Reaper's Call

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Exodus era.New Order era.
Reaper's Call
Production information

Marauder Corvette

Technical specifications

197 Meters

Max speed (space):

18 mglt

Max speed (atmosphere):

850 kph

Hyperdrive rating:



200 SBD


300 RU

  • 8 Heavy double turbolaser cannons
    • Fire Arc: 2 front, 2 right, 2 left, 2 rear; Attack Bonus: +7 (-1 size, +2 crew, +6 fire control)
    • Damage: 4d10x5; Range Modifiers: PB -2, S +0, M +0, L -2.
  • 3 Tractor beam projectors
    • Fire Arc: 2 front, 1 rear; Attack Bonus: +9 (-1 size, +2 crew, +8 fire control)
    • Damage: Special; Range Modifiers: PB -2, S +0, M/L n/a

12 Z-95 Headhunters





80 (troops)

Cargo capacity:

1 Fighter Squadron (300 Metric Tons}


3 standard months


Fast Assault and Picket

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Reaper's Call was a Marauder Corvette under the control of the Dlarit Navy that currently serves as the base of operations for Sapphire Squadron of the House Shar Dakhan. The vessel had served as the Assault craft for the Disciples of Kressh back in the days before Naga Sadow became a clan.

Vessel Info

The Marauder-class corvette was a 197-meter-long light capital ship introduced prior to the Clone Wars. Marauder-class corvettes were equipped with eight double turbolasers and three tractor beam projectors, and could optionally support four more turbolasers if a larger power generator was installed. They had space for 12 starfighters, and capacity for 80 troops for use in boarding actions or planetary landings. The very accurate tractor beams they carried allowed them to capture ships with little collateral damage. The corvettes were sometimes paired with gravity well projector-equipped shipsfor this purpose. Some Marauder-class ships were equipped with four diamond-boron missile launchers in place of the more customary heavy turbolasers.

Sometimes called a "pocket cruiser," the Marauder's sublight speed was faster than a Victory I-class Star Destroyer. Although not powerful enough for engagements against warships such as those used by the Imperial Navy, they were excellent as patrol and interdiction vessels.

Command Crew


Produced by the Corporate Sector Authority for use by its Security Police for anti-piracy actions, the then named Wreckoning served for years protecting the Eva-T system. At some point a Duros smuggler named Carllose Delpiana managed to attain the ship and foolishly tried to pass through the system of Antei carrying a shipment of Chak-root. He was quickly disposed of and his ship was awarded to Naga Sadow by the Dark Council to assist in the heavy losses taken in the Eighth Great Jedi War. Renaming it the Reaper’s Call, the ship was quickly put into use by the Dlarit Navy.

With reports of a nearby alien armada amassing in the nearby Telos system, a pre-emptive strike was ordered on the worldship orbiting Telos IV. While the Star Destroyer Final Way exited hyperspace behind the worldship, the Reaper’s Call along other ships of the Dlarit Navy diverted the main alien forces.

The success of at the Battle of Telos was unfortunately short-lived as two defectors from Naga Sadow tookthe Star Destroyer Harbinger with them. The entire Navy along with the Special Operations Group was assembled to pursue the traitors to the planet Lehon. Upon arriving, the Reaper’s Call was violently attacked by a swarm of massive exogorths; enormous space slugs capable of devouring the entire ship. Thanks to the leadership ability of Captain Wellon, the ship was able to survive until the sorceress projectors that generated the dark magnifications could be destroyed.

In 29 ABY when a Civil War began among the Houses of Naga Sadow, Captain Wellon was one of the Commanders that remained loyal to the forces of House Ludo Kressh. Following the orders of Quaestor Faeril Munlear, the Reaper’s Call intercepted the forces of self-proclaimed Governor General Derev Niroth near Inos. After the Star Destroyer Harbinger disabled Derev’s flagship the Final Way, the Reaper’s Call docked and boarded with the crippled craft. While Lieutenant Bradford and his Marines secured the capture, it was revealed that the conflict had taken place due to a deception from the Overlord. Also, while the two fleets had engaged one another, forces from the Imperial Remnant arrived. No longer split against each other, the fleet regrouped and engaged the enemy forces. With the assistance of the Navy of the Iron Throne, the Imperial Remnant forces were disposed of.

Over the next few years the Reaper’s Call served the Navy in various means including the Unification of Antei and assisting in the defeat of the assault forces of Warmaster Varesh Shai. In 33 ABY Captain Wellon and the Reaper’s Call was handpicked by the Taral’aris of the Disciples of Kressh to act as their mobile command ship. It continued to serve in this capacity for many years. However, in 38 ABY at Robert Sadow's request, the Reaper's Call transferred to service with the reformed Sapphire Squadron.

Fighter Craft

The Reaper’s Call is supported by a squadron of HLAF-500 starfighters. Known as Heavy/Light Attack Fighters, they are designed for combat. An upgraded version of the LAF-250, these fighters are small, maneuverable, and capable of long patrols. The improvements to the engine and weapons were a major benefit over the 250. This squadron currently goes by the identification of Sapphire Squadron and is led by Captain Graal Klusto. While the squadron is operated with pilots from the Dlarit Starfighter Corps, at any time the residing Battle Team may override assigned staff and use craft as needed.