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130 kg





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Landon Cruise, Delak Krennel


DC-15x, DC-17m, 434 DeathHammer

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Mercenary, Sniper & Pilot



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TIE Defender

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Sam Rajax



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"Use of the Force is not required for my blaster. I will always hit my mark."

Chrome was born on Talus to a large family, though he often went his own way, striving to do things by himself. Sought after early on as both a pilot, and expert marksman by various organizations, he started his Imperial career as a naval pilot. Climbing ranks with a strong determination to serve the Empire.


Early Life

Growing up a few kilometers away from Nashal, he often competed in swoop racing and marksmanship contests (winning far more than losing). Chrome disliked being around his large family and often found solace by hunting (Vynocks, Sludge Panthers, and other various wildlife) or practicing his swoop skills. Once of age to be out on his own properly, he quickly left - traveling from planet to planet. Wherever there was a swoop race, there he was.

Imperial Career

Navy & TIE Corp

After an extensive swoop racing career spanning multiple systems, it was an Imperial Navy Recruiter on Naboo that eventually suggested he try something a little larger. After some time & training, he found a home in one of the most prominent naval fleets in the galaxy: TIE Corps, sub group of Emperor's Hammer. Recruited at the time by Landon Cruise (whom also eventually became his Master) and joining him within Beta Squadron. It didn't take long for both him and Cruise to move up in ranks and eventually re-form Alpha Squadron as their own with the help of a handful of other pilots. Cruise took the helm as its Commander, while Chrome backed him up as second in command.

Looking to further his piloting career, Chrome took another step forward and filled an opening in the Beta Squadron as its new Commander. It didn't take long for Chrome to realize he just wasn't in the same mindset as other leadership within TC, so he took his leave to further his studies of the force.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood

After a year or so in solitude, Chrome came into contact with his former Commander, and friend, Landon Cruise. Once again presented with opportunities to better himself and his abilities to serve the Emperor, he joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood under the guidance of his now, Master.........Landon Cruise. Upon completion of his initial training, he joined House Scholae Palatinae, which later evolved into at Clan and served under House Imperium

Battle Team Shadow Guard

Shortly after CSP reorganized, Chrome saw an opportunity to take a leadership role and worked with his close friend, Delak Krennel, to resurrect Shadow Guard, a Battle Team designed to be a protective unit for House Imperium Leadership and play crucial roles in any wars & altercations where stealth & secrecy was of the essence. Chrome held his Battle Team Leader role for around 3 months before passing on the honor to Delak. Basically switching duties, but continuing to fight side by side.

Military Break & Music Tour

Following the Forgotten Campaign and an alliance between Shadow Guard & Grey Wolf to help out the city of Ohmen with a deadly infection outbreak, Chrome was feeling like he needed a break. He took a leave of absence and spent time doing the things he enjoyed earlier in his life - Swoop Racing & Music.

It wasn't long before Chrome was offered a spot with a galactic touring band. They played various gigs across many systems & Cantinas. Styles like Jizz, Glimmik, Dusk, Calypso, Tatooine Blues, Yerk and even Warbat (a music style mostly favored by droids) didn't matter - they played it all, and played it well.

Return to CSP

A year of touring with the band brought Chrome back to March Isles, an island on Judecca and home of House Imperium. As odds would have it, their final night of the tour was at Big Daddy's, a known establishment for which Chrome frequented. After the show, he met up with a few of his friends, who suggested a return to the ranks - an idea Chrome had been thinking of anyway, and the timing was perfect as he was looking to settle down and do some studio recording instead of being on tour with a band.

Seeing that House Excidium was undergoing some changes and getting new leadership, Chrome thought that switching Houses might change things up a bit and give him some new experiences & knowledge so after being welcomed back to CSP, that's where he decided to settle.

Clan Odan-Urr & Battle Team Tython

Like many times before, the nomadic mindset for Chrome lead him to make yet another change and move to another location within the Brotherhood. With Maximus Alvinius' rise to Quaestor of House Satele Shan, he felt there was no better spot than by his Master's side. It was with Clan Odan-Urr that Chrome would make himself well known, participating and even winning many battles & competitions. For that reason, he was recruited to a newly forming Battle Team known as Tython Squadron and was quickly able to show off his skills by becoming one of their ace pilots.

Physical Description

A beastly man, with longer hair than normal. Sporting a full beard to go along with the unfashionable look. A large look, for a large man.

Major Imperial Navy Awards

  • Silver Star of the Empire
  • Bronze Star of the Empire
  • Palpatine Crescent x 3
  • Commendation of Loyalty
  • Commendation of Bravery