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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Arcana Grim
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16 ABY

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Arcana Grim, is a Human Male Dark Jedi of House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow. Formerly a member of Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order, and a former soldier of the Imperial Remnant, Arcana's transition to the Dark Side was almost forthcoming. Arcana was orphaned at a young age and later became a Jedi Knight before slaying his bestfriend and master and falling to the Dark Side of the Force. He later joined the Remnant at the age of 18 and spent two years hiding his Force Sensitivity. He briefly found brotherhood with his fellow soldiers, but was set apart when he was framed for selling them out during a criminal operation they were actively a part of. Feeling betrayed, his former "brothers" banned together and left Arcana for dead during a botched operation on Korriban. Arcana barely escaped with his life, and after a year of drifting, found his way to Antei in 36 ABY where he joined The Dark Brotherhood and fell under the tutelage of the Obelisk Templar Tyren Atema. Arcana quickly made an impression on the Equite after successfully joining the Grand Master's Royal Guard and the Antei Combat Centre. Arcana has since swore vengeance on the men who abandoned him and has also made a vow to serve the Brotherhood and his Grand Master until he no longer draws breath.

Character History

Begininngs ( 16 ABY - 21 ABY)

Arcana's parents holding an infant Arcana.

Arcana was born on the florescent world of Dantoine in 16 ABY to two farmers. His father was an ex-pirate who crusaded for a living during the Clone Wars and his mother was the daughter of a powerful senate member from Coruscant who was disowned for falling in love with Arcana's father. Upon his birth, Arcana's birth filled his parents with great joy as they finally had a chance to start a normal life and get away from the controversial lifestyles they had led before hand. Arcana's grandparents on his mothers side had always wanted to meet their grandchild, but his mother would not allow such a thing.

Arcana grew up knowing nothing more than a farmers life. His father had since became an excellent farmer who owned land covering about 2% of Dantooine. Two days after his 5th birthday, Arcana learned that he was a Force Sensitive while playing outside with his bestfriend Tamius. A brief incident occurred on the farm when one of the structures his father had built came tumbling down ontop of where he and Tamius were playing. Death was certain for the younglings, but Arcana raised his hands at the falling debris and screamed in fear. As this happened, he noticed the debris shot ferociously into the sky, landing far away. Arcana's father witnessed this and informed his wife. His wife wanted to take him to the legendary Jedi hero Luke Skywalker, who could train her son to become a great Jedi warrior, however Arcana's father quickly protested, believing a farmers life would be easier for his son and easier to train him in since he had already grown up around it. Months later, while his father was out, a man came to the Grim family farm and had a brief conversation with his mother. The pair walked to a ship nearby, but as his mother looked back she saw that Arcana had witnessed the conversation. The loving mother walked towards her son, kissed his forehead and told him she loved him before taking off with the man in the ship. Arcana's father never returned home that day, and a scared 5 year old Arcana quickly sought out his bestfriend for comfort. Tamius was an orphan, and so the pair ran off not knowing a destination or a plan for their lives. Little did they know what fate had in store for them as they went on.

Life as an Orphan and becoming a Jedi ( 22 ABY - 29 ABY)

Arcana and Tamius rigging a race.

Life on the streets was very harsh on young Arcana and Tamius. They hid within the cargo of many ships and traveled to various planets across the galaxy. They finally stopped when they were 9 on the planet Tatooine. While on Tatooine, the pair became involved in various illegal activities, eventually making decent wages in the illegal trafficking of speeder parts. Tamius was more of a mechanic than Arcana was, but Arcana being the Force Sensitive was able to successfully move the parts without getting caught and the two eventually mixed these skills together and began rigging races in their favor. They had successfully scammed around 40 people on the race scene before being caught. It was this time when the two were chased by angry betters who caught them in the act. The pair hopped in two different speeders and split up, during which, Arcana's speeder crashed into a wall as he lost control. The crash was spotted by a clan of Jawas who quickly ran to the site and started running away with parts. Arcana, young and scarred, attempted to escape but was caught by the Jawas, and menaced by the orange eyed devils. They beat and mentally tortured him for unknown reasons and this has since left Arcana mentally scared for all of his life. To Arcana, the torture seemed to go on forever until to his rescue came his bestfriend, Tamius, who scarred the hooded species off with a small blaster pistol. This marked a turn of events for both boys. The pair, who had grown to be brothers had decided to split up. Tamius wanted to remain on the streets, smuggling parts for speeders and rigging races, but for Arcana, the damage was done. He now saw the risk in being on the streets, alone, helpless, what was he to do if Tamius wasn't there for him? He decided to find his own way too the planet Yavin 4 where he had heard of a legendary Jedi Master in the past. Unable to convince his "brother" to join him in his quest, Arcana left him behind with hard feelings now between the two. Arcana's only way to Yavin 4 was an underground transport that he learned about during his time as a juvenile, and it would take a miracle to get him the money to afford this travel. Fortunately, a miracle is exactly what came.

The event that changed Arcana's life.

Two year after the event that separated him from his "brother", Arcana found hismelf to be somewhat of a local hero. He had saved the life a well known elderly man after witnessing the man being beaten and robbed in a back alley of Mos Eisley. Saving the man came with a great reward as the elderly man gave him enough money to make his travel to Yavin 4 to meet the Jedi master he had heard about. He arrived on Yavin 4 the following month. Around a year after the destruction of the Jedi Praxeum and right in the middle of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Arcana entered the hidden facility under the rubble and destruction of the Praxeum where he found the Jedi Master Vorania Maren'tar. Maren'tar was a legendary Jedi General during the Clone Wars, having narrowly escaped Order 66 and loosing all four of her apprentices in the process. The legendary master was in a deep depression for years until being found by Luke Skywalker and being recruited as a teacher at the Praxeum, however due to her past experiences she was highly estranged from the students and would only train those who are the most promising. She never realized her goal of training the best and so Arcana was coming to prove himself while he could. Master Maren'tar remained in the cove, hidden from the galaxy as she wished. She was however, interested in Arcana upon being greeted by him as the young Force Sensitive worked his way through all of the still active traps and trials that the secret facility held. Upon meeting one another the two already knew the answer to Arcana's upcoming question and the elder master quickly agreed to take on the young one as her apprentice.

The Darkness Takes Over ( 32 ABY - 35 ABY)

Fall to the Dark Side ( 32 ABY - 33 ABY)

Arcana mortally wounds his former "brother".
Master Vorania battles her fallen pupil.

Arcana trained as Maren'tar's apprentice until 32 ABY, when while on an assignment to Csilla, Arcana was overwhelmed by hatred and fell to the Dark Side of The Force.

Vorania and Arcana traveled to Csilla to find the lost holocron of Vorania's mentor, the famed Jedi Master Cin Drallig. They were unsure if the holocron was indeed in the frozen temple on the outskirts of the Chiss capital as Vorania had been informed, but if they found it it was said to hold thousands of years of Jedi history that had been learned by Drallig and stored in his holocron. Vorania deciding that this knowledge was well worth the travel, quickly brought her 17 year old apprentice along with her. They arrived at the temple as Csilla hit nightfall, they searched the temple for hours before finding an opened secret pathway in the bottom. Two hallways lied in front of the young Jedi and his master and so they opted to split up. Arcana followed his hallway for minutes before coming to a large stairway which led downward. He arrived in the room where it was obvious the holocron was held, unbeknownst to him however there was already a man standing there to grab the holocron. Arcana announced himself before the figure and as the figure turned around Arcana's stance became unbalanced, his face dropped and his heart froze in solidarity. The man standing between him and the knowledge his master so daringly desired was none other than his former "brother" Tamius. Arcana's first reaction was to hug his bestfriend who he had not seen since that fateful day on Tatooine. Before he could do so however, the next thing to hit his eyes was the madness that was stricken in Tamius'. Tamius had fallen mad with the Dark Side and freely admitted he desired the holocron only to destroy it and help erase the memory of the Jedi. Arcana new what this meant immediately and as a tear fell from his eye, he said goodbye to his former friend and struck out his blade as a sign to duel. As the two battled ferociously out of raw emotion and strength, Arcana landed a vicious blow to Tamius' back then severed his friend's robotic arm. He apologized to a wounded Tamius who begged for mercy before being struck down at his friends blade.

Vorania walked in just as the duel was ended with her apprentice as the victor. Tears flooded down the face of the young impressionable apprentice before he tossed the holocron he had came for across the room. Arcana and his master watched as the holocron was opened and only let out Sith-like energy, showing that it had been corrupted long before they had arrived. It was obvious Cin Dallig's holocron would be lost forever. Rage ravaged the apprentices mind relentlessly as his eyes began to turn red. Vorania had seen this before and it was clear to her that her treasured apprentice had fallen to the Dark Side. In an ironic twist as the Jedi made his transition to darkness, his bestfriends body vanished as he had become one with the force. With tears still menacing his corrupted eyes, Arcana gripped his saber as well as his fallen friends. The elderly master was widely known for her effective use of the Form Dun Moch, however even she was unable to pierce the spirit of the young apprentice who was consumed with Dark Rage and while attempting to free him from the darkness, the master fell before his blade. Arcana left his rage to find what had been done and in the wake of the event his eyes poured of remorse and sorrow and so he left. This did not matter however.

A remorseful Arcana before falling to the Dark Side.

From that day forward, Arcana would forever be a servant of the Dark Side.

Time in the Remnant ( 34 ABY - 35 ABY)