Sildrin Lyonsbane

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Sildrin Lyonsbane
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half human, half Sephi (father Sephi, mother human)








Completely white

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Summary Sildrin Lyonsbane

Character History

Sildrin Lyonsbane as a young girl

Childhood [15 BBY - 2 ABY]

Sildrin was born on an icy planet far away from the center of the galaxy. The planet is quite unknown and the locals gave it a name which could be loosely translated into "The Darkness above us", often called "Darkover" by them. Occasionally it was listed as Cottman IV, but the data and knowledge about this planet was lost.

Her mother was the noblewoman Melorie Lyonsbane of the House of Hastur. From the beginning, her mother kept secret the identity of Sildrin's father, lest she betray him. Nevertheless, such secrets were not rare on Darkover, as frequently children were the accidental result of festitivies in the winter. In any case, more importantly is the fact that that particular daughter of Melorie would be rumoured to possess certain talents - or, from some points of view, certain burdens - and during her childhood, Sildrin was fast to manifest her telkinetic and psychic powers - more strongly, and more quickly, than many of her peers.

Melorie's brother had only been able to produce sons, and so begged his sister if he could adopt his niece, Sildrin Lyonsbane-Hastur, in order to raise her as his own daughter. Even if such an idea might have sounded rare on Coruscant or Alderaan, such adoptions were not uncommon on Sidlrin's homeworld, and Melorie willingly agreed, and so Sildrin joined the House of Hastur. At first, Sildrin was afraid, and in the halls of House Hastur, she made sure to keep her right eye hidden at all times beneath an eyepatch - in order to conceal the fact that her eye bore an abnormal blood red colouring. However, she quickly came to trust her uncle - and now foster-father - who had no reservations at all about her unnatural eye colour.

The years passed happily without any problems until one day when Sildrin lost control of her powers. During a trip to the local village, some of the boys decided to harass her by mocking her and calling her a witch. When one of them tore off her eye patch, suddenly the boys were horrified; the abnormal red eye that she had long kept hidden for so long had finally been exposed. The jokes turned to insults, and one of the boys grabbed for a knife; he threatened to cut out her "cursed eye". The next moment something in Sildrin snapped and the boy lay dead.

It had not been Sildrin's intention to kill him, but it was too late. Her foster-father and birth mother had no choice but to send her away to be trained - like all the other Force-sensitive younglings who were sent to the towers to be instructed in isolation, far from their families, despite their young ages. The ensuing years were hard on Sildrin, and her instructors pushed her to explore the very limits of her emerging powers - both emotionally and physically. Looking back, this period probably marked the first foundation stone on her path down the dark side.

By the time Sildrin saw her family again, she had changed. She had become cold and distant - guided now by the power that she had learned to control, or perhaps it was the power that now controlled her. Her foster-father hardly recognised the happy child that he had known in the past, and he said as much to his sister, asking Melorie if it had been the right choice to send Sildrin away. However, even Melorie, who herself possessed a small connection to the same power to see the future that flowed through her daughter, could not answer him...

The Ambassador [2 ABY]

The Empire's hunger for more resources took its toll and the planet joined the Empire (without much choice though) and lost its independency. Sildrin Lyonsbane-Hastur was sent out as an Ambassador to represent her planet in the Empire. At first the planet was one among many - and on top rather uninteresting as it lacked ore and industry - but after a while the Emperor’s attention was risen after he became aware of Sildrin’s Force sensitivity.

Many of the Empire's trainers were impressed by her abilities, but they also detected a mental instability. An instability caused by the genetic manipulations in the strong Force sensitive blood lines centuries ago.

Sildrin was sent out by the Empire - to bring Force sensitive individuals from her planet to the imperial academy. She was eager to fulfill her task and found a group of very Force potent people. The reckless training took its toll and decimated the group down to four survivors.

The Defection [3 ABY]

From that moment she started to doubt about the ways of the Dark Side. The Empire grew more and more impatient, demanding more and more Force sensitive people from her planet. She decided to flee. With an incredible amount of luck she escaped the Empire’s grip - also taking a list of names with her: A list of the most potent Force users on her homeplanet. Sildrin knew she was not safe from the Empire’s wrath and kept a low profile.

Sildrin Lyonsbane

Tower of Moranill [4 ABY - 8 ABY]

During her travels she met a young man called Steve Chandler. She fell in love with him and gave birth to a daughter called Caselin. Soon the second Death Star was destroyed and the Empire began to fall apart.

After years Steve filed for a divorce from his pregnant wife and she miscarried her child. For many months she travelled around for researches on the Force and old relics. She discovered an old Sith complex on the moon Moranill - a temple haunted by ancient sith spirits.

The Rebel Squadrons [8 ABY - 12 ABY]

Travelling around she got in contact with members of the Rebel Squadrons. The idea sounded appealing - to make up for her services in the Empire. Thus she decided to join the Rebel Squadrons, and soon rose to the rank of a Captain. During a mission of destroying an imperial station - the family Endymiron was wiped out with only the boys Daihok and Shin'ichi Keibatsu surviving. Years later Shin'ichi Keibatsu took part in an imperial assault destroying Sildrin’s homeplanet. A late retaliation for her betrayal of the Empire and the planet’s refusal to send more Force sensitive people for the academy. Finding out about this twist of fate Shin'ichi and Sildrin’s relationship was dominated by care but also deep hatred.

She falls in love with Trystan Kel-Solan and they marry. Many years pass and they started to live apart: Sildrin succumbed more and more to the Dark Side.

Sildrin Lyonsbane

The Darkness [13 ABY - 21 ABY]

Sildrin eagerly focused on her studies of the Force. The relationship was heavily strained when Sildrin left the Rebel Squadrons for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. While searching for tomes and old relics in sith catacombs, she met a Jedi Master named Eojin Quon-Shen. Young and foolish she attempted to kill him, but she was no match for him. His words haunted her dreams for many years: "You are truly blind! You refuse to see the truth! And for that, you don't need those eyes. Find the Light … accept the truth ... accept yourself … and you shall see again." With these words he blinded her, leaving her in the darkness of atrophied eyes. No matter what she tried she was not able to heal her eyes. A Dark Jedi Master offered his help to cure her eyes - in exchange of her genetic code and a few “examinations” of her Force abilities. But she refused the offer.

Finally her fiance Tristan Kel-Solan turned away from her, seeking comfort in the arms of Karinlyyn Chase Bridger - sister of the Jedi Master Nylan Bridger. Sildrin and Tristan got a divorce disregardless of Sildrin’s pregnancy with twins.

She gave birth to twins - a boy and a girl. Yet she concentrated on her career in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in Dorimad Sol. A year later she was promoted to Dark Jedi Knight. After two years The Exodus took place. She rose to the rank of a Krath Priestess in the next following two years.

The Abduction [21 ABY]

She and her children found themselves attacked and abducted into a facility. She still insists she barely remembers what happened in that cold place of metal and pain, but in fact she nowadays does remember, but remains silent about this topic. The rejected Dark Jedi Master had plotted and arranged the kidnapping to clone and examine her. As retaliation for her initial refusal he transferred her essence into a new clone body after killing her; he repeated this process over and over - each time in a different and painful way - for his amusement. Her memories and her mind got fragmented during that process.

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood [24 ABY - 25 ABY]

She was freed by Lucas Stark-Benoit - a friend of her and Trystan Kel-Solan, but her children were missing. They assumed them to be dead. Despite various researches, there was no clue on the location of the twins. Afterwards she returned to the place, but nothing much of the facility was left and all traces had been wiped.

Ferociously she focused on her training in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in Clan Naga Sadow. During an exploration of the Yavin VI Temple, Sildrin befriended two semi-sentinel Tuk’ata, which offered to serve the Overlord of Clan Naga Sadow Astronicus Aurelius Sadow.

She took the position of the Aedile of Ludo Kreesh under Macron’s reignmentship as Quaestor. It was then as Shan Long saw her great potential; he named her his apprentice and she became a member of the Long family - known as Sildrin Lyonsbane. Soon afterwards she was promoted to Krath Archpriestress. Shan Long’s foresight was confirmed as she stepped up as Quaestor of House Ludo Kreesh and lead the House successfully through the 7th Great Jedi War. Naga Sadow took a well deserved second spot. During her reign she updated the communication systems of Clan Naga Sadow, adding a database that surveilled the progress of each member in her house and extended the library’s systems. Her effort and success did not pass unnoticed - she was announced as one of the Magistrates to the Seneschal.

The Dark Council [24 ABY - 26 ABY]

Grand Master Jac Cotelin took notice of the new Magistrate’s effort and four days later he offered her the position ‘Praetor of the Seneschal’. She agreed, but much to her surprise she ended up in the position as the Seneschal itself at the end of the day - a member of the Dark Council. A heavy responsibility had been given to her. Through various projects she updated small security holes, updating the system that offered the members insight what competitions they could take part in. Additionally she tweaked the systems of the Antei Combat Center, having gained insight into the mechanisms within this combat facility.

During her time as Seneschal Sildrin Lyonsbane worked hard on her duties. Representing the Throne while the Grandmaster was too busy, taking care of administrative jobs and working out contracts with other factions - political and financial ones. On some occasions if negotiations weren't successful, the Herald was sent out to bring up results in favor of the Brotherhood in his kind of way. Though often only the mere presence of the Herald brought up a quick "solution" to ensure the Brotherhood’s wishes were carried out. For her work she was promoted to Epis.

Sildrin Lyonsbane

The War on Kyataru [26 ABY - 28 ABY]

Grandmaster Jac Cotelin stepped down and Sarin Aristan Dantes became Grandmaster. Jac Cotelin decided to make use of his reputation and skills to aid Sildrin in her duties and became her Praetor. Shortly before the troublesome time of the Eighth Great War, Sildrin aided the Keibatsu family with the insurrection on their homeplanet Kyataru. It was the time when she met her own children - twins - without knowing of their true identities. Both had been secretly raised and trained as Jedi. It was a fickle twist of fate that she met them during a time of war and raised her saber against her son killed him while own daughter watched. As soon as her daughter cried out her brother’s name, Sildrin painfully realised what she had done. If she hadn’t been blind, the resemblance of the young man and her former husband might have changed the outcome of the day. Sildrin took her daughter to the castle of Kyataru, trying to redeem herself from the bloodshed she had caused. Her daughter was not very cooperative, seeing what her mother had become - a Dark Jedi. Despite various attempts to talk to her daughter, she stayed hostile towards her mother.

The war on Kyataru had visibly shaken all of the Keibatsu and the friends of this family. But most of all Shin'ichi was affected by this war. The discrepancy between him and Sildrin - formerly a love-hatred relationship - turned more into more deep hatred towards the one he once called sister. At one point his cruelty and maliciousness overcame the abomination of Kyataru and he threatened to rape Sildrin's daughter in front of her. "Why do you hate me so much?", Sildrin whispered to Shin'ichi. Sildrin is promoted to Pontifex.

The Fall [29 ABY]

Guilt stricken, torn apart by the accusing words of her daughter and the aftermaths of the war on Kyataru she chose in madness a dire solution: She killed her daughter before Shin’ichi could lay hands upon her and to silence the source of accusing words.

Sildrin turned into a shadow of herself as the cloak of madness lifted from her. She entered a torpor-like state, barely taking notice of her surroundings. Shortly after the 8 Great Jedi War, the Grandmaster had no choice than to remove her from the spot as Seneschal. Rumors spread around in the Dark Brotherhood, speaking of the curse of madness that appeared to be common among all of the Long family: When Shan Long had seized control of Trevarus Caerick, he had stepped down from his position as the Oracle in his last lucid moment and was delivered in chains to Clan Naga Sadow. The Seneschal emeritus was sent back to Clan Naga Sadow, but the shuttle never arrived. Rumors said that the shuttle had been seen arriving at the headquarter of the Tarentum clan, but no evidence of this had been found. Trevarus Caerick and Vexatus betrayed Clan Naga Sadow. Shan Long emerged during a moment of weakness while Trevarus and Vexatus fought against each other. Vexatus was “killed” by Ylith. Two years later Shan Long was banished and exiled from Trevarus by GM Muz.

Robed Sildrin Lyonsbane

The Reawakening [30 ABY (34)]

Without any memories Sildrin lived a simple life as a farmer on a small planet. Her father sought her out to learn how much of his daughter was left inside of her after she had been cloned. He reawakened her memories. Sildrin was full aware of her cloned nature, and started to undergo an identity crisis. Who was she for real? Was she a different person than the “old” Sildrin? What if the Dark Jedi Brotherhood found out? "I don't know who I am.", she whispered, "For now I am Sildrin Lyonsbane. The blind dragon Sildrin Lyonsbane. I achieved this all by myself. Not her!" Though the doubts remained. She helped Trevarus Caerick (whose counterpart Shan Long had been banished and exiled by GM Muz) to bring back Xanos Sadow to the planes of the living. During that event she formed a connection to the banished Shan Long. From that day until now his screams of rage, crying to be freed lingered constantly in her mind. She retreated for studies, seeking for ways to let her Master Shan Long return.

The Apostate [31 ABY (35)]

Sildrin was more and more disgruntled by Trevarus’s cold attitude and his open favour of his foremost apprentice Xanos Sadow. This caused a tension between Sildrin and Trevarus. She preferred her Master Shan Long over Trevarus by far. Trevarus and Xanos started their search for a cure for Xanos Sadow whose body did not handle the dark side very well.

Sildrin Lyonsbane and Trevarus Caerick performing a Battle Meditation on the Temple of Sorrow during the Summer Invasion Feud

Clan Naga Sadow was target of mysterious attacks and assaults. To gain access to the library of Clan Naga Sadow, where they hoped to find a clue for a cure, Consul Macron demanded their aid against the attackers. Sildrin helped Trevarus and Xanos to remove Tsainetomo Keibatsu’s blood of Sadow on his own request. Sildrin got a brief insight of the Apostates’s goal, getting enthralled by their philosophy. Unfortunately Consul Macron was overthrown by [Locke Sonjie]] before they could access to the CNS library. This event started a feud between the Sons of Sadow and the new generation of the Clan - even Overlord Astronicus Sadow appeared, fearing for the future of his clan. The Overlord Astronicus Sadow saw Sildrin on the side of the Apostates - doubting now her loyalty. Locke and Macron agreed working together and the feud was settled. Trevarus Caerick was now in possession of the Orbs of Power. Tsainetomo Keibatsu fled from the possible wrath of his former Overlord Astronicus Sadow to Arcona - for he had denounced the Blood of Sadow. Plagueis and Scholae Palatinae saw a moment of weakness due to the internal conflicts within Clan Naga Sadow and besieged it. Due to the Palatinaean's betrayal the siege was stopped.

The Dread Council [32 ABY (36)]

A disease is spreading in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Starting from the lower ranks, people's Force abilities were enhanced beyond their rank capabilities - only to burn out and end up without any contact to the Force. It was then as the Dread Council was formed by Darth Pravus. Sildrin was also summoned. Chi-Long died during this event - the disease had stripped him of his powers and he was killed at the Dragon's Graveyard on Kapsina in the Jusadih System. Trevarus Caerick abandoned his Apprentice Darth Vexatus for reasons unknown - most assumed he fled from the spreading disease, though his Apprentice knew to well about the reasons - for his mind is one with his Master's. One of Trevarus Caerick's last acts was to name Sildrin Lyonsbane as the Matriarch of the Long family. During a mission for The Dread Council the disease also rendered Sildrin forceless. Despite the cure that Macron invented, she is still without contact to the Force - probably a side effect of her cloned body. Only future shows how fast her connection to the Force returns in its former strength.

The Crusade [32 ABY (36)]

Darth Vexatus claims Sildrin as his Apprentice. Without the Force the natural healing process of her eyes started and with help of her Master Sildrin's eyes were quickly restored. Vexatus and his apprentice track down the path of the Dark Wanderer - Trevarus Caerick - following each of this footsteps. During this time Grand Master called for The Crusade - the Dark Jedi Brotherhood reclaims one planet of the ancient Sith Empire after the other and eliminating the One Sith in a bloody war. In 37 ABY the hunt for Trevarus Caerick is possibly close to an end. One of Trevarus's apprentices is the key to track down Trevarus's location - and a hint of an epic battle between Master and Apprentice is foreseen at the horizon of events.

Thunder and Lightning [33 ABY (38)]


"Woe betide whomsoever should dare separate us again."
―Shan Long

After years of searching, Sildrin Lyonsbane and Xanos Sadow arrive on Runculo - meeting Trevarus Caerick. Xia drinks of the waters of Runculo and is finally able to shatter the bonds that imprisoned Shan Long. Possible is also the Rite of Immortality by Muz Ashen having caused to weaken the Grand Master's grip on Shan's soul. After being freed Shan and Xia chose sharing one body. Shan Long's raging temper and bloodlust occasionally overwhelms her; with Shan sometimes even wrestling control completely. During these volatile moments small lightning may play across her eyes.

What good or doom this union brings is yet to be seen. Whether this made Sildrin Lyonsbane en par with a Dark Side Adept or not remains a mystery; fact is that recently the Brotherhood awknowledged her status as an Elder.

The eleventh Great Jedi War has begun.

A New Age [35 ABY]

Atra and Sildrin

After freeing Atra from his carbonite prison, her rekindled friendship with him turned into a quiet relationship.

A new path opened up for Sildrin. Her ties to Clan Naga Sadow had grown thin and she finally left behind what was once her home and family. She joined Arcona, a place she feels she belongs to now. She secretely aids the White Lotus.

Physical Description

"Touched by the Dark Side"
―Nylan Bridger

Sildrin possesses long white curly hair that reaches down to her ankles. Her eyes are completely white

Physically Sildrin may appear beautiful, but those strong enough can sense the fragile horror that lurks inside; a fruit rotten within the porcelain skinned veil. At times she appears almost ethereal, otherworldly... as if she is not entirely there, her eyes appearing impassionate, cold, in sharp contrast to her bodily physique. Only the faint dark veins on the right side of her face give away the corruption of the Dark Side had eats away underneath.


Having been blind for years, Sildrin’s lack of physical vision made her draw upon the powers of the Force to make up for this. She uses the powers of the Force and sensory input to be as much as independent from sight or Force vision as possible.

Her blindness is Sildrin's curse and strength at the same time. Due to her blindness she has reached a deep insight of the Force.

Matriarch of the Long

After Trevarus Caerick’s latest disappearance she took upon the seat as the head of the Long family.

As a gifted and talented artist Sildrin Lyonsbane-Hastur was offered the membership of the Long family by Faethor - known as Chi Long. But she rejected it, not feeling ready to join yet. The second time, she accepted with no hesitation, being the first one to be named Long after a long period of time. Many thought the Longs were about to become extinct and many were not unhappy about this, but the revival of the name brought new blood and life into this old family. Officially Shan Long named her his apprentice and with the blessing of Chi Long she was accepted into the Long family.

She was named Sildrin Lyonsbane - the Blind Dragon. Shortly after taking over reign as the Quaestor of House Ludo Kressh then she was given the title of Sadow - being a Daughter of Sadow - Sildrin Lyonsbane.

In the year 34 ABY - out of reasons unknown - Sildrin left the system of Clan Naga Sadow and joined Clan Arcona.

Year 35 ABY - the Longs stopped to exist and have been disbandoned.

The Marked

Despite her Master Trevarus Caerick being Prima of the Marked, she didn't join this cult of witches and sorcerers. Trevarus Caerick once said her Force vision was similar to that of a Marked's Third Sight. She felt that joining the Marked would not give her anything she didn't already have.


"Only that which she can own, dominate or change interests her. All else is the “Outside” .. and an enemy."
― Nylan Bridger

Instead of relying upon martial skills, Sildrin Lyonsbane focuses on her skills to manipulate others.


Sildrin's robe
Sildrin's Bracelet

Her presence in the Tower of Moranill (“The Sithtower”) is merely tolerated by the ancient sith spirits; but it is not enough that she would dare calling this place her residence. She established a small library for her personal use within the tower.

For travelling purpose she uses the services of shuttles, but prefers - if possible - better defended ships.

She owns two customised lightsabers - though she relies way more often on her skills.

DJB Facts


  • Sildrin was created as a character from the world of Darkover.
  • The most influential character for Sildrin’s own is Winnowill from Elfquest. Once a powerful healer Winnowill’s sanity and powers festered century after century of boredom, disuse and stagnation. The “Black Snake” is one of the biggest antagonists in Elfquest.
  • The name Lyonsbane was chosen because of the Dungeons & Dragons God of the Dead "Kelemvor Lyonsbane".