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Production information

Acclamator I-class assault ship (ACC)

Technical specifications

752 meters


460 meters


200 meters (with landing gear), 183 meters (in flight)

Max acceleration:

3,500 G

Max speed (space):

3,500 MGLT

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 0.6

Power output:

2 × 1023 W

  • Quad turbolaser cannons (12)
  • Point-defense laser cannons (24)
  • Proton torpedo tubes (4)


Minimum crew:



16,000 infantry and support personnel

Cargo capacity:

200,000 m3 (excluding hangar space and consumables storage)


Arcona Vessel

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Vessel Info

Awarded for performance in the Seventh Great Jedi War.


Claimed in the Sixth Great Jedi War, commonly referred to as the 'What was that funny sound?' conflict in Arcona, due to the mostly apathetic approach the Clan took to it. The vessel is quickly becoming a versatile and primary ship of the fleet. It has been optimized to serve the needs of the Arconan military, becoming primarily an in-atmosphere vessel, capable of landing on the surface of planets, or providing air support with its many laser cannons. The ship is also capable of disgorging an immense number of Arconan ground forces to subjugate the populace, or take down enemy garrisons on opposing worlds.


Only recently being attached to the Arconan fleet, there was some speculation as to what to do with the Thanatos. Due to the shaky nature of the Arconan summit in recent times, the Consul has decided to place his second, Proconsul Koskian in command of the Thanatos, the ship's name a constant reminder of whom the Obelisk serves. So far the ship is untested in combat, but the many combat simulations have shown the Proconsul to be a competent commander and strategist when given the right tools. When in combat situations in space battle, the vessel is the secondary command platform for the fleet after the Eye of the Abyss, and is flanked by the L/FRG Medusa and CRV Torment.

In combat situations involving planetary assault or troop insertion, the Thanatos is escorted by the L/FRG Medusa and Bloodfang, while the CGC Hellfire helps to clear the path before the Acclamator until it can clear atmosphere.