Dlarit Army but coordinates directly with the Dlarit Navy. The bulk of the starfighter corps operates on board the ships of the navy.

The Dlarit Starfighter Corps is led by the marshal who is appointed mutually by the chief of staff of the Dlarit Army, fleet commander of the Dlarit Navy and adjutant general of the Dlarit Security Force.

Order of Battle


Marshal of the Starfighter Corps: Lieutenant General Seni Malloch


Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Harbinger

Flight Commander: Colonel Wes Terol

First Orian Defense Line

Victory I-class Star Destroyer Covenant

Flight Commander: Major Syle Deth

Vindicator-class heavy cruiser Scourge

Flight Commander: Lieutenant Colonel Gan Thelos

Marauder-class corvette Tarthos Invictus

Marauder-class corvette Inquisitor

Second Orian Defense Line

Victory II-class Star Destroyer Orian Legacy

Flight Commander: Major Malc'harno'kleoni

Vindicator-class heavy cruiser Immolator

Flight Commander: Lieutenant Colonel Char Re'em

Marauder-class corvette Primus Goluud