Summit Guard of Arcona

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Summit Guard
General information

Cpt. Talos Erinos


ARC Captain Bly

  • Arcona Citadel
Historical information

30 ABY


34 ABY

Other information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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The Summit Guard of Arcona, commonly known as the Summit Commandos, is a special, all-clone unit charged with the protection of the Clan Arcona Summit, ranging from the two Aediles all the way up to the Lord Consul. Originally formed in the dawn of 30 ABY, the Summit Guard was comprised of the best men and women of the Arcona Armed Forces. However, in 34 ABY, the Guard was reorganized into an all-clone unit and separated from the rest of the Arcona Military. Currently led by ARC Captain Bly, the Summit Guard stands ready to serve, protect, and die, for their Summit.

Organization History


The Guard was born in 30 ABY, as a way to help protect the leaders of Arcona from the dangers of the upcoming Ninth Great Jedi War as well as threats from within the Clan itself. The first draft of Guardsmen considerably drained the others branches of the Arconan Armed Forces (the Dajorra Defense Force and Arcona Expeditionary Force), as the Summit would only accept the most loyal and highly trained soldiers as their guardians and special operators.

However, due to the event known as the Black Tempest wiping out a considerable chunk of the Guard's officer corps, greener soldiers were selected from the ranks of the Service and pressed into duty before they had taken their oaths and without any real combat experience. With their newest protectors ready to serve, the Summit of Arcona reviewed possible leaders and decided that none would fit the role better than Talos Omerta, who was made Captain of the Guard. The men and women of the Summit Guard originally served Captain Omerta as lieutenants within the 6th Heavy Infantry Brigade, dubbed the Blades.

The Black Tempest

A Summit Commando in the Hangar Bay of the ISDII Eye of the Abyss II

No Rest For the Wicked

"Team Team Aurek, do you copy?"
―Summit Guard communications specialist, 33 ABY

The KKE Project

"Kieran Kodiak Erinos...KKE. Clever, Talos"
―Sashar Erinos Arconae, 34 ABY

Communication Breakdown

Inside the Guard



Similar to the clones of the Grand Army of the Republic, the clones of the Summit Guard are subjected to growth and mind-enhancing genetic modification, so that they can learn combat skills more rapidly and be ready to serve House Arcona faster than that of their "organic" counterparts. When it comes to specific training, the KKE Project utilizes flash training to quickly instruct clones in military discipline, chain of command, and the like.

However, for combat training, the clones are trained by the Mandalorian supercommandos of the Erinos Clan. This training, much like that of the Cuy'val Dar, is responsible for the strong Mandalorian background present in the Summit Guard. Training includes small-unit tactics, VIP protection, insertion/extraction, advanced weapons training (both ranged and melee), field medical training, and interrogation techniques.

The Summit Commandos are also given instruction in another type of combat training, one that echoes the somber tone of Order 66.

Anti-Jedi Training

"Are you sure this is a good idea? You do remember Order 66 don't you?"
―Talos Omerta to Sashar Arconae, 34 ABY

In the name of protecting the Consul and Proconsul, the clones of the Summit Guard are trained how to combat and kill Force-Sensitives. Taught by Sashar Erinos Arconae himself, training begins with mental conditioning that, if done properly, will result in a Summit Commando being able to have a moderate defense against the mental attacks of Force adepts, such as mind tricks.

Training of a more physical nature follows the mental conditioning, such as master-level bladework and precision shooting. Under the Soulfire Sergeant's tough training regimen, Commandos are able to go toe-to-toe with a Dark Jedi of the lower Equite class in melee combat while easily defeating those of the Journeymen class. Precision shooting training mixed with advanced flash-training has also given the Summit Commandos a lightning-fast reaction time when it comes to drawing their blaster, aiming, and firing.

It is due to the fact that most Dark Jedi think blasters below them that this training comes into such effect; 80% of the time, a Summit Commando can gun down a less powerful Dark Jedi before the latter can even decide on the right Force technique with which to attack with.

However, it is to be noted that while the prowess of the Summit Guards is considerable, they will most likely be defeated in a prolonged engagement with an Equite Two or Three and will most definitely be slain if going up against an Equite Four or anyone of the Elder class.


While the Summit Guard of the Arcona is completely separate from the rest of the Arcona Military Corps, the clones still utilize a military-esque rank structure, though modified in some areas. Most notably, there are no ranks above that of "Captain" and nothing below "Lance Corporal".

Lance Corporal (CE-1)

Corporal (CE-2)

Sergeant (CE-3)

Field Sergeant (CE-4)

Master Sergeant (CE-5)

Chief Master Sergeant (CE-6)

Lieutenant (CO-1)

Staff Lieutenant (CO-2)

Lieutenant Commander (CO-3)

Commander (CO-4)

Captain (CO-5)

Summit Guard Units

The Summit Guard is split into three (3) unique divisions, two commando units and one reserve unit. The commando units are tasked with the protection of the Lord Consul, the Honorable Proconsul, and the House Summits, while the reserve unit is assigned to guard the Citadel and other key installations. Following the "Mandalorian" ethos of the Guard, each of the units are named in Mando'a.

Commando Unit Solus

Command Unit Solus is the premier unit of the Summit Guard, tasked with the protection of the High Summit, which consists of the Lord Consul and the Honorable Proconsul. Literally meaning "one" in Mando'a, the commandos of Solus are the more experienced clones of the KKE Project and are hand-picked by both the Consul and the Guard Captain, Bly, who personally leads the contingent. Oftentimes, CU Solus works closely with the elite Soulfire Strike Team.

As mentioned above, solus is the Mandalorian word for "one", and therefore each Commando of Solus has a large '1' graphic painted on their armor's left pauldron.

Commando Unit T'ad

The second Command Unit of the Guard, T'ad, literally meaning "two" in Mando'a, is the unit of KKE clones that protect the House Summits. As the number "two" might indicate, the clones of T'ad are generally younger and less experienced compared to those of CU Solus, but still extremely professional and lethal and totally dedicated to their mandate of protecting the House Summits. Furthermore, CU T'ad is considerably larger in number than CU Solus, as their number of protectees is double that of the first unit.

Finally, the KKE clones of Commando Unit T'ad can be identified by the large silvery '2' graphic that is painted on their armor's left pauldron.

Reserve Unit Ara'nov

The unit of Commandos responsible for guarding the Citadel as well as other installations deemed critical by the Summit. Ara'nov Commandos receive special training in defensive tactics and are often the clones who do the most interaction with standard military units, such as the Army's specialized "Central Assault and Defence" unit, who guard the Army's areas in the Citadel and compliment the Summit Guard in whatever other protection duties they pass on.




As the elite protectors of the Summit, the Commandos are trained in a number of weaponry, ranging from standard blaster rifles and blades to unorthodox weapons such as the Force Staff. While the armory of the Guard is impressive, a few select weapons have been described below, as these are the weapons most commonly carried by Guardsmen.

E-19b Carbine

The E-19 Carbine is the 'great-grandson' of the iconic E-11. More accurate and far more powerful, these weapons are state-of-the-art, not to mention the Summit Guard's numerous upgrades. Boasting a matte black finish, a 3x scope, and a tibanna gas cartridge that significantly increases the power of its blaster bolts, the E-19 is an extremely lethal weapon.

E-19b Carbine Rifle, modified ranged weapon of the Guard

SSK-7c Heavy Blaster Pistol

The trademark blaster pistol of the Arcona military, the SSK-7c is a durable and reliable pistol. Issued to the Commandos due to its stopping power and versatility, the SSK-7c boasts a few upgrades over their "stock variants", including a tibanna gas catridge that increases the stopping power of its blaster bolts, as well as an attachable sound and flash suppressor. All Guard pistols are painted with a non-reflective coat of matte black paint.


Like many other military units throughout the galaxy, the Summit Guard employs the use of vibroweapons, specifically vibroknucklers, daggers, and swords. Each of these weapons are sharpened to a keen edge by Guard armorsmiths and contain a Superior-class vibrogenerator in the hilt. While each Commando is given training in the standard "trio" of weapons (knuckler, dagger, and sword), the clone may request additional training in another type of vibroweapon. For example, the Summit Commando KKE-019 "Heat" has been trained to dual-wield vibroswords.

Common examples of vibroweapons

Aay'han Wall

The Aay'han Wall, literally meaning Mourning Wall in Mando'a, is a large aurodium plaque located in the foyer of the Arcona Citadel that has the names of each Summit Commando who has fallen in the line of duty.