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Sarak Shai
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Sarak Shai was an exiled Yuuzhan Vong, found by the forces of House Plagueis in the jungles surrounding Si'Tilk.

Character History

Rising in Rank

Like all Yuuzhan Vong, Sarak found himself forged in the fires of battle. His instructors, usually the disgraced and dishonored brethren of Domain Shai, taught him how to win at all cost, even if it meant relying on more darker and insidious ways to garner that victory. He took the lessons to heart, absorbing every word his older brothers and sisters said to him, and soon enough he had become the weapon they needed him to be. Like all of age Yuuzhan Vong, Sarak was thrust into combat, his enemy being the Chazrach that had begun a terrific uprising that could spread chaos and fear throughout the ranks of the weaker Yuuzhan Vong. Sarak saw the attempt as pitiful, and dealt with the minor revolt with enthusiasm and bravado.

He, along with the other warriors of his Domain, infiltrated the camps of the Chazrach and began massacring the slaves with the powerful insanity of madmen. When they finally came to the Chazrach Leader, a deformed specimen of the slave race, Sarak himself set to work on biting and peeling the flesh from the rebels bones. The warriors of Domain Shai would speak of this action for years to come.

Their actions, though gruesome by Republic and even Imperial standards, were praised and celebrated by their Yuuzhan Vong brethren. For his actions, Sarak was granted his very first Escalation Ceremony, a rite of passage and mark of honor among his people. At first, Sarak found himself unsure of what to request grafted to his body, not sure what would bring him closer to his god, Yun-Yammka, and finally the answer came to him in a vision. Within this vision, a massive Yammosk had spoke to the Warrior, and informed him that were he to have a piece of Yammosk tissue grafted to his brain, the Gods would show their favor to him in ways unheard of to his species. It was this vision that convinced the young warrior to pick the majestic Yamosk to be partially grafted to his brain.


The effects of the Yammosk tissue being planted within the mind of Sarak was almost instant. The Escalation, something that could make or break a Yuuzhan Vong's career, was a success, with its success came unheard of power for the honored Warrior. He perceived things differently, knowing that his Gods he once worshipped to be long dead or having never existed at all, and with this realization came a strange tingling that washed over his entire body, never ceasing in its tirade across his skin. This tingling sensation, an abomination at the time to the Warrior, would develop and grow into what the Jeedai Infidels called the Force, and with its development and growth came a mental exile from the rest of the Yuuzhan Vong.

Sarak found himself disillusioned with his theocratic hierarchy that ruled with an iron fist over the lives of millions of Yuuzhan Vong, and he became angry at how willing the masses of powerful Warriors and Intendants were to follow the lies of the Priest caste. His mind thrashed at the idea of obedience to the fervently religious leaders that spewed lies and veiled threats to his caste. His newly acquired sixth sense told him to be cautious of those he once called brothers and leaders, trusting only his closest Shai brethren.

Living in suspicion never suited the Warrior, and he found himself snarling at all the puppets and weak willed Warriors that filled the ranks of his Caste, and when the chance to leave behind the cretins that now pulled his strings arose, the young warrior jumped at the chance to join the ranks of those on Sigil 2. Deep down, Sarak knew that by accepting this mission, he would forever be leaving behind the puppeteers of the Yuuzhan Vong Empire, and that suited him just fine for now.

Eventually, the Warrior aimed to return to his Empire and hopefully change the dying beast that it had become into the biot of war it had once been.

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