Mayda Ferium

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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

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Mayda Ferium
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5’8” / 1.77m


150 lbs. / 75 kg


Bright scarlet


Emerald green


Two left toes

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Krath Advisor


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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YT-2000 Fire's Ember

Known apprentices:

Athrun Zala



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Mayda is a Krath Priestess from Utapau. She has intermittent periods of membership in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, beginning in 26 ABY with Clan Plagueis, then another with House Scholae Palatinae in 37ABY.

Character History

(Note: Files on early history and details on previous DJB service have been deleted from records.)

Mayda first came to the Brotherhood in 27ABY, assigned to Clan Plagueis, but spent most of her time in the Shadow Academy and working on publication projects with members of other clans. Under several masters and clans, each one disappointed or betrayed for their own greed and ego, leading her to a self-exile back to her home world for many years.

In 36ABY, she was recruited by Setsuna to return for the Dark Crusade in Clan Naga Sadow, concentrating on her Krath studies, and was promoted to Priestess. But, she was again betrayed, this time by her jealous House Quaestor who was later proven to have been corrupt and deceitful in her personal and professional dealings.

She found solace and support in House Scholae Palatinae, feeling it to be more of a home than anywhere else. However, during the battle for Korriz in 37ABY, she was taken as a prisoner to join the One Sith, becoming a servant under Elder Synin Torin.

In late 38ABY, during the DJB Civil War on Korriban, she was able to escape and return to her brethren in HSP. Soon after the end of the war, a new Grandmaster was chosen, Darth Pravus, who decreed that all independent Houses would now be Clans. Scholae celebrated for over a week, before beginning their reorganization. Two new Houses were created, while retaining Acclivis Draco as a Battleteam. Mayda was soon appointed as Clan Rollmaster, relishing in her new purpose to life - to serve her people.

In mid 39ABY, she took a leave of absence to handle some personal business and discover her next adventure.

Favorite Quotes

"A rose by any other name would still prick you with its thorns."
―Dawn, via Joseph Michael Linsner

"Patience is the darkest side of power."
―Dawn, via Joseph Michael Linsner