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Cabal Cronal
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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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"Every time we think we're wrong, we realize that we're mistaken."
―Rho d'Tana

Disbanded - 27 ABY

Just as soon as the cabal was formed, the Leader, Orv Dessrx d'Tana, resigned his position for personal reasons. Rho d'Tana, the second in command, offered to take full command and bring this team back to life, but when Mejas Doto, the newly appointed Consul took control and a select few decision makers, they saw to it that this team be disbanded for various reasons. There apparently has not been any need for this intelligence team since the formation nor the outlook for future missions.

The Team before Disbanding and their current status

  • BTL: Orv Dessrx d'Tana - Resigned and semi-active
  • BTL#2: Rho D. d'Tana - Transferred back to Soulfire Strike Team / Clan Arcona Envoy and Roll Master for Galeres
  • Etah d'Tana - Transferred to HQD and active
  • Debric d'Tana - Willingly transferred out and active
  • Legorii - Willingly transferred out and semi-active

Please look below for formation information and history.

General Backstory

Arcona's Need - 26-27 ABY

Clan Arcona sat on the brink of outright conflict. No sister Clan within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood could be counted as an ally and Clan Scholae Palatinae was in open war. With battle brewing, Arcona's lack of an Intelligence Network became apparent as enemies began to harry trade routes, attack installations, and intercept sensitive data transmissions. The Clan's summit surmised the work was of rival Clans and fearing they would be caught at an extreme disadvantage, Arcona set its sight on a solution. To open the floodgates of information, a network would need to be established.

A Call To Action - 27 ABY

The Consul and Proconsul began planting informants, bribing officials, and hiring slicers to procure and sift information vital to the Clan's operations. While this method was highly effective in the short term, the Summit soon found out that their balancing act of managing an entire Clan and keeping their informants loyal and alive was an unattainable goal. It became readily apparent that further resources were needed to develop a sustainable Intelligence Network. After careful consideration and planning, the Summit decided to enlist the help of a hand picked group of skillful members within House Galeres to establish the much needed Battle Team.

The Cabal Is Born - 27 ABY

Etah d'Tana, Aedile of House Galeres, was called upon by CON Strategos Thanatos Entar and PCON Timeros Caesus Entar to aid in the selection of core members within Etah's House; Etah, having been recently promoted sat in a prime position to know the capabilities of his direct subordinates. Grateful for the task, the Sakiyan promptly selected two leaders with assets that would prove key to the establishment of a solid team.

The first recruit was Orv Dessrx d'Tana, member of Battle Team Qel-Droma. Joining the Dark Jedi Brotherhood after a lengthy career as Chancellor of the Imperial Senate, this Teltior was a prime candidate for aiding in the construction of the Network due to his already vast informant network and political ties. The charismatic alien - an experienced manipulator - was tasked with leading the new Team.

The second recruit from Etah's advisement that PCON Timeros transferred into Cabal Cronal is Rho d'Tana, member of the Soulfire Strike Team. Rho has a plethora of experience as a trooper with a wealth of scouting, combat, and killing expertise. Before joining the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, he had experience working for an established criminal organization and for himself as a Mercenary and Bounty Hunter. Knowing that Rho was an experienced and professional Assassin and Thief; also knowing that his leadership skills have been wasted for far too long - he was also tasked to be the second in command of the Cabal.

With the leaders selected, AED Etah d'Tana turned them loose to bolster the ranks and become the force Clan Arcona needed. This elite was dubbed Cabal Cronal by its leaders - honoring the Emperor's Hand - Imperial Intelligence Agent; the Intelligence Network was born.


Cabal Cronal lacks the typical structure frequently found amongst Battle Teams as its function is not innately militaristic. Instead, Cabal Cronal relies on the wide range of skills its members provide to gather, analyze, and re-purpose information. Information manipulation, however, is not the Cabal's only skill; at times action must be taken that is silent, swift, and deadly. Drawing on the Battle Team's more 'hands on' members, such actions are exacted with quick precision.

While skill sets of members may overlap, the conglomeration of members are categorized under three distinct categories, each containing a subset of skills/attributes/tasks that are near second nature.

1. Politician:

a. Disinformation - Planting of information
b. Informant - Purveyor of information garnered from political interactions
c. Manipulation - Charismatic perception management

2. Operations Officer:

a. Assassination - Execution of any targets deemed a threat to Arcona and/or the security of Cabal Cronal's intelligence network.
b. Cleaner - Removal of evidence (e.g. bodies, blood, weapons, fingerprints, and even witnesses) in order to hide the proof or notion of a crime/assassination/etc has taken place.
c. Theft - Stealing data/items vital to Arconan Intelligence.

3. Intel / Recon Officer:

a. Data Sifting - Analysis of data
b. Interrogation / Torture - Extraction of information from unwilling 'informants' by any means necessary.
c. Scouting / Reconnaissance - active and/or passive gathering of information about an enemy, or other conditions, by physical observation.



Operations Officers

Intel / Recon Officers

Their Vision


Cabal Cronal is a power hungry Battle Team that understands that Influence and Knowledge is power. Through any means necessary, the Cabal seeks to tighten their grasp on the galaxy at large and expand their ability to manipulate the flow of information into and out of Clan Arcona.

Team Mentality

The members of Cabal Cronal, while displaying charismatic exteriors, are actually an un-emotional and loyal group of individuals at their core. The information that flows through the Team's data streams would make any other non-Cabal member shudder in fear and disgust, as it takes an impenetrable resolve to be able to exact punishment on a fellow Clan member when information leaks are exposed.

Structure Perspective

All information is fair game. No matter the source, Cabal Cronal collects, compiles, and reports on all happenings within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood at large. Members ignore chains of command and friendships when the need arises to 'silence' an individual.

Base of Operations

The hardest things to find are often right under your nose. Cabal Cronal relies on this theory in the location of its base of operations. Hiding under the guise of a Communications and Message Center, the Cabal is able to run its Intelligence Network right at the epicenter of Clan Arcona's political hub - the Arconan Citadel on Selen. Not only is the base of operation's location key to the ease of data transport, the business front allows Cabal to monitor a number of outgoing and incoming data transmissions that further bolsters its Intelligence Network.

Intelligence Network

Cabal Cronal uses its members' connections aided by numerous bribes, illicit agreements, and intimidation to maintain and bolster it's sources of information and data flow. The Cabal employs the mining of data from a number of varied members of the galactic community at large. The Network is in a constant shifting state as informants join, leave, and are caught/killed at a moment's notice. Of particular use are those long-standing members of the informant community that provide reliable data at periodic intervals. Those individuals belong to the following groups: (The names are excluded to protect the informants' identities)

1. Brotherhood

a. Various 'plants' within other Brotherhood Clans

2. Crime Syndicates

a. Hutt Crime Syndicate
b. Tana Consortium

3. Law enforcement Personnel

a. Dajorran Law Enforcement Officers/Agents

4. Military Leaders

a. Varied Imperial Remnant Military Personnel
b. Varied New Republic Military Personnel

5. Politicians

a. Dajorran Politicians
b. New Republic Politicians

Standard Operating Procedures

Receptive / Projective Telepathy

Receptive and Projective Telepathy is a Force aided skill that is as old as the Force itself. While the powers are basic in and of themselves, they are not as well used by the typical Dark Jedi as one might think. The practice of Receptive and Projective Telepathy requires its practitioner to open his/her mind in a limited capacity to a fellow Force adept in order to communicate via thought. It is these skills that all new Cabal Cronal members adopt into their Force repertoire; the ability to communicate unnoticed is a vital strategy for disseminating confidential data quickly and securely. Despite the Cabal members' heavily practiced/used abilities in Telepathy, proximity is still key. The distance one is able to project one's thought is limited by their ability in the Force. An Acolyte will not have the ability that a Dark Jedi Knight possesses. Likewise, the more Force ability a Jedi has, the more complex a message he/she is able to receive and transmit.


The Cabal is secretive, not only to protect its team members' identities but to also protect its objectives that are never what they seem. As such, traces of actions (theft, assassinations, etc.) must be hidden with all possible care so each member of the Cabal is trained in the art of 'Cleaning.' Despite each member's abilities to 'Clean' a scene, Cabal Cronal employs a number of expert 'Cleaners' that can be called upon to sweep in after an officer executes a task. When 'Cleaners' cannot be called upon in tight spots; the officer will take matters into his own hands.

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