Amethyst Kukri

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Amethyst Kukri
Awarded by:

Any full time member of the Dark Council


Sacramental Awards

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Ruby Scepter


Sapphire Blade

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The Amethyst Kukri is a bladed weapon designed for chopping and hacking rather than slashing or stabbing. Elegantly crafted from a solid piece of amethyst and elegantly flowing from tip to pommel. The chemistry of the blade itself allows it to deflect blaster bolts or disruptors, but will break under the powerful energy of a lightsaber blade.

Awarded for

Much can be accomplished when one focuses on a specific task, whether it be leading a Clan or working on various projects for the Dark Council. When such work reaches levels of exceptional value, a token of appreciation is needed to honor such tasks. As such, bearers of this award have shown their dedication and focus on furthering one aspect of the Brotherhood far beyond what was expected of them

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